WallStreetWeather.net Book Review: “Venus Star Rising: A New Cosmology for the 21st Century” by Arielle Guttman

Book reading is likely to increase with Jupiter in Gemini now. As an avid reader, it’s time for me to begin sharing with you books on topics related to this blog.*

Love, relationships, money, assets, beauty, harmony are all part of Venus’s domain. With Venus stationing direct today and the Moon in Venus-ruled Libra, it gives me great pleasure to review Arielle Guttman’s groundbreaking book about Venus.**

In “The Twin Currencies of Venus in Gemini and the Venus/Stock Market Cycle” I explained that Venus is retrograde in the same sign every eight years. Venus conjoins the Sun five times during this eight year period, creating a five-pointed star (pentagram) from Earth’s vantage point that precedes the birth of Venus as an early morning (Venus retrograde) or evening (Venus direct) “star.”

Ms. Guttman has coined the term “Venus Star Point” or “VSP” to describe the points made by each Venus/Sun conjunction that creates the pentagram. Each Venus/Sun conjunction occurs at slightly earlier zodiacal degrees than the previous one. It takes 100+ years for the Venus/Sun conjunctions to make a complete transit of one sign. 150 years will pass until the Venus/Sun conjunctions occur once again in that sign.

In her exhaustive research on Venus Star Points going back to 1750, Ms. Guttman discovered that the closest VSP (the sign and degree when Venus retrograde or direct was conjoining the Sun) to when an individual or entity was born provides a new dimension of understanding ourselves, our relationships, and the world we live in. Ms. Guttman writes:

“Gaining an awareness of how we are affected by our individual Venus Star Point (VSP) and understanding how historical eras are also impacted can help us meet life’s challenges both in our personal lives and in our current time frame of history.”
Let me take you through a couple of examples so you can understand how to work with the Venus Star Points. But before I do, I must point out that no prior astrological knowledge is required to understand and work with the Venus Star Points as everything in “Venus Star Rising” is written in “English.” Just search in the Table of VSPs for 1900-2020 in Chapter 3 for the nearest date before the birth date. The beginning of each chapter devoted to a specific Venus Star Point lists the dates of each VSP during that sign’s cycle.

Here is the order and beginning/end dates of the five signs that comprise the current Venus star pattern pentagram: Aries (1929-2038), Scorpio (1926-2027) Gemini (1964-2073), Capricorn (1986-2078), and Leo (1987-2100). As Ms. Guttman describes in her book, this is the same Venus star pattern that occurred in the mid 18th century.

The USA (July 4, 1776) was born with Venus in Cancer, but its VSP is in the first degree of Scorpio. (October 24, 1775 was the closest Venus/Sun conjunction which began the planet’s morning star phase.) That time was notable as it marked the end of the VSP in Scorpio until it was reborn in its current cycle on November 21, 1926.

Scorpio represents death and rebirth. It rules shared resources, debt, taxes, and financial extremes (enormous wealth to bankruptcy/poverty). The Colonists were rebelling against “taxation without representation” and other grievances which lead to seeking independence from Great Britain. But winning the Revolutionary War put the new nation in debt. A harmonious relationship between the VSP and the USA Venus ensured that peace would prevail and the two nations would forge a “special relationship.”

Saturn is the planetary energy of contraction and represents boundaries, separation, and what we fear. Saturn in Scorpio will conjoin the 1775 Venus Star Point on October 14, 2012. In 1775, the Colonists were divided between those who wanted freedom from Britain and those who remained loyal to the Crown. In 2012, the political divide is greater than it has ever been.

Republicans screamed the loudest about reducing the nation’s deficit and proclaimed themselves to be the victors in the agreement they made with President Obama last August to reduce the federal deficit. Now they are the ones complaining the loudest about the so-called “fiscal cliff” of budget cuts and the expiration of the Bush tax cuts for the highest income earners that they agreed to! Scorpio rules sexuality and reproduction, and Venus rules women, money, and values. These energies also describe the conservative movement to restrict or outright eliminate women’s access to contraception and reproductive freedoms.

Saturn in Scorpio conjoining the 1775 VSP and harmonizing with the USA natal Venus in Cancer just prior to the Election indicates the public and women in particular must decide which party’s values it accepts or rejects. The trine between the 1775 VSP and the USA Venus is a harmonious energy that can make it easier to bridge the deep divide but only if the public decides to strongly express their desire for bipartisan cooperation.

