WallStreetWeather.net Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse Cycle Forecast: June 4-18, 2012

NOTE TO READERS: My post on “The Twin Currencies of Venus in Gemini and the Venus/Stock Market Cycle” discussed key planetary energies and events unfolding during this cycle, especially within the section entitled “The 2012 Cycle of Venus in Gemini.” I will be citing specific sections within the Venus post for additional information; click this link and then scroll down to that section.

Eclipses temporarily alter the atmosphere as the incoming energies of the Sun and Moon are partially or completely blocked. We are unable to see what we normally see when the light of the Sun or Moon is temporarily obscured. Yet at the same time that temporary disruption is an opportunity to see things in a different light.

The eclipse period (from the week leading up to an eclipse to the week following the last eclipse) can create unstable and changing conditions in all areas of life, from weather and geophysical phenomena to geopolitics and the stock market. The eclipse effect is so powerful because the Sun symbolizes self-identity, confidence, and speculation. The Moon describes our physical and emotional needs. The Moon is the mood of the moment and a key indicator of market sentiment.

While the lunar cycle from New Moon to New Moon is 29.5 days, eclipse energies tend to have a six month influence. A transiting planet impacting the degree of an upcoming eclipse provides a preview. Likewise, a planet going over the eclipse degree will reactivate the energies of the eclipse.

Eclipses usually occur in pairs; the first one is usually a Solar Eclipse. A Solar Eclipse is a supercharged New Moon. The current eclipse cycle began at the May 20 Solar Eclipse in Gemini. Gemini collects information and uses all forms of communication to circulate information and ideas. The eclipsed squared Mars in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces. Information is of no value unless something useful can be gleaned from it. But Neptune tends to add confusion and obscure what’s really important.

I talked about the “butterfly effect” of this Solar Eclipse in the subsection of the Venus post (“Venus balances 2 Gemini Moons”). Eclipses are harbingers of major changes; a small change in one area can have a large scale impact in another. Neptune dissolves boundaries. A slowdown in Asia is further impacted by a slowdown in Europe; a slowdown in Europe ultimately impacts the bottom line of U.S. multinationals. Gemini represents the local environment. What happens locally does indeed have a global impact. Think about the global impact of last year’s earthquake/tsunami in Japan.

Full Moons represent the culmination point of what began at the New Moon, as the Moon shines like a spotlight on matters that need our full awareness and attention. The June 4 Full Moon at 7:12 AM EDT is a Partial Lunar Eclipse as Earth blocks 37% of the Moon’s light. Because the Moon reached its closest approach to Earth the day before, the Moon will give the illusion that it is larger than it actually is.(1) This “Moon illusion” as NASA calls it reflects that the Lunar Eclipse is in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius on the day Neptune the planet of illusion stations retrograde until November 11. The eclipse will be visible from North and South America, east Asia, and Australia.

The Lunar Eclipse in the global sign Sagittarius indicates that events occurring abroad are felt at home and cannot be ignored. The Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius helps bring transparency to what is the truth vs. what is dogma and blatant hypocrisy.

Since the May 20 Solar Eclipse, half of the planets are in mutable signs until the Summer Solstice.(2) Mutable signs represent the transition as one cycle ends and a new one begins. It’s essential to be as flexible as possible to be able to quickly adapt to changing circumstances.

All the mutable signs are represented at the Lunar Eclipse. The challenge with such an excess of mutable energy is that it can be difficult to get grounded. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter which is finishing up its yearlong sojourn in Taurus and is the only planet in a fixed sign.(3) Taurus energy will see a project through to completion, but is stubbornly resistant to change.

Taurus is ruled Venus which conjoins the Sun in Gemini and opposes the Lunar Eclipse. Global financial issues command center stage. Full Moons mark the midpoint of the lunar cycle, and Venus reaches the midpoint of her retrograde cycle the following day. Since Venus stationed retrograde May 15, financial conditions are being reassessed worldwide.

Venus squares Mars in Virgo for the second time as the Sun and Moon once again square Mars in Virgo as Neptune appears motionless in the sky through June 9. Venus and Mercury in Gemini at the Lunar Eclipse connects all the energies together as Mercury conjoins the degree of the May 15 Venus retrograde station which squares the degree Mercury turned direct April 4 and squares the degree Mars stationed retrograde January 23. Mercury “out-of-bounds” May 31 to June 20 indicates the market has an outsized reaction to the latest news.(4)

Venus and Mars squared off for the first time on April 7 at the same time Venus squared Neptune. This was at the time of the first employment report since Venus entered Gemini on April 3. It will be interesting to see if the employment report improves after Venus stations direct June 27 or if my forecast for an improving employment outlook is completely inaccurate.

