Taurus New Moon Cycle Forecast Part II: May 5 – 19, 2012

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The Moon is a primary indicator of market sentiment. The Moon’s relationship with the Sun describes the level of confidence investors have in their convictions. New ideas and actions that began at the time of the April 21, 2012 New Moon are culminating now.

The big and bright May 5 Full Moon reflects the Moon reaching its closest distance to Earth this year (perigee) one minute before the Sun and Moon reached exact opposition at 11:35 PM EDT.

“The majority of modern studies, however, show no correlation between the phase of the Moon and the incidence of crime, sickness, or human behavior. The truth is, the Moon is less influential than folklore would have us believe.” –  May 2, 2012 NASA Science bulletin on the “Perigee ‘Super Moon’” 
Since the Moon and particularly this Full Moon exerts an even larger effect on the tides which affect plant and animal life, why would humans who are composed of 60% water be immune from the Moon’s influence?! Blood flow is highest at the Full Moon as 83% of our blood is composed of water. (NASA does admit this Full Moon will bring extra high “perigean tides.”)

While I agree that some of the folklore concerning the Full Moon’s influence on human behavior is wildly exaggerated, the Full Moon period (two days before/day of/two days after) tends to be an emotionally intense time. The Sun represents self-identity and the Moon reflects the Sun’s light. The Full Moon illuminates like a spotlight on issues and situations that need our full awareness and attention. Our environment and our interactions with other people reflect back what we project.

A Supersized Full Moon = Big Issues and Big Market Moves
NASA can choose to believe it’s no big deal, but having the biggest and brightest Full Moon of the year occur in Scorpio opposing Jupiter is very significant!

As the most intense and secretive sign of the zodiac, Scorpio presides over all those things that create deep and intense emotions: shared resources, debt, financial extremes (wealth/bankruptcy), opaque financial products such as bonds and derivatives, taxes, entitlement spending, sex/reproduction and death/rebirth. Scorpio represents the power of transformation. What has past its purpose must die to be transformed and reborn. Keeping things opaque and occult is to consolidate power amongst a select few.  Yet individual power and wealth can be uncovered for those who are determined to dig deeper to uncover and understand the truth.  Those with a healthy sense of self-worth do not need to suck the lifeblood out of others to increase their own.

Jupiter expands what it comes in contact with, making the Full Moon appear 14% bigger and 30% brighter than it normally is. Things are much easier to see when they’re larger. Jupiter (and Sagittarius, the sign that follows Scorpio) represents transparency as this energy seeks truth and wisdom.

Jupiter in Taurus indicates that global financial issues dominate. Jupiter conjoining the Sun in Taurus generates larger market moves. (In the USA, the Sun and Jupiter conjoin the sector of the Full Moon chart representing the stock market.) While this planetary combination can provide the confidence and optimism to propel stocks higher, it can also indicate overbought conditions. Jupiter’s semi-square to Uranus in Aries raise the potential for large moves that rise or fall more than expected along with the potential for sudden reversals.

Full Moons require the two signs involved balance their opposing energies by building upon what they have in common. Although Scorpio and its opposite sign Taurus are slow to change, Scorpio represents the process of elimination and so can much more easily “let go” than Taurus which stubbornly resists change. Profits can turn to losses if held on for too long. Whether in the human body or the financial system, toxins must be flushed out before they cause greater damage.

Mars (the planetary ruler of Scorpio before Pluto’s discovery) making a stressful alignment to Uranus indicates there is still much work to do as many adjustments must be made to improve physical and financial wellbeing.

The one thing that really bothers Taurus the bull is uncertainty until Taurus learns that nothing remains static as everything is in a constant state of evolution. Uncertainty is the most overused word on Wall Street, yet when have things ever not been uncertain in one way or another?!

The unpredictable, extreme, rebellious and innovative energy of Uranus in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn is only going to become far more intense than when the planets were nearly exact last July and August as the two planets approach make the first of seven exact squares beginning June 14 (through March 2015).

Pluto in Capricorn since 2008 describes the massive economic contraction that has lead to austerity measures to reduce government debt. Pluto in Capricorn indicates that wealthy and powerful special interests (plutocrats) have corrupted government and societal structures for their benefit. Uranus square Pluto reflects the plutocrats have taken things to such an extreme that if left unchecked, their short term gains will eventually destroy the free market system they cherish as there will be no middle class left to support it.

The frictional but yet not dissimilar energies of Uranus in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn also indicate that every individual has the power to create change through self expression. (Voting at the ballot box and with your pocketbook are two examples.) Individual expression becomes magnified when like-minded individuals gather in groups.

