June 15, 2011 Sagittarius Total Lunar Eclipse/Part II of Gemini New Moon Cycle

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In Part I of the Gemini Solar Eclipse/New Moon cycle, I described in detail the overall energies
surrounding the June 1 Solar Eclipse which influences the entire month. Part II highlights the Total Lunar Eclipse occurring on June 15 at 4:14 PM EDT in Sagittarius.

The Full Moon represents the peak of the lunar month which corresponds to a peak in emotions. The Moon acts like a spotlight, illuminating issues and situations that either originated or experienced new developments at the New Moon two weeks ago. Since the June 15 Full Moon is also a Lunar Eclipse, the normal pattern will be distorted as the Earth totally blocks the energies of the Moon’s reflective light from reaching us.(1)

Mercury is the planetary ruler of the Gemini New Moon/SE cycle, and is strong in its home sign Gemini. As the eclipse weakens the normally dominant energies of the Moon, the Sun’s energies become more prominent, especially as the Sun in Gemini conjoins Mercury at the Lunar Eclipse. This alignment became exact June 12, the same day that Saturn in Libra turned direct after being
retrograde since January 26.

The Sun, Mercury, and Saturn strong at the time of the Full Moon in expansive Sagittarius indicates that what people communicate now can have far reaching effects that either enhance or detract one’s career and public reputation, since the internet has enabled anyone’s message to be heard around the world. (Of course these energies particularly affect world leaders, regulators, and those in government positions.)

Mercury and Gemini represent all types of information, primary education, short distance travel/local environment, and exports. Gemini’s opposite sign Sagittarius is on a perpetual quest to discover the truth amongst all of Gemini’s information, trivia, and gossip. This quest for higher knowledge usually involves travel to distant lands. Foreign affairs, imports, higher education, the Courts, religion, philosophy, and politics are emphasized at the Sagittarius Full Moon. Because the eclipse alters the incoming energies of the Full Moon, the “covering” of the Moon's light means the information leading us to the answers we seek can be found within, far away from all the excess rhetoric and dogma. Mercury was at the end of Taurus at the New Moon and at the Full Moon it is at the end of Gemini. All the information exists; now it is time to formulate legislation.

Geopolitical events particularly dominate the next two weeks. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and with Jupiter now in Taurus, it all comes down to money and net worth. Economic conditions and lack of political freedoms have become so great that the uprisings in the Middle East and northern Africa reflect people are no longer buying into the ideologies espoused by their political and religious leaders. The Lunar Eclipse exactly opposes Tunisia’s natal Sun in Gemini. The events leading to the overthrow of Tunisian president Ben Ali began around the time of the Gemini Lunar Eclipse. Six months later, the public is restless the transformation has not been extensive enough.

The Moon in Sagittarius in a stressful alignment with Mars in Taurus indicates a worldwide restlessness amongst people all over the globe that action is not being that adequately addresses their economic needs. The planetary energy of war in the sign of money indicates that war has become too expensive to wage. The Lunar Eclipse and Mercury in Gemini impacting the USA’s natal Mars in Gemini squaring Neptune in Virgo reflects that nowhere has the cost of war become unaffordable than for the USA.

As I have previously described, the USA Mars/Neptune square indicates the nation and its
military are involved in fighting Neptune-ruled issues. Neptune issues are virtually impossible to
win simply because they are virtually impossible to define. The first step to win a war is to have a clear and concise objective. Going to war to fight Neptune-ruled things such as communism, keeping the oil flowing from the Middle East, or waging war on drugs, are idealistic beliefs that reflect the nebulous nature of Neptune. Mars in Gemini describes the USA’s penchant for military engagements on multiple fronts. From the twin wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to supporting NATO’s operation in Libya to our multiple bases around the world, the USA’s Mars in Gemini has its arms stretched too thin in too many directions. Mars squaring Neptune in Virgo represents the idealization of military service.

The Sun conjoining Mercury on the USA Mars/Neptune at the Lunar Eclipse indicates attention is focused on the Commander-in-Chief. Since President Obama’s natal Mars in Virgo exactly conjoins the USA Neptune, he will likely be taking action in response to the latest incoming information about the wars now. Virgo is the other sign ruled by Mercury whose job it is to dissect information to formulate solutions which are efficient and cost effective. Mars in Virgo is about having the courage to act on the analysis and conquer the mythology. Having killed Osama bin Laden who supposedly was the reason for starting the two wars in the first place, provides the President with the “excuse” to institute an immediate pullout on both fronts.(2)

These energies represent financial adjustments being made as the excesses continue to be wrung out of the system. Jupiter is optimistic with high expectations for growth, but Jupiter in Taurus symbolizes growth that is slow but steady. Jupiter and Saturn transiting signs ruled by Venus indicate the economy must grow organically as fiscal and monetary policies to stimulate economic expansion have ended.

