WallStreetWeather.net Aquarius Full Moon Forecast: August 1 – 16, 2012

  • Venus shifting signs and Mercury turning direct can signal a directional shift
  • Red alert days: August 15-16
  • Stock market plateauing
Whenever the energies of Aquarius and its planetary ruler Uranus are strong signals it’s time to do things differently, and a time when the stock market usually reacts in unexpected ways. The August 1 Full Moon in Aquarius in opposition to Mercury retrograde in Leo favored diverging from my usual forecast format to examine its significance.
In the spirit of Mercury’s dualistic nature, I wrote two posts about the Aquarius Full Moon that provide the backdrop to this post which returns to a more “standard” forecast format:

1.“Full Moon Over the Fed and ECB
2. “Mercury Retrograde Opposing the Aquarius Full Moon Illuminates Knight’s Trading Gaffe

Since the Mercury retrograde period (July 14 – August 8) represents a time for review, I’d like to briefly discuss a couple things before moving forward.

The August 1 Full Moon represents the culmination of the  July 19 Cancer New Moon.

Post #1 described the volatility, reversals and extreme price swings that these energies bring and contained my market forecast for August 1-2. CNBC’s headline after the market closed August 1 used my exact words along with the description of the Full Moon:

“Stocks seesaw following Fed statement. Investors turning their full attention to ECB.” (bold emphasis mine)

ECB president Mario Draghi dragged the market down Thursday after inflating the market’s expectations too high. The market’s sharp reversal Friday was not just over more jobs created than expected, but European and U.S. markets RE-evaluating Draghi’s press conference remarks that the ECB is prepared to buy Spanish and Italian debt (albeit with conditions).

Shocks and surprises are not always negative as Aquarius/Uranus energy is neutral. The 163,000 new jobs created in July exceeded the market’s expectations – but not mine. While job creation has been painfully slow, I think the employment picture is moderately better than what has been reported.

Reflecting what can happen when the job numbers improve, the unemployment rate ticked slightly higher as people who had given up resumed looking for work while those employed search for a better job.

The employment report is particularly prone to multi-month revisions when the report is released during Mercury retrograde together with the report(s) covering the time period when Mercury was retrograde. (May’s downward revision and June’s upward revision in July’s report netted out to an additional 6,000 jobs.)

Friday’s sharp reversal describes the extremes of Aquarius energy which became “irrational exuberance” when the Moon shifted into Pisces just after the open. Pisces and Neptune rule oil. The Moon, Mercury, and Mars interacting with Neptune in Pisces helped drive crude oil back over $91 a barrel.

Since I’m on the subject, the next big oil move could occur on the August 24 First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius which squares Neptune. This could be the result of geopolitical and/or weather concerns which could temporarily curtail production. Without such conditions or additional central bank stimulus, the Sun/Neptune opposition can signify prices are peaking.

After closing at 13,096.17 August 3, the Dow is less than 200 points away from returning to its May 1, 2012 high. The three major indices have moved higher since Uranus in Aries and Mercury turned retrograde together in mid July. But as I mentioned in the Capricorn Full Moon Forecast, the market could be in for more turbulence as we approach mid August.

Venus moved into Mercury-ruled Gemini April 3 and Mercury stationed direct in Pisces the next day. This pattern is repeated this week as Venus moves into Cancer Tuesday, August 7 and Mercury stations direct the following day.

Venus in Cancer: August 7 – September 6
After being in the same sign since April 3 due to Venus being retrograde in Gemini (May 15 – June 27), Venus will be in Cancer.

Ruled by the Moon, Cancer acts on emotional instincts. Food, water, shelter, real estate, and farming fall under Cancer’s domain. Venus in Cancer reflects that although extreme heat and drought have affected their crop, farmers are benefitting from higher prices, crop insurance, and government subsidies. Venus in Cancer can indicate an increase in spending to spruce up the “nest.”

Venus in Cancer values investments that provide a sense of security. This would describe the already overvalued dividend paying stocks, consumer staples, real estate related and so-called “safe” plays.

Domestic equities are in focus, particularly U.S. equities since the USA was born with Venus in Cancer conjoining Jupiter the planet of largesse. The U.S. dollar could increase in value.

Cancer is one of the four (cardinal) signs that initiate action.(1) Planets entering cardinal signs put the focus on the Federal Reserve as it impacts the natal opposition between the Fed’s Capricorn Sun and Pluto in Cancer. Spain is also highlighted.

Venus in Cancer conjoining the Fed’s Pluto indicates Chairman Bernanke (the Sun) conducting public relations which right on cue he will do in a live Town Hall webcast Tuesday from 2:30-3:30 PM.

The energies of Venus in Cancer will be particularly prominent August 7, 10, 13-16, and September 3.

The main event of Venus in Cancer occurs midmonth when Venus impacts the square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn at the same time Mars conjoins Saturn in Libra.

Venus opposing Pluto August 15 puts the focus on bank and sovereign assets versus their debt. This particularly emphasizes mortgage debt and the enormous amount of real estate loans held by Spanish banks.

