Back to Blogging Again

Dear Readers,

I have just posted an entry that morphed into an essay on Mars retrograde in Virgo. There’s a lot here beyond Mars as I discuss the Mars retrograde period and beyond within the context of major long term planetary cycles.

Although I will return to writing the daily market forecast in the near future, I have not yet decided on the time length and the type of format it will be in. For the time being I would like to keep my writing more "free form” (i.e. not constrained by a specific schedule or subject).

I’d like to thank readers who sent emails and left comments. Your thoughts are appreciated.




vick said...

Deborah, hope you are fine, healthy and ready for calendar year 2012. i am glad that you have decided to write again. i am not an investor but i sure like to read your astrological work and what to expect in this uncertain world.
again, thanks for your tremendous work and may God Bless you ! ! !

gabriele gray said...

So good to hear from you! I've missed the advice, guidance and background information (there's always a learning curve no matter how long you follow the field, yes?).
Wishing you the very best in 2012

RevJ said...

Deee-lighted to have you back Deborah! You were missed. Blessings, RevJ

Anonymous said...

Hope that all is well, your astrological insights were missed.
God Bless you,

Wesb said...

Deborah, Glad to hear you are coming back. I have missed your commentary on astrology regarding the markets and other events. Looking forward to your thoughts and insight.

Daves Markets said...

You have been missed..!