One thing we can expect during this cycle is more days of large market moves. Jupiter and Sagittarius represent expansion which can be taken to excess. Whether the usually optimistic nature of Sagittarius shines through depends on whether news and events are viewed by the market with a glass half full or glass half empty mentality.

Jupiter expands and Saturn contracts. At the Lunar Eclipse and the Transit of Venus that occurs the following day, Jupiter in Taurus and Saturn in Libra are in the signs ruled by Venus. Jupiter expands and Saturn contracts. These two planets represent the overall economic cycle. Their 20 year cycle began on May 28, 2000 when the two planets conjoined in Taurus is now in a phase requiring many adjustments to the structure of the financial system.

Pluto rules debt and Capricorn rules governments, corporations, and structures. As described in my post on Mars retrograde in Virgo (scroll down to “The Granddaddy of the Jupiter/Saturn Cycle”, there is what I call the “Granddaddy” of the current Jupiter/Saturn cycle which is when the 20 year Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions first began in the earth element in 1842. The earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) relate to money and material resources. As the Jupiter/Saturn cycle in earth signs comes to a close to begin a new cycle in the air element (Aquarius) in 2020, Pluto in Capricorn is conjoining the 1842 conjunction for the first time as Pluto and Uranus in Aries square off in the “crisis in action” phase of their cycle this month that began in the mid-1960s.

Capricorn rules time which has virtually run out after trying quick fix stimulus solutions, bailouts, austerity measures, and kicking the can down the road. Uranus in Aries is itching for revolution and reform and Pluto is ready to destroy what cannot viably exist without life support because death must take place to begin the transition to rebirth.

The U.S. has made some reforms following the financial crisis which puts it on a better footing than the rest of the world. Europe has yet to experience the full brunt of their financial crisis, while the BRIC economies are starting to deteriorate due to the situation in Europe and the rebirth of U.S. manufacturing. This is a double whammy for China.

The June 5-6 Transit of Venus
If you haven’t already done so, use the energies of the Transit of Venus to reassess your finances and review your portfolio. A Sagittarius glass half full attitude views a market downturn as an opportunity to go shopping. But like any savvy shopper, you have to know whether the stock is appropriately priced or needs a further markdown. More importantly, circumstances might have changed that affect the value of the stock.

The Venus/Sun conjunction raises the potential for a sharp but temporary market reversal. It really depends on what leaders and central bankers say. As a follow-up comment to what I wrote in the Venus post about Europe and the ECB (these subsections can be found within the section entitled “The 2012 Cycle of Venus in Gemini”), I think the planetary energies now indicate that the ECB must decide what Eurozone banks will live, die, or be forced to merge with larger banks. Then the ECB should provide deposit insurance for the banks it determines will survive to restore confidence. If the U.S. had instituted 100% deposit insurance in 2008, we would not have ended up with the extreme concentration of deposits in the six largest commercial and investment banks.

This section in the Venus post also contains my prediction for the Wisconsin recall election. The planetary energies at this time indicate that this election is a test to determine which is more valuable – money from wealthy donors who are mostly from out of state, or having a strong ground game that gets voters out to the polls.

See my section on the June 5-6 Transit of Venus within the Venus post. Uranus in Aries represents “firsts” in technological innovation and Neptune rules photography. ISS crew Flight Engineer Don Petit will be the first person to photograph the Venus Transit from space. NASA’s webcast of the Venus Transit in its entirety from Hawaii will begin at 5:45 PM EDT.

June 7: Mercury activates Uranus/Pluto
Mercury enters Cancer the sign of the Moon on June 7 until June 25. Security is foremost on people’s minds; proposals could be announced during this time to increase the public’s comfort level.

Mercury conjoins the Fed’s natal Pluto which opposes the Fed’s Sun in Capricorn and squares the Fed’s Aries Midheaven (the sector representing its reputation). The market is anticipating the Fed will send a message that gives clues to whether the Fed intends to provide additional stimulus. (See the underlined subsections on the USA and Federal Reserve under “The 2012 Cycle of Venus in Gemini”.)