Oppositions carry a Full Moon-type energy as they indicate conditions that are peaking. Mercury in Aries opposing Saturn in Libra at the Full Moon describes pessimistic thinking that economic conditions might be exhibiting signs of contracting. What’s on the minds of the status quo is the fear that the masses will rebel against trickle down economics, demanding that Libra’s scales of equality and justice be tilted from exclusively favoring the plutocrats to being put back into balance. Saturn rules time. Time and time again trickle down economics has been proven not to work. Lowering tax rates while expanding tax credits, deductions, and loopholes to benefit the most affluent has not resulted in the creation of more jobs and income trickling down to the masses. Instead it has had the opposite effect.

Eurozone Sovereign Debt Crisis
Notice that Europe has weighed heavily on the market for the last two years during the first half of May. The protests that erupted in Greece two years ago spooked the market here with the May 6, 2010 “flash crash.” Bailouts and lending programs have provided patchwork solutions while austerity measures are failing to live up to expectations.

Europe celebrates its birthday May 9, as the idea that lead to the creation of the Eurozone was born with the Schuman Declaration on May 9, 1950 at 4:00 PM CET in Paris. Challenging alignments between Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto in the early degrees of cardinal (action-oriented) signs during spring/summer 2010 impacted Europe’s Venus (fiscal issues), Uranus (shocks; public protests), and the areas of the chart representing its outlook and global reputation which marked the full outbreak of the Eurozone sovereign debt crisis.

The Scorpio Full Moon indicates the public’s determination to remove from power European leaders promoting policies that are shrinking the middle class. (The Full Moon impacts Europe’s natal Sun/Pluto square and conjoins Europe’s progressed Scorpio Ascendant which harmonizes with Europe’s progressed Sun and Mercury in Cancer.)

The Uranus/Pluto square is impacting all the major players in the Eurozone and Germany is certainly not immune as Uranus/Pluto impacts Germany’s Sun in Libra during 2012-13.

Venus Turns Retrograde
Taurus is ruled by Venus. Venus in dualistic Gemini since April 3 reflects the market vacillating between bullish and bearish sentiment after being solidly in the bullish camp until Venus entered Gemini.

Venus turning retrograde May 15 could bring reversals in currencies and equities. Copper, art, jewelry, collectibles such as rare coins and stamps, and luxury goods and services are ruled by Venus. Venus retrograde until June 27 is a time of financial reappraisal. The market tends to either reverse trend at the time Venus stations retrograde and/or shifts direction when Venus conjoins the Sun June 5. (The Sun/Venus alignment usually gives the market a brief lift or peak as Venus tries to regain value.) The next turning point is when Venus turns direct June 27 when the Moon in Venus-ruled Libra.

Eclipses can interrupt current trends as the energies streaming into Earth become disrupted. The May 20 Solar Eclipse in Gemini reactivates the energies present during early April when Venus entered Gemini. Venus squared Neptune in Pisces and Mars in Virgo then. The May 20 eclipse squares Neptune the planetary energy of illusion. Neptune’s energies are strong as it turns retrograde June 4, the day the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius opposes Venus and Mars as the planet of love (Venus) and war (Mars) square off for a second time the day before Venus transits the Sun. Things are in a state of flux with half of the planets in mutable signs. And if that wasn’t enough, Jupiter enters Gemini June 11, there’s a second Gemini New Moon on June 19, the Summer Solstice occurs the following day, Uranus squares Pluto June 24, and Jupiter and Neptune square off June 25 as Saturn stations direct. (Deflating inflated expectations or a perceived or real bubble are a couple of ways to describe these energies.)

Venus seen in the morning sky in mid-June for the rest of the year has a tendency to correlate to when the market makes its annual high. Venus retrograde in Gemini (which occurs every 8 years) more likely indicates the market will put in a new low and possibly a new high during the period Venus is in her morning star phase. (I am working on a post about Venus retrograde cycle which examines the Venus cycle in greater detail.)

The May 12 Last Quarter Moon in Uranus-ruled Aquarius squares Jupiter in Taurus, conveying similar energies to the Full Moon. Aquarius/Uranus rule innovation, the internet, and groups. The Sun conjunct Jupiter in Taurus describes the Facebook IPO, estimated to be the biggest U.S. IPO ever which is scheduled to go public on May 18 when the Moon is in Taurus.

The Sun/Jupiter conjunction conjoins Mark Zuckerberg’s Sun/Venus conjunction in Taurus as he celebrates his 28th birthday on May 14 as Venus stations retrograde conjoining his progressed Venus and Sun in Gemini. Zuckerberg founded the social network when the Sun and Neptune were conjoined in Aquarius; the progressed Sun now exactly squares Zuckerberg’s natal Sun.  Zuckerberg is about to be richly rewarded for his hard work.

Largest potential market moving days: May 7-9, 14-17. All times listed are EDT.

Monday, May 7, 2012
International issues are likely to be an outsized influence on the market today and tomorrow with the Moon in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius. Jupiter/Sagittarius exaggerates market sentiment, which is why the market tends to make larger moves each month when the Moon is in Sagittarius.

Jupiter semi-square Uranus can indicate behavior that is not what the market expected as Uranus can increase the potential for a reversal. Mercury in Aries conjoining the NYSE’s natal Saturn can bring news that increases pessimism.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012
Many times the market will have a large reversal in the opposite direction on the second day when the Moon is in Sagittarius. Negative bias but could regain ground to close mixed.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012
Mercury enters Taurus until May 24 which can bring currency shifts. Mercury and Venus in each other’s signs now could help to keep asset values higher than they might otherwise be.

The Moon in Capricorn today and tomorrow focuses on sovereign debt and more conservative investments. Positive bias. (Nasdaq could be weakest of the three major indices).

Thursday, May 10, 2012
Choppy/mixed conditions dominate; mixed close.

Friday, May 11, 2012
The Moon in Aquarius today could increase yesterday’s choppy/mixed conditions as stocks seesaw between positive and negative territory. Mixed close.

Monday, May 14, 2012
Rumors, hype, hope, and contagion concerns are amongst the range of reactions when the Moon is in Pisces.

Jupiter was the planetary ruler of Pisces before Neptune was discovered. The annual conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter (exact Sunday) can bring confidence and optimism, especially as Jupiter squares the NYSE Pluto in Aquarius as the Sun conjoins the NYSE Mercury in Taurus. These factors together with Mercury harmonizing with Pluto increase the potential that the market could be excited about deal making activity (or rumors thereof).


Tuesday, May 15, 2012
Venus turns retrograde today. Together with Mars in Virgo semi-squaring Saturn, yesterday’s bullishness is likely to turn negative.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012
The Moon is in Aries today as Aries’ planetary ruler Mars in Virgo makes its third and final alignment to Pluto. (The first two occurred on November 23 and March 14.) Jupiter in Taurus quincunx Saturn in Libra indicates adjustments need to be made to remove impediments to reaching agreement.

Reverses to positive after being negative to mixed.

Thursday, May 17, 2012
Today is the 220th anniversary of the founding of the NYSE. The enthusiasm of the Moon in Aries and an alignment between Jupiter and Pluto today could inflate market expectations relating to M&A.


Friday, May 18, 2012 (Options expiration)
The Moon entering Taurus on Venus-ruled Friday reactivates the energies of the April 21 Taurus New Moon. The Taurus Moon usually puts banks and financials in focus.

Positive bias.


Anonymous said...

another great reading... As a long time trader, i have to say though that the trend has been, well two trends since the '09 crash, one a great buying opp and strong rally until the buying and QE3 ended early '11, then a slow grind with very few companies, like Apple holding up the mkts while most everything else has crashed off and on

now it seems everything is grinding or crashing down month after month, positive astrology or not, shorting stocks has been the only sure thing!

Wall Street Weather said...

The “slow grind” you speak of is Fed policy artificially inflating stock prices to levels higher than they would otherwise be.

Other than individual stocks, I’m not sure what you mean by “most everything else has crashed off and on” since 2009 in the context of the broader market. Other than individual stocks or hyperactive day trading at exactly the right moments, I don’t see how shorting “has been the only sure thing” with the major indices at multiyear highs even with the recent decline.

But that’s great if that’s what’s working for you. :-)


P.S. You meant QE2; PIMCO and GS are still working on QE3.

Anonymous said...

Yes when QE2 ended, much of the momentum died out, especially in commodity trades - also tied to Euro and China softening... but charts for producers of coal, aluminum, iron ore, gold, nat gas, solar/alt energy, oil drillers, rare earth, all down down down for a long time now...

and many other big names, HPQ, CSCO, GMCR, NFLX, BAC too many to list... major bear trends.. look at JPM just this past week

in fact many names are nearing multi year lows while indexes are still way up

We may be ready to bounce for a bit with FB ipo coming, but will probably just set up another short play, as the buy list is Apple Google and not much else these days

I hope the upcoming Uranus/Pluto square lets the entire mkt correct enough to bottom for a real rally

Wall Street Weather said...

Personally, I'd like that to happen too!

Anonymous said...

A most enjoyable and detailed account of the lunar cycle, should be required reading on every trading floor.
Looking forward to your next moon cycle article particularly as we've got the drama of Gemini starting with a solar eclipse, followed by a June lunar eclipse and then yet another new moon at the end of Gemini.
That cannot be a 'blue' moon cycle, I reckon, but maybe there is an actual astrological term for that two-new-moon cycle?
Regards as ever and thanks for a great column.

Wall Street Weather said...


The Gemini Solar Eclipse is described in my post on Venus.

The second New Moon in the same sign (June 19 Gemini New Moon) is called the Black Moon.