Ms. Guttman interprets the chart that begins each VSP. She describes how the birth of the Scorpio VSP which conjoined Saturn in Scorpio and challenged Neptune in Leo described the Roaring ‘20s boom that led to the bursting of the stock market bubble and the hardships of the Great Depression. Ms. Guttman notes that the Scorpio VSP preceded Pluto’s discovery in 1930 and the rise of underworld forces and nuclear power. (Pluto became the modern planetary ruler of Scorpio.)

Examples of Individuals and Their VSPs
Demographics experts should take note as Venus Star Points span generations. Ms. Guttman has a chart illustrating that currently the two VSPs comprising the largest percentage of the world’s population are the Scorpio (18.4%) and Aries (17.5%) VSPs. These energies are accentuated by the challenging alignment occurring now through March 2015 between Uranus in Aries and Scorpio’s planetary ruler Pluto in Capricorn.

Here are two examples of individuals born under the Scorpio and Aries VSPs who are political rivals.

Mitt Romney: March 12, 1947 9:51 AM EST Detroit, MI
The presumed Republican nominee’s VSP is 24 degrees Scorpio 51 (the degree of the November 17, 1946 conjunction of Venus retrograde and the Sun when Venus became a morning star). Gov. Romney’s VSP conjoins his natal Jupiter and Moon in Scorpio. As I described in “Plutocrat for President,” the Moon/Jupiter conjunction in the sector of Romney’s chart representing employment and health matters, describes the type of work he did during his career.

Gov. Romney’s Scorpio VSP conjoining Jupiter and the Moon enhances his ability to expand and protect the wealth he created during his career in private equity by making use of all the provisions and loopholes in the tax code to his advantage.

The energy of his Scorpio VSP further enhances Gov. Romney’s ability to attract the wealthiest donors to support his campaign by channeling their money through PACs so their individual and corporate identities can remain hidden from the public.

Barack Obama: August 4, 1961 7:24 PM AHST Honolulu, HI (Obama is mentioned as an example of the Aries VSP in the book.)

President Obama’s VSP is 20 degrees Aries 52. (Venus retrograde conjoined the Sun on April 11, 1961.) From being the nation’s first black president, to healthcare reform, Aries is the trailblazing pioneer who initiates firsts.

Mars is the planetary ruler of Aries, and both energies move fast. Mars/Aries energies are aggressive as they rule war and the military. President Obama’s VSP is an awkward alignment to his natal Mars in Virgo which is located in the sector of his chart describing his opponents. His opponents immediately began their battle against his agenda with their opposition to healthcare reform.

These energies also describe the President taking action to clean up the messes he inherited from his predecessor. While President Bush passed out checks to GM and Chrysler with no strings attached, President Obama completely reorganized GM and Chrysler in an astonishing three month time frame.

The combat role for American troops in Iraq has ended and the first real dividends from the Afghanistan war have been achieved during his Administration. Osama bin Laden as well as the majority of the al Qaeda senior leadership has been eliminated. The U.S. combat role has been withdrawn to bases in the major cities and will be completely withdrawn by the end of 2014.

President Obama’s Aries VSP occurs in the sector of his chart that as the nation’s leader, his energy and actions are focused on economic issues and the financial system. He became President during the darkest days of the Great Recession. Financial reform (Dodd-Frank) was passed to help prevent another financial crisis like the one the nation is slowly but steadily emerging from. (With his Aries VSP squaring his natal Saturn in Capricorn, such structural reforms are difficult and take time.)

In my post on Mars in Virgo, I described how President Obama was using Venus instead of Mars to wage war. From cutting off Iran’s ability to conduct global financial transactions to getting most of the world’s largest oil consuming countries to agree to an embargo on Iranian oil. Now after reading “Venus Star Rising” and adding the energies of his VSP, it is even more evident why Barack Obama has been more aggressive than any other president to implement economic sanctions as a weapon to wage war.

The Aries VSP began as a morning star on April 20, 1929 just six months before the stock market crash. Uranus, the planetary energy of shocks, upheavals, and technological breakthroughs was in Aries then. From 1932-34 Uranus in Aries squared Pluto in Cancer. Now Uranus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus will station retrograde on July 13, 2012 at the same degree Uranus in Aries was at the inception of the Aries VSP in 1929. Uranus in Aries at this degree squares the degree of the 1842 Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn. As described in my Mars in Virgo post (see link above), this is the “granddaddy” of the 20 year business cycle between Jupiter (growth) and Saturn (contraction). There is ongoing turmoil in global markets because monetary and fiscal policies are still levered to the same policies that create bubbles and busts.