As described within the Capricorn Full Moon post, the two prior transits of Mars in Libra occurred in 2010 and during the 2008 financial crisis. Mars in Libra (July 3 – August 23) combines the energies of those transits.

The 2010 European bank stress tests placated the market but were a total farce. Now Spain’s 14 largest banks are being examined by private auditors and are expected to be completed by the time of the September 15 Virgo New Moon. Libra rules relationships which the financial industry depends on for its survival. In 2008 the market’s selloff was sparked by fear of counterparty risk. Although it does not pose a systemic risk, Knight’s software glitch has put the company’s survival in the hands of their customers’ confidence.

The energies of the Mars/Saturn conjunction require taking the initiative to do what it takes to overcome obstacles that hinder reaching agreement. Mars/Saturn combined with the Venus/Pluto opposition August 15 tends to be a bearish influence. But Venus squaring Uranus the following day strongly correlates to sharp upside reversals. There’s an attraction to what’s new and different and a greater willingness to take risk whereas the Mars/Saturn influence describes being more risk averse.

The Moon’s transits in Mars-ruled Aries August 6-7 and Moon in Cancer August 13-15 accentuate these planetary alignments.

Saturn in Libra has been squaring the USA Mercury since last autumn and makes its final exact pass August 6. Saturn describes conditions that are slow moving, stagnant or contracting. These energies describe the pessimistic thinking and reluctance of corporations to expand their businesses and hire more employees which is being attributed to the so-called “fiscal cliff” of federal tax and spending cuts that take effect in January.

Republicans in particular are complaining about the fiscal cliff even though they claimed they got 98% of what they wanted in last year’s debt ceiling deal. Saturn in Libra impacting the USA’s Mercury in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn indicates that all the inertia and whining is nothing more than a strategy to gain financial and political power at the expense of the nation’s general welfare.

Saturn is the law of karma that for every action there is a reaction. Saturn in Libra shows where there is a lack of financial balance. Mars conjunct Saturn describes the Fed is exerting too much pressure on the mechanics of the financial system and could become one of several factors that contribute to a market drop that as I previously wrote is most likely to occur between mid September and November. (August could provide a brief preview of the coming attraction.)

Anticipation of higher prices has led to the “melt up” of stock prices over the near term. Anticipation usually leads actual prices until it peaks. The peaking of anticipation is usually due to a prolonged plateau in actual prices. Sometime during this plateau anticipation would suddenly reverse and fall rapidly as market participants tire and give up on achieving further capital gains. After the anticipation peaks, stock prices would rapidly decline along with the anticipation until market participants are satisfied with dividend returns. While market pundits try to convince investors that earnings rather than dividends are their reward for owning stocks, earnings only become real returns with either capital appreciation or dividends.

Curiosity Lands on Mars August 6
Jupiter in Gemini describes taking a long distance journey to explore Earth’s next door neighbor Mars. Gemini is the most curious sign of the zodiac and the Mars Curiosity science lab is scheduled to touch down on Mars at 1:31 AM EDT on Monday, August 6.

You would expect the Aquarius Full Moon period to contain The Moon in Mars-ruled Aries conjoining Uranus describes Curiosity’s new and unorthodox landing because at one ton, Curiosity is too big for a conventional landing. (Jupiter rising in the landing chart set for Washington DC describes the lab’s physical size.) The Moon/Uranus conjunction in Aries indicates Curiosity’s unique landing has sparked public interest as NASA’s “Seven Minutes of Terror” video has already went viral on the internet. (Seven relates to Uranus and Saturn. Uranus takes 7 years to transit one sign; 7 years is around one quarter of a Saturn cycle.)

Reflecting the fiery nature of Mars and Aries, Curiosity will rapidly descend into the Martian atmosphere like a fireball. Uranus in Aries indicates the computer is in charge. Aries is eager to be first, willing to take a bold risk it will pay off. As NASA said, "The onboard computer calls the shots. And if any one maneuver fails, it's game over." Mars conjoining Saturn indicates Curiosity’s brakes have to work really fast to slow it down to safely land in one piece!

All of these planetary influences describe setting Curiosity’s science lab that will explore the red planet for evidence that Mars had the conditions to support life in the past.

Mercury retrograde speaks of that past and the many previous probes that have visited Mars. Mercury was retrograde when Curiosity launched from Cape Canaveral on November 26, 2011 at 10:02 AM EST. This could increase the potential for a delay or glitch in communicating with Curiosity beyond the usual 14 minute communications delay from Mars to Earth. Overall though I think Curiosity will do just fine. With Mars conjoining Saturn in Libra, perhaps finding evidence Mars once supported life forms might encourage people to treat one another and our Earth with more care and consideration.

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Biggest potential market moving days: August 10, 13, 15-16

Monday, August 6
Strongest early; weakens as the day progresses to close negative.

Tuesday, August 7
Mixed to negative.

Wednesday, August 8

Thursday, August 9
Reverses to negative.

Friday, August 10

Monday, August 13

Tuesday, August 14

Wednesday, August 15

Thursday, August 16
Reverses from yesterday; positive.

(1)The other cardinal signs are Aries, Libra, and Capricorn. Cardinal signs initiate the four seasons of the year.

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