Mercury’s square to Uranus and opposition to Pluto June 11 signals what is to come when Uranus and Pluto square off for the first time on June 24. Longer term Treasuries continue to break through to record low yields as everyone seeks the shelter of safety amid speculation the Fed will continue to do more. The closer yields get to approaching 1%, the less money there is to be made and the greater risk of loss when yields make a sharp and unexpected reversal. Uranus in Aries was squaring Pluto during the early 1930s - the last time investors were willing to buy Treasuries just to get a return of principal.

June 11: Jupiter enters Gemini
Jupiter enters Gemini June 11 until June 27, 2013, expanding the lines of communication and our ability to think big. (I am working on a post on Jupiter in Gemini. In the meantime, see the underlined subsection entitled “Venus in Gemini” within the Venus post for more information. )

The Last Quarter Moon in Pisces combined with Mercury’s relationship with Uranus and Pluto now can bring forth a lot of skeletons from the closet as secrets and covert activities are revealed.

The overall trend is down interspersed with a few brief snap back rallies.

Largest potential market moving days: June 4-7, 11-13,18.

Monday, June 4, 2012
Large moves are likely to occur today and which direction the market ends depends upon what occurs in the news.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012
Reversal from yesterday. Positive.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012
The energies of the Venus/Sun conjunction bring central bankers and financial regulators to center stage. The ECB meets today and Fed governor Tarullo is among the regulators testifying at a Senate Banking Committee hearing on Wall St. reform. Then there’s a whole lineup of Fed heads speaking today and tomorrow highlighted by Chairman Bernanke’s testimony Thursday before the Joint Economic Committee.

Mixed to positive.

Thursday, June 7, 2012
Mercury entering Cancer together with the Sun squaring Mars in Virgo once again indicates the market’s direction depends upon whether leaders announce actions to alleviate fears.


Friday, June 8, 2012
Negative to positive trend bias.

Monday, June 11, 2012
Reversal from Friday to negative if hopes of rescue programs and additional stimulus fails to materialize.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012
Venus appears in the morning sky June 12 until February 16, 2013 (see Venus post for an explanation). Jupiter reactivates the May 20 Solar Eclipse in Gemini which could help offset yesterday’s loss.

Mixed to positive.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012
JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon was originally scheduled to testify before the Senate Banking Committee regarding the bank’s 2.3 billion and counting trading loss. Dimon was originally scheduled to appear before the committee on June 7 when Pluto exactly conjoined his natal Mars in Capricorn, but apparently his appearance was rescheduled for a day more convenient for his schedule. (JPM is the largest contributor to the members of the committee.) The Moon will be in Aries then (the sign of Dimon’s natal Moon), so Dimon’s patience could wear thin.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Friday, June 15, 2012
(Quadruple options expiration). Mixed close.

Monday, June 18, 2012

(1) The Moon was at its closest approach to Earth this year at the May 5 Scorpio Full Moon.

(2)Even though the Sun and Moon are luminaries, they are classified as “planets” due to their outsized influence in earthly affairs. The mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

(3)The fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. There is an absence of planets in fixed signs June 11-25.

(4) A planet is “out-of-bounds” when it has moved beyond the maximum boundaries of its normal degree of declination (23 degrees 27 minutes) which represents the celestial latitude of a planet north or south of the celestial equator. This means the planet’s energy acts like a loose wire. Mercury out-of-bounds is similar to Mercury mixed with Uranus. The market’s reaction to information tends to go to extremes.


Anonymous said...

Youre a brave woman, to try to forecast the particular days... the trend seems to be volatility, with a positive bias at this point...

im thinking after the Fed that will change with a retest of the low SPY 1260 or so
intitially I thought the Uranus/Pluto square would really hammer the mkt down to 1160 SPY, but as things as developed i think it wont happen here, maybe by the second square late summer...
Jupiter in Gemini can maintain a bull bias, as Ray Merriman has documented, and maybe the case this time as well?

Wall Street Weather said...

HA! I'm taking an abbreviated lapse.

Events don't always necessarily occur when these major alignments are exact; sometimes it takes another influence to trigger it.

Reflecting Gemini's twin nature, Jupiter in Gemini can sometimes go both ways: