Gemini Solar Eclipse/New Moon Cycle: June 1 – 30, 2011: Part I

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NOTE TO READERS: The influences during the Gemini Solar Eclipse extend well beyond this month’s cycle and are interpreted with a particular emphasis on the economy, markets, and the Federal Reserve. With the energies of Gemini/Mercury, Neptune, and Saturn prominent this month, it has proved to be too tall an order to keep the information overload contained within Saturn’s timeframe and boundaries, necessitating two separate posts. This post covers the first half of the cycle (June 1-14) and Part II will cover the second half of the cycle (June 15-30).

The word month is derived from the Moon. The new month actually begins when the Sun and Moon conjoin at the New Moon, a time of new beginnings. Communication and movement is the key focus this month with the New Moon in Gemini. This month’s lunar cycle exactly correlates to the calendar month, making it easier to keep up with all the mental activity and changes underway.

This is a “supercharged” month as the June 1 New Moon is a Partial Solar Eclipse and the June 15 Full Moon is a Total Lunar Eclipse. Eclipses are harbingers of major changes as they temporarily disrupt the flow of Earth receiving the light of the Sun (our life force) or the reflective light from the Moon (our emotional barometer).

As the Sun and Moon conjoin in a Partial Solar Eclipse on June 1, the Moon partially blocks the Sun’s light from reaching Earth. We already possess a partial understanding of many of the issues and situations unfolding during this cycle since they have existed for some time now. By the time of the July 8 First Quarter Moon, things could start to be seen in an entirely new light.

Eclipses alter atmospheric conditions, especially occurring in the air element.(1) Gemini energy needs variety and constant motion to prevent the atmosphere from becoming stagnant. Ruled by Mercury the planetary energy of communication, movement, and commerce, Gemini circulates ideas and information. (The San Jose Mercury News and its website appropriately pay homage to Mercury. And so does FTD with its gold “Mercury Man” running the “Mercury Network”)(2)

It’s appropriate that the Gemini New Moon cycle begins on a Wednesday, the day of the week ruled by Mercury. Gemini is symbolized by the twins, reflecting the sign’s dualistic nature where issues and events tend to occur in multiples. (Gemini rules some of the “dualistic” parts of the body such as the hands, arms, shoulders, and lungs.)(3) Gemini rules all forms of communication as well as its delivery, all forms of transportation, primary education, merchants, traders, and exports. Expect Gemini/Mercury themes in the news such as the World Health Organization’s announcement that mobile phone use is a carcinogenic hazard.

Mercury the mythological winged messenger is moving fast, transiting three signs (Taurus, Gemini, Cancer) during a time of three eclipses in 31 days.(4) With so much mental activity and movement happening this month, a flexible outlook and schedule is essential. The New Moon in a harmonious alignment with Saturn in Libra can enhance relationships with partners and people in positions of authority providing you take the initiative.

But from the perspective of the economy and the markets, Saturn’s strong influence now is not so beneficial. Saturn represents economic contraction, limitations, boundaries, structures, and government. Saturn has been moving retrograde since January 26 and its energies are more pronounced June 9 – 16 as it turns direct June 12. People and the markets tend to be more fearful and pessimistic when Saturn’s energies are strong as these times tend to coincide with periods of slower growth which incites fears the economy is retrenching.

In addition to Saturn barely moving until July 8, Saturn is once again opposing Uranus (shocks; rebellion/reform) and squaring Pluto (debt; taxes; nuclear issues) in Capricorn. These planetary energies became activated in fall 2008 and 2009 respectively, converging with one another during July/August 2010.(5) Although these alignments will not become exact as they did last summer, they are close enough to be reactivated. This is why the major indices are currently experiencing their worst declines since then as the same macroeconomic issues repeat since they have not been resolved. The USA was born with Saturn in Libra and is currently experiencing its Saturn return (exact August 28), a time when you reap what you have sowed since the last Saturn return (1981).