The Sun/Mercury conjunction conjoins Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s Jupiter in Gemini and the Lunar Eclipse conjoins his natal Sun in Sagittarius. Jupiter is inflationary which is why the Fed Chairman clings to his academic dogma that inflating asset prices is the key to stimulating economic growth. His ultra accommodative policies have kept interest rates at record low levels. After two rounds of quantitative easing, the Fed has now surpassed China as the largest holder of U.S. government debt.
With his Sun opposing Jupiter, Bernanke takes great pride in his efforts to make the Fed more
transparent. The Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse indicates the Fed will have to be far more forthcoming in the coming weeks in more ways than one.

In the USA, the June 15 Lunar Eclipse occurs at 4:14 PM EDT. In the chart for set for Washington DC, the energies are similar to the Solar Eclipse chart. Scorpio on the Ascendant and Pluto in Capricorn in the sector naturally ruled by Gemini once again indicates that debt and other “heavy” Pluto-ruled issues are on the nation’s mind. Once again the Sun is in the sector of the chart representing debt/deficits, entitlements, taxes, subsidies, and insurance opposing the Moon in the sector representing the economy. Jupiter ruling this sector indicates that the economy is growing at a slow but steady pace. Incoming revenues to the government could be higher than expected.

The Sun rules the sector representing the Administration and Mercury rules the sector representing Congress as well as the sector ruling the deficit. The Sun and Mercury conjunct now increases the potential that an agreement on raising the debt ceiling is in the works and could be narrowed down to two credible proposals. Venus in Gemini located in this sector harmonizing with Saturn in Libra indicates that financial discussions to raise the debt ceiling are making progress behind the scenes.

For the stock market, it appears that the overall trend for the market continues to trend downward interspersed with brief but sharp upside surprises. Any illusions the market has now about the Fed implementing a third round of quantitative easing could be dissolved after Fed Chairman Bernanke’s June 22 news conference following the FOMC meeting. Even though the Fed Chairman publicly denies it, more evidence is likely to surface that the Fed's induced inflation is actually impeding the economy’s ability to grow.

The ancients believed that geographic areas where the eclipse was visible would be adversely impacted over the next several months. A map of the path of the eclipse shows that except for
North and Central America, Greenland, Iceland, and the most northern latitudes of the world, most of the world is within the eclipse path. Notice that the Middle East, central to eastern Africa, along with Afghanistan and Pakistan are included in the areas fully experiencing the Total Lunar Eclipse, ensuring that these countries will continue to be the preeminent geopolitical “hot spots.” Additional countries prominently in the spotlight include Sweden, Denmark, southeastern England, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, northeastern China, North and South Korea, Japan, Australia. There could be earthquake potential for New Zealand.

As indicated in Part I, atmospheric conditions and air quality is in focus since Mercury/Gemini rules breathing and the lungs. The wildfires in Arizona have forced thousands of people to flee their homes. Mercury’s winds have affected the neighboring states and forced air travel to be diverted. (Neptune rules clouds; Mercury squaring Neptune at the Solar Eclipse reflects the wildfires in Arizona became so intense they created their own clouds.

A recreation of last summer’s planetary pattern (Saturn opposite Uranus and squaring Pluto) has created extreme weather conditions that are likely to continue as the pattern in the New Moon chart is repeated at the Full Moon. In the USA, the West Coast continues to be highlighted. The most extreme weather conditions continue to be in Arizona and the neighboring western states. Sagittarius is part of the fire element, indicating the wildfires could expand over larger distances.  Mercury moving into Cancer June 16 could begin creating more moisture in the air.

Mars enters Gemini June 20 until August 3 which can create border disputes. Mars squaring Neptune June 22 duplicates the USA’s Mars/Neptune pattern previously described. This alignment is a major influence over the next three months since it occurs the day after the Summer Solstice. (The Summer Solstice will be covered in a separate post.)

The June 23 Last Quarter Moon occurs at 7:48 AM EDT, marking the midpoint between the Full Moon and the July 1 New Moon which will be another partial Solar Eclipse. The Last Quarter Moon in Aries pushes for swift action to be taken on the issues highlighted at the Full Moon. Unexpected shocks abroad together with the public and members of Congress on both sides of the aisle could push the Administration to make abrupt changes to current military strategies.

(1)Although the Full Moon will appear as normal in parts of the world such as North America where the eclipse will not be visible, it will still affect the emotional atmosphere.

(2)With his Mars in Virgo harmonizing with natal Saturn in Capricorn, President Obama has the potential to go down in the history books as the President who had the courage to conquer America’s most destructive illusions related to the USA Mars/Neptune square. He could choose to insure his healthcare initiative survives all challenges, end the military engagements in Iraq and Afghanistan, find a successful conclusion to Libya, and conquer unemployment.

USA: July 4, 1776 5:10 PM LMT Philadelphia, PA

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Anonymous said...

another great report! it does seem like risks remain to the downside especially with huge sells in S&P and DOW charts... big $$ is slowly exiting the scene, maybe to the place of the dollar and bond indices...
It does seem Jupiter in Taurus and Saturn in Libra both support the theory that the market will not be "crashing" in the near future, as it did in 2008-9.. that may be coming next year -2012 though!