U.S. Job Growth Trend Continues

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The Labor Department’s monthly employment report is one of Wall Street’s most eagerly awaited statistics. But since the stock market will be closed April 6 for the Good Friday/Easter holiday, Wall Street will have to wait until Monday to react.

The number of new jobs created has been consistently increasing at a slow but steady pace. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke remarked recently that employment gains might be the result of companies that cut jobs too drastically during the crisis are now rebuilding their workforce. The release of the March 13 FOMC Minutes Tuesday hinted the Fed could be beginning to realize the employment outlook is stronger than they thought. Just refilling previously existing jobs begins a momentum. As more people are employed, demand increases which stimulates further growth.

The Moon (sentiment) was in Virgo (employment) as Virgo’s planetary ruler Mercury stationed direct in Neptune-ruled Pisces on Wednesday, the day of the week ruled Mercury. Venus entered Gemini (the other sign ruled by Mercury) the day before; squaring Mars retrograde in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces. (1) Rather than viewing the Fed Minutes as another sign of economic improvement, these energies indicate the market needs to rethink QE3 and begin to wean themselves off their addiction to endless monetary stimulus. Friday’s Full Moon in Venus-ruled Libra serves as a spotlight to balance the bull and bear on Libra’s scales to decide whether the stock market is appropriately valued.

The Vernal Equinox occurred March 20 at 1:15 AM EDT. The planetary energies in play at this time not only represent the influences for the Spring quarter (March 20-June 20) but for the entire year as the moment when the Sun enters Aries represents rebirth and is therefore the start of the New Year.

Mars, the planetary ruler of Aries, is retrograde in Virgo. At the Vernal Equinox, Mars in the sector ruling imports exactly opposed the USA’s progressed Sun in Pisces (exports) and squared natal Uranus in Gemini in the sector ruling employment. Companies have already extracted as much efficiencies as they possibly can using technology and existing workers and must now rebuild their workforce. Rising foreign labor and transportation costs and the disadvantage of longer lead times is reversing outsourcing to INSOURCING. The USA’s progressed Ascendant entered Virgo at the Autumn Equinox, another indication that the nation’s outlook has shifted from consuming imports to making products and services to export.(2) An acceleration of domestic production is further emphasized by the Sun conjoining Mercury (retrograde) and Uranus in Aries in this sector of the chart. Mercury rules motor vehicles; many foreign automakers are not only manufacturing cars to sell in the U.S but are also building vehicles here to sell abroad.

Jupiter is the planetary ruler of the Vernal Equinox chart whose chart sector sign placements closely mimic the USA natal chart and a key natal planetary alignment.(3) The USA was born with Venus conjoining Jupiter (in Moon-ruled Cancer); in the Vernal Equinox chart Venus is in its home sign Taurus conjoining Jupiter.

Venus conjoining Jupiter in the sector ruling the stock market reflects the large gains made as investors “bank” on stocks for dividends and asset accumulation. Taurus the bull is stubbornly resistant to sell, optimistic there’s still room for growth and faced with the conundrum of where to reinvest the cash as the Dow inches closer to its all time record high.

Venus ruling the sector representing the labor force is an indication of job growth followed by an increase in wages. This is further confirmed by transiting Jupiter which will enter this sector of the USA natal chart in May for the next year, increasing the odds the unemployment rate drops below the psychologically important 8% level. (4)

This is not to say the number of jobs created each month will continue to grow without ever wavering. There is also a potential for strikes which can temporarily increase the unemployment rate even though it represents an additional sign of worker confidence.

Venus also rules the sector representing corporate profits in the Vernal Equinox chart. Saturn in Libra conjoining this sector could be an indication that corporate profits have peaked as companies spend more on workers, equipment, and R&D.

(1) Venus entering Gemini April 3 conjoined the degree of the upcoming May 20 Solar Eclipse. What occurs at that time directly correlates to what is happening now.

(2) Progressions move the natal planets and chart positions forward in time, symbolizing the individual or entity’s progression through life. The Ascendant is the zodiac sign rising on the eastern horizon at birth.

(3)The Summer and Winter Solstice charts set for Washington DC feature an almost identical chart sector layout as the Vernal Equinox and USA natal charts.

(4)This sector also rules healthcare, an indication the Supreme Court is likely to uphold the healthcare law as Jupiter here describes expanding healthcare access and benefits.


beetlejuice said...

NFP missed disastrously...not even CLOSE!
Start praying longs!!

Wall Street Weather said...

Hi Beetlejuice,

To quote Ben Bernanke, my focus is on the "intermediate term" employment outlook, and I recognize that there will fluctuations over the next year. But I believe employment will continue to trend positive this year.

I also believe that today's March NFP will be revised upward.