Saturn opposite Uranus represents the status quo vs. change. Shocks to government and societal structures demand our full attention. The Saturn/Pluto influence that began in 2009 gave rise to plutocrats and corporations being able to influence the far right fanatics to create a political base to do their bidding. However, the ideology they have sold to this faux grass roots movement has little to do with their secret agenda. “Slay the beast” is the phrase used to describe the true far right ideology. The real objective of the slay the beast crowd is NOT to reduce the deficit, but to INCREASE it. Running up a large deficit, reducing tax rates and increasing tax credits and subsidies for these special interests reduces government revenue which forces government to shrink.

Up until this point, no Democratic or Republican president has cooperated with the slay the beast crowd. But Pluto entering Capricorn in 2008 reflects the government deficit has become large
enough to finally meet its objective. Saturn is the planetary ruler of Capricorn; its square to Pluto set off a movement to enforce the rhetoric that ALL forms of government and regulation must be reduced and/or eliminated. In essence, the crisis they created finally came into fruition.

As this influence starts to wane after the July 8 First Quarter Moon, Uranus in Aries for the first time will be at its closest approach to squaring Pluto in Capricorn during July and August. Uranus will exactly square Pluto seven times between June 2012 and March 2015, their first major planetary relationship since the mid-1960s conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. The last time that Uranus in Aries squared off with Pluto was during the Great Depression when Pluto was in Capricorn’s opposite sign Cancer.

While freedom has been a much abused concept in the United States during the 2010 midterm elections, it has begun to show its true meaning in the nations of the Middle East and North Africa.  The predominantly senior aged (Saturn) Tea Party in the U.S. called for freedom (Uranus) from the government (Saturn) while protesting any reduction in the benefits THEY receive from the government. In contrast, the predominantly youthful (Uranus) protesters in the Middle East and northern Africa (which became a major movement as Saturn turned retrograde January 26), are not asking for handouts from their dictatorial governments but instead seek the outright removal of their dictatorial governments.

The definition of freedom in these two cases cannot be more extreme. One is selfish and the other is selfless. There are no martyrs in the Tea Party and there are certainly no sacrifices being volunteered by Tea Party members and the corporate interests who sponsor them. The Tea Party will die (Pluto) because a movement solely based upon anger, negativity, and personal self-interest is not sustainable.

Saturn symbolizes lack and limitation. Saturn in Libra reflects a lack of civility as the anger and aggression of the radical right has overtaken what was once the party of Reagan. Saturn square Pluto describes the plutocrats push to impose austerity for everyone while further enriching themselves.

Like the other two alignments, Uranus/Pluto represents political extremes. It is precisely because of the extreme actions taken to enrich the special interests and the politicians they paid to elect that start getting people’s attention, inciting action to bring government and societal structures back into balance. The incoming energy of Uranus square Pluto reflects the spirit of the Great Depression and the 1960s when the general welfare of the nation superseded the benefit of individuals and special interests.

While austerity measures will continue, government will focus more on the health and welfare of society as a whole and less on the tinkle down benefits from increasing the wealth of the plutocrats. The public is likely to become more active after Saturn moves beyond its orb to Uranus and Pluto, demanding transformation of government and societal structures that support the general welfare of the nation.

The harsh and brazen tactics of some of the newly elected state governors and legislatures will begin to give momentum to a backlash movement. The “Marlboro Man” archetype exemplified by the governors of such states as Wisconsin, New Jersey, Ohio, and Florida will come to be seen as extremely evil rather than promoting the idealistic rugged self-sustaining American mythology. Revolutionary Uranus squaring Pluto has the potential to transform the entire structure of government back to its foundation of being a government by the people for ALL the people.

Money matters are on everyone’s mind during the Gemini New Moon Cycle with Mercury in Taurus at the Gemini Solar Eclipse. Mercury about to end its transit of Taurus that began on May 15 indicates these are existing issues that will either begin to be resolved in some manner and/or move into a new phase after this cycle ends.

As described in my post on Neptune in Pisces, Saturn exactly conjoined Neptune when Neptune
was discovered in 1846. Both planets changing direction and involved in key planetary alignments now creates an energy similar to when the two planets conjoin about every 36 years.(6) (The midpoint or “Full Moon” part of their cycle occurred between mid-2006 to mid-2007 when Saturn in Leo opposed Neptune in Aquarius, corresponding to the cracks in the foundation becoming fully visible in the housing bubble.)

