Virgo New Moon Cycle: August 28 – September 26, 2011

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The word month is derived from the Moon. The new month actually begins when the Sun and Moon conjoin at the New Moon, a time of new beginnings. This month’s New Moon occurs on August 28, 2011 at 11:04 PM EDT in Virgo. Schedules/daily routines, health, and employment, are in focus during the next month as Virgo rules the labor force, the armed services and healthcare. The Virgo New Moon is the time to analyze all the details to determine what’s essential in order to operate more effectively and efficiently.

Virgo is portrayed as a virgin holding a shaft of wheat, representing the fruits of one’s labor. Just as Virgo is a dualistic sign, there are two layers to this symbolism. Billionaire Sir Richard Branson made his fortune launching businesses in industries that he had no prior experience in, naming every endeavor “Virgin.” (1) The New Moon is the “virgin” time of the month to start something completely new. Sometimes Virgo energy can get so hung up achieving nothing short of perfection that nothing happens! The true archetype of Virgo is to be of service by living life doing your absolute best.

The Virgo archetype symbolizes wholeness and the purity contained within. The Virgo New Moon is about having pride and emotional satisfaction in your work and in taking care of your body. The body is a temple and is nourished by food that is grown from the Earth, not concocted in a chemistry lab. Like Gemini, Virgo is also ruled by Mercury and is a mutable (flexible) sign. The human body was designed to be in motion, not sitting for hours on end.

Virgo is part of the earth element which is concerned with practical matters and core economic issues. The New Moon conjoining Venus in Virgo enhances the desire to improve physical appearance, particularly lifestyle changes that improve health and physical wellbeing. These energies also represent organizing/sprucing up your work environment to enhance creativity and productivity. Having something “earthy” and attractive such as a plant, fresh flowers, a rock or nature scene, i.e. anything that “grounds” you in your work environment can be beneficial.

The other signs that comprise the earth element are also strong now as the New Moon and Venus in Virgo harmonize with Jupiter in Venus-ruled Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. These are confident energies that can enhance finances, employment, health, and positively transform one’s professional reputation – IF the effort is made as these influences can easily lull one into complacency and avoidance. With this “grand earth trine” and half of the planets in earth signs at the New Moon, the potential for increased earthquake activity throughout the world is enhanced.

Virgo is the bookkeeper and the analyst that calculates if the numbers add up and the data computes to determine true value. Just in time for the New Moon, Mercury is slowly starting to move forward again to process what we learned during August 2-26 when Mercury was retrograde.

These energies combined with the fact that Mercury is in Leo the sign of the Sun, signifies that leaders of all stripes are trying to project a high level of confidence in the global economy and financial system to keep the stock market propped up to enhance the wealth effect. News/talk of M&A activity and optimism for additional monetary stimulus is helping to sustain the market and has thus far been the only impetus for companies to spend money. But since Mercury is in a challenging relationship to Uranus and Pluto, the potential for sudden and sharp reversals related to sovereign debt and U.S. political uncertainties is always lurking under the surface. Mercury will complete its opposition to Neptune on September 8 which began on July 29 and repeated on August 8. Mercury re-enters its home sign Virgo September 9, ending up where it turned retrograde August 2. Now the information is clearer to choose which way to go.

Jupiter in Taurus describes the enormous amount of cash sitting on corporate balance sheets and companies reluctance to invest that cash to expand their business. The stock market is being kept propped up for now as investors are reluctant to take profits on stocks that are either driven by momentum or pay a decent dividend. Jupiter’s energies are extra strong August 28 – September 1 as it appears to turn retrograde from Earth’s vantage point until December 25.

Jupiter’s prominence during the New Moon cycle and this week in particular indicates that market moves can be exaggerated by how confident investors feel now about the global banking system. Optimism that Greece and the other countries that comprise the PIIGS can repay their debt is overinflated as the debt is too massive (Pluto). Ultimately foreign and U.S. banks will have to write down the debt, but European and U.S. financial regulators would like to delay that day as long as possible so banks are not faced with payouts on credit default swaps. When the too big to fail U.S. banks proclaim their exposure to Europe is minimal because it is hedged, none of the banking analysts ever ask the banks what their gross exposure is. You can hedge all you want, but let’s not forget that the 2008 financial crisis taught us that your bets are only as good as your counterparty being able to fulfill their end of the contract. And as we know, counterparty risk has a chain reaction effect of bringing down the entire system. This is why the AIG bailout was paramount to preventing a systemic financial collapse.

With Saturn in Libra the sign representing counterparties to a transaction until October 2012, it is unlikely that financial regulators will be able to keep this situation contained (Saturn) as they increase their demand for banks to raise more capital (Jupiter in Taurus). As I have previously written, Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (contraction) in signs ruled by Venus as Venus appears in the evening sky September 23 to May 30, 2012 makes it unlikely that major indices can exceed their multiyear closing highs made on April 29.

Virgo and Saturn represent accountability and responsibility. The New Moon occurs on the day the USA experiences its eighth Saturn return as a nation, marking the start of a new cycle between now and October 5, 2040. The U.S. has some very critical structural decisions to make now that can no longer be delayed. But ultimately success or failure is predicated on those in the highest positions of authority taking the lead by cultivating civility.

USA Hotspots prominently featured due to natural or manmade influences during the New Moon cycle include New York City, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, TEXAS. World Hotspots: MEXICO, Italy, Libya, SYRIA, western Saudi Arabia. Africa: Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Guinea, Ivory Coast; Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Madagascar. Northeastern Afghanistan at the border with Pakistan (Islamabad), India (Ahmadabad), east coast of N/S Korea, southern Japan, central and eastern Australia, New Zealand.

The Moon growing from New to Full is the time to develop and implement new ideas and projects. The first half of the Moon’s cycle can coincide with rising share prices, and the Virgo New Moon cycle looks to be one of those months. The period between the September 12 Full Moon and the next New Moon is the time to complete projects and eliminate what is no longer efficient or effective. This coincides with a declining market going into the Libra New Moon on September 27.

The September 4 First Quarter Moon (1:40 PM EDT) in Sagittarius brings global issues home. Nuclear issues could become prominent and covert government actions could see the light of day with Pluto stationary as it turns direct September 16 after being retrograde since April 9. Prominent global hotspots now include Brazil, Italy, Greece, Libya, Egypt, Israel, Koreas, CHINA (Beijing). The situation in Greece could reach crisis level by the Libra New Moon which conjoins Greece’s natal Moon/Pluto. This comes at a time when Germany could also be rocked by unexpected internal events.

Since I will be writing more frequently, I will go into more detail about the Quarter Moons and Full Moon in separate posts, as well as a post on the September 23 Autumnal Equinox. The Weekly Forecast features a more detailed look at current and upcoming influences.

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(1) Born July 18, 1950 at 7:00 AM in Blackheath, England, Branson’s Sun in Cancer is ruled by the Moon in Virgo. Branson feels there isn’t anything he can’t do. And the more he feels people doubt his ability to succeed in an endeavor, the more determined he is to do it! (This is reflected by his natal Moon in Virgo opposite optimistic and expansive Jupiter in visionary Pisces.)


Anonymous said...

Curious why you have Texas + Mexico in Caps? I read your blog/articles weekly so I am a fan of yours... Jan

Wall Street Weather said...

Thanks for your question, Jan. I realize I should have explained that “hot spots” represent locations with the *potential* for an above average incidence of events in that location. Capitalized locations represent stronger hot spot potential. These events/situations can range from extreme weather, to geophysical, economic, and/or political incidents.

In the chart for the Virgo New Moon set for Mexico, the “challenging” planets (Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto) are in dynamic and action-oriented sectors. In Texas, Mars in Cancer is in the sector representing general weather conditions and the land/home environment challenging Saturn in Libra in the sector representing relationships and opponents.

Stormy weather, water issues, and actions involving guns are themes relating to Mars in Cancer. There is potential for notable domestic violence or home invasion. Combined with Saturn in Libra, there is government involvement in some capacity (Saturn), whether through law enforcement and/or authorities authorizing firearms. Saturn represents borders/boundaries and control issues, so there is the ongoing issue of border control and too many weapons (Mars) being smuggled across the border from the U.S. into Mexico.

On the weather front, there is the potential for a tropical depression which if it strengthens could affect the Gulf coast of Texas and Mexico. The “pork chopper” law is now in effect in TX allowing licensed gun owners who have permission from the landowner to shoot feral pigs from helicopters. The state is sponsoring and funding a contest for the person kills the most hogs. (Eliminating pigs is a good thing but I think there are more efficient and humane ways of doing this.)

Although the news directly relates to Arizona which was also on the list of hot spots, on Tuesday the ATF’s Acting Director and the U.S. Attorney in AZ was forced to resign over “operation fast and furious” where the ATF allowed thousands of guns to go across the border as the ATF hoped doing so would lead them to arms dealers and the major gangs. (An AZ border patrol agent was killed in December by weapons that had illegally went over the border in “operation fast and furious.”) Uranus represents sudden surprises (abrupt firing) and Aries rules weapons and all things “fast and furious.”