Uranus in Aries Gives Birth to Human Billboards

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Uranus is the planetary energy ruling electricity, technology, and trends. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries rules the physical body. Uranus in Aries until 2019 is the time to boldly go into new frontiers in fashion using electronic devices.

When Uranus first entered Aries in 2010, I wrote that technologies would be developed that tap body movements as an energy source to charge electronic devices (which could also have a beneficial side effect of helping to reduce obesity).

A recent Wall Street Journal article (“Take Zap! Tech Geeks, Starved for More Battery Power, Give Themselves a Charge”) describes devices to attach to the body that do just that.* Aries rules the military which is where development of this type is seeded. As Uranus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn during the next three years, companies will create products geared for consumers that begin to be profitable.

Integrating this technology into clothing makes it far less cumbersome. The debut of British phone carrier Orange’s “sound charge” T-shirt at last year’s Glastonbury Music Festival converts sound pressure waves into electricity. People standing close enough to the sound speakers were able to charge a smartphone. Uranus in Aries is ushering in innovation in fashion as now the technology has caught up to the fashions designers envision in their heads.

An article in yesterday’s New York Times (“Which Way to the Ball? I’ll Ask My Gown),” describes the “wearable computer movement” of chiffon dresses backlit with LED lights, LED handbags, and fiber-optic brooches. Uranus energy is rebellious and doesn’t like to follow the crowd while Aries energy wants to be the first to start something new. Wearing designer labels could be seen as so yesterday for the most fashion forward individuals as kits are now available to make one-of-a-kind computer clothes. Uranus describes the unique contribution each individual brings to the group. Aspiring designers can connect with an online community of users to help them through the process of putting their first creation together.

Aries energy is quick and becomes easily impatient. Beyond making a fashion statement, having Bluetooth and GPS on the outside of a handbag will save taking the time to pull out your smartphone from your bag for directions. For under $100 (plus the cost of the handbag), GPS on the outside of a handbag would display a big arrow telling you which direction to go.

Jupiter in Gemini June 11, 2012 - June 27, 2013 favorably aspecting Uranus in Aries offers new opportunities to expand the ways we communicate and multitask. Think fashion forward clothing and accessories that charge batteries and electronic devices while providing quick directions.  This could bring a new definition to tweeting and posting in public.  And while your clothes and accessories are doing all that, they might even make money if they’re equipped to stream ads or video that changes as the wearer moves to different locations.

But before technology rushes too far ahead of practicality, let’s not forget that clothing and accessories need to be cleaned. And now they might also need to be rebooted.

*Each part of the body is ruled by a planet and zodiac sign. The knees (as well as the bones, joints, teeth, and skin) are ruled by Saturn and Capricorn. As the WSJ article points out, knees help the body speed up but also act as the body’s braking system to slow down and stop. (A motor vehicle’s braking system is also ruled by Saturn and Capricorn.) Saturn and Capricorn are a “heavy” type of energy that is not geared for comfort. At 2 lbs. per leg, the knee braces described in the article are neither practical or healthy to wear.

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