The most recent Aries VSP occurred on March 27, 2009 when Venus retrograde conjoined the Sun which marked the birth of Venus as a morning star. 80 years after 1929, the market declined to its most recent multiyear lows on March 6, 2009 as Venus stationed retrograde in Aries.

In the Venus post and previous posts I have explained the important role the Venus cycle plays in the stock market. Table 1 of “Venus Star Rising” lists the Venus retrograde periods from 2000 – 2025 that mark the birth of the morning star phase. Table 2 lists the dates when Venus direct conjoins the Sun which marks the birth of Venus as an evening star. Table 3 lists the dates from 2000-2025 when Venus transits its home signs Taurus and Libra. For readers who want to do some backtesting, Appendix II provides the dates of Venus Star Points from 1750 – 2050 and distinguishes whether Venus was a morning or evening star and the beginning and end of a VSP in a sign. After you’ve learned all about your own VSP, see Appendix III which lists VSPs by sign to see celebrities and notable people who share your VSP.

With Venus in Gemini, let’s go back to the birth of the Gemini VSP on June 20, 1964 when Venus retrograde conjoined the Sun as a morning star at 28 degrees Gemini 38. All forms of communication are ruled by Gemini and its planetary ruler Mercury. Since the birth of the Gemini VSP in 1964, the way the world communicates has profoundly changed.

Since my Venus post already discussed the parallels between 1964 and 2012, I’d like to briefly discuss an individual mentioned in the book who has embodied the energy of Venus in his work and is a pioneer of the Gemini VSP since he was born two days after its inception.

Dan Brown: June 22, 1964 time unknown Exeter, NH
Gemini and Mercury rule writing, books, and languages. Gemini’s natural curiosity is drawn to puzzles, anagrams, and symbols to communicate. Born with a triple conjunction of Mercury and Venus in Gemini and the Sun in Cancer, the plots of Dan Brown’s novels involve solving puzzles and cracking codes. His protagonist Robert Langdon is a professor of “symbology.”

Although he had written three previous books, it wasn’t until he wrote "The Da Vinci Code" that Dan Brown became one of the most popular bestselling authors of all time. Brown’s Venus Star Point is sandwiched between his natal Venus and the Sun. It wasn’t until Brown wrote “The Da Vinci Code” which centered on the theme of the “divine feminine” (Venus!) that he achieved wealth and professional recognition. The novel has numerous references to the cycles and symbols of Venus; there’s a point in the plot where the two leading characters gaze upon its brilliant bright light in the evening sky.

As mentioned earlier, Mars the planet of aggression and war, rules Aries and is the planetary co-ruler of Scorpio. Venus is love and peace. Venus rules Taurus (the opposite sign to Scorpio) and Libra (the opposite sign to Aries). The Scorpio VSP ends with the birth of the VSP in its home sign Libra in 2022. Venus is considered to express the highest ideals of love in Pisces, the sign of oneness and universal love. The Aries VSP ends with the birth of the Pisces VSP in 2041. “Venus Star Rising” describes this major energy shift coming as the world transitions from having Venus in two Mars ruled signs since the 1920s:

“Under the influence of double Venus rulership as the Venus Star makes her mark on the world, the implications are that war will become politically incorrect, peace will be seen as a moral obligation to humanity, people will once again be nice to each other, and life lived with two of Venus’ signs operating will reinforce the healing power of the feminine.”
But since Aries is such an impatient energy and Scorpio has the power to transform, why wait?! True prosperity can only exist when love and peace are in great abundance.

“Venus Star Rising” is an amazing book that helps the reader understand the energies of Venus, Venus Star Points, and their personal VSP's relationship to other VSPs. Beginning with “the astronomy & geometry of the Venus star” to ending with ways to incorporate the energies of Venus into your life, Arielle Guttman has left no stone unturned! Lavishly illustrated, “Venus Star Rising” is a beautiful book that’s well organized in an easy to read format.

Arielle Guttman has packed the book with too many resources for me to mention! The bottom line is that “Venus Star Rising” is a book you’ll want to refer to time and time again.

Arielle Guttman is the co-author of "Mythic Astrology: Internalizing the Planetary Powers" and "Mythic Astrology Applied: Personal Healing Through the Planets." I read “Mythic Astrology” several years ago. Like “Venus Star Rising,” no prior astrological knowledge is required to understand “Mythic Astrology.” Knowing the mythology of the planetary energies and signs really helps to gain a better understanding of their cycles.

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**This post was written on June 27, 2012.

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