WallStreetWeather.net Full Moon Forecast: October 11 – 26, 2011

The Moon represents our emotional outlook and instinctual behavioral patterns. The Moon describes public sentiment and the mood of the market. The word month is derived from the Moon which really begins when the Sun and Moon conjoin at the New Moon.
The Full Moon is the midpoint of the lunar cycle that began September 27 at the Libra New Moon. The Moon’s peak in brightness occurs when the Moon in Aries exactly opposes the Sun in Libra October 11 at 10:06 PM EDT. Events and situations that began at the New Moon reach culmination now.(1) The Full Moon shines like a spotlight on matters demanding our full attention and awareness. Such matters are usually not new, but reflect aspects that have not fully permeated our awareness either consciously or unconsciously. Emotions peak as working through the issues illuminated by the Full Moon usually involves the assistance and cooperation of others. The Full Moon is the best time each month to announce or take action that has the strongest potential to receive maximum attention.

This is can pose more of a challenge at the Aries Full Moon. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries energy wants to take charge and is quick to initiate action in response to what is fully illuminated now. Aries becomes impatient as Libra weighs the pros and cons to get its scales into balance before reaching a decision that Libra hopes will please everyone. Aries energy impulsively dives in head first and asks questions later. With Aries’ planetary ruler Mars in Leo the sign of speculation, Aries is ready to gamble that everything will work out. (If not, Aries will be quick to take the hit to quickly move on to something new.)

The Sun represents leaders and its conjunction to Saturn in Libra (October 13) can indicate leaders are stalling for more time to work out agreements they feel will be more favorably received by receive a more favorable public reaction.(2) Whatever leaders commit to now the public will hold them accountable if they fail to deliver. The Aries Full Moon opposing the Sun and Saturn in Libra reflects that the public mood is angry and impatient with leaders who they feel perpetuate the status quo by allowing corporate interests to unfairly use the government and the judicial system to their advantage. The chief executive of a major company in the financial industry could be fired or “retire” during the next two weeks.

As described in my Autumn Equinox post, Libra represents all types of financial relationships and is ruled by Venus which entered Scorpio October 9 (until November 2). Venus has more difficulty expressing its energies in Scorpio, the opposite sign of Venus-ruled Taurus. Venus in Scorpio is other people’s money; it represents jointly held assets and liabilities. This can be as simple as a couple sharing a bank account and a mortgage to complex pension plans, government financing, and the trading of debt.

Since Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and Pluto is in Saturn-ruled Capricorn the sign of government, the energies I’ve described can represent leaders and financial regulators initiating action to change the structure and value of sovereign debt held by the world’s largest foreign banks (Jupiter in Taurus).

Venus in Scorpio opposing Jupiter in Taurus (October 14) indicates that the amount of sovereign debt held by foreign banks and the amount of counterparty risk to the world’s biggest banks through derivatives is being over or under estimated since Jupiter’s energy can exaggerate in either direction. Financial information that had been kept secret is likely to be revealed when Mercury enters Scorpio October 13 and opposes Jupiter October 17. These energies can also describe financial settlements with regulators and Court cases involving foreclosures and bankruptcy proceedings.

Mercury in Libra at the Full Moon tends to communicate people think others want to hear.

Venus, Mercury, and the Sun in Scorpio opposite Jupiter in Taurus as Jupiter approaches its second harmonious alignment with Pluto in Capricorn Oct 28 first made on July 7 can be over optimistic that corporate profits will exceed expectations and the Eurozone governments will find a solution to the debt crisis which will somehow recapitalize Eurozone banks without triggering a default that turns into a full blown global financial crisis.

Wednesday, October 12
The enthusiasm of the Moon in Aries begins to burn out. Rumors could contribute to overall market weakness particularly in the financial sector which turns the market negative.

Thursday, October 13
It’s time to dig deeper for information and focus on what is not being said as Mercury moves into Scorpio until November 2. Banks and financials are in focus today and tomorrow with the Moon in Taurus. Whether the market is able to stay positive all day depends on if the market considers what leaders and regulators are doing to be supportive to propel stocks higher as the Sun conjoining Saturn in Libra can increase caution.

Friday, October 14
The Moon in Taurus on the day of the week ruled by Venus and Venus in Scorpio opposing Jupiter in Taurus can bring large market moves that can go either or both directions. Venus opposite Jupiter indicates high expectations and can also describe overbought conditions. Mars conjoining the NYSE’s natal Uranus in Leo can move the market to either extreme and can also represent a market reversal and increased volatility. Ends mixed.

Monday, October 17
Mercury opposite Jupiter with the Moon in Mercury-ruled Gemini today could indicate information overload and perhaps a “document dump” of previously classified information. Financial news from abroad could be the catalyst that turns the market negative.

Tuesday, October 18
The Moon in its home sign Cancer today and in its last Quarter phase at 11:30 PM Wednesday could shift sentiment to domestic investments and strategies perceived to provide greater security/protection in the event of a market decline over the coming weeks. Choppy/mixed to negative conditions reverse going into the close.

Wednesday, October 19

Thursday, October 20
Moon in Leo the sign ruling all types of speculation today and tomorrow could increase volatility. Choppy/mixed conditions throughout most of the day; ends mixed to negative.

Friday, October 21
Options expiration. Choppy/mixed to negative.

Monday, October 24
The first business day with the Sun in Scorpio until November 22 as the Moon in Virgo shifts into Libra at 11:49 AM until Wednesday morning could bring M&A announcements/speculation and new details of arrangements being worked out by leaders to address the Eurozone debt crisis. Closes mixed to moderately positive.

Tuesday, October 25

Wednesday, October 26
The Moon enters Scorpio at ll:08 AM until Friday morning. The Scorpio New Moon Forecast will cover the period from October 26 to November 9, a time when the debt crisis begins a new phase. Conditions deteriorate as the day progresses; Negative.

(1)The Full Moon’s energies are felt for 1-2 days before, the day of, and for 1-2 days after.

(2)Dates listed in parenthesis indicate when these planetary relationships become exact. However, events directly correlating to these influences could manifest shortly before or after exactitude.

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