Clarity could be hard to come by as the energies of Neptune in Pisces are more pronounced through June 8 as the planetary energy of illusion and dissolution turns retrograde June 3 until November 9. After entering its home sign Gemini the day before, Mercury squares Neptune as Neptune turns retrograde. While these energies can harness visionary ideas and be inspirational for artistic and creative pursuits, there can be an abundance of rumors and confusing/misleading information.

Just as this influence can bring overcast and foggy weather conditions, it’s hard to distinguish between what’s real and imaginary since Neptune dissolves boundaries. Neptune is that murky gray area between what is legal and what is fraudulent. With both planets strengthened in their home signs, the frictional relationship between Mercury and Neptune can raise our consciousness about addictive behavioral patterns and issues/situations where we’ve been in denial.

The Mercury/Neptune square is about harnessing the power of mental alchemy. A magician performing sleight of hand tricks is entertainment that masks magic’s true meaning. The tools on the Magician’s table are props, representing the four elements brought together to manifest earthly “magic.” Mercury/Neptune energies represent the mental alchemy of the infinite power of the mind when it is fully attuned to working in concert with the infinite energies of the universe. There is no separation between the world above and the world below from the world within.

As above, so below” is the popular axiom to describe how planetary energies influence earthly affairs. But this neither reflects Mercury’s dualism or Neptune’s unity and oneness since what happens below in turn influences what occurs above. (“As above, so below; as below, so above.”) Mercury and Neptune communicate through symbols. The symbol of the ascending pyramid joining with the descending pyramid so they become one is far more ancient than Judaism’s Shield of David appearing on Israel’s flag.

Mental alchemy occurs in the market when enough investors believe (Neptune) the price of a stock, bond, or commodity is worth far more than its fundamental value (Saturn). At the height of the housing bubble, Wall Street’s magicians furiously transmuted subprime mortgages into triple A-rated securities. And when there weren’t enough of them, they conjured up synthetic ones to sell to eager investors. Now that the effects from the fiscal and monetary stimulus drugs are beginning to wear off, the market has begun to awaken to the fact that it’s going to be difficult to wean itself off of its addiction as the easiest profits have already been made.

The power of the placebo effect proves that our beliefs and imagination (Neptune) can be more powerful and potent than any drug. From Wall Street to Hollywood, from politicians to preachers, these leaders understand the power of mental magic on the populace. Mercury’s dualism indicates we can choose whether to watch and believe in the sleight of hand or make our own magic. Mercury favorably aspecting Uranus in Aries is an opportunity to begin activating new ideas.

Eclipses are significant in their own right and become even more newsworthy when they activate planets in a person or entity’s chart. Planets in the natal charts of the USA and the Federal Reserve are impacted by the two eclipses in the current New Moon cycle as well as the Cancer
Solar Eclipse/New Moon cycle (July 1-29). The June 1 Solar Eclipse conjoins the Fed’s natal Saturn in Gemini and opposes its natal Mercury in Sagittarius. The June 15 Lunar Eclipse opposes the Fed’s natal Pluto in Gemini, and the July 1 Solar Eclipse exactly squares the Fed’s progressed Sun in Aries.(7)

In short, the Fed has finally hit the wall. Its ability to purchase U.S. government debt as a way to help contain the interest rate on the federal deficit has hit a logistical and political wall. The Fed’s twin track of virtually zero interest rates and Treasury purchases has generated so much excess liquidity that going forward from here its reputation will depend on if the central bank has the courage to slowly begin to prepare to steer monetary policy in the other direction as easy money has further spurred speculation in oil (Neptune) and other key commodities to levels that are constraining economic growth.

High commodity costs are eating into corporate profits as many companies do not have the ability to pass along part or all of their increased costs of doing business to consumers heavily impacted by higher food and energy costs, high debt burdens, and unemployment/underemployment. Companies are reluctant to hire additional workers, creating a vicious cycle that further weakens the economy. Market participants as the Fed likes to call them would be happy if the economic situation never improved so they could continue playing their “risk on, risk off” trade ad infinitum. (8)

Other than the market’s foggy thinking under the influence of the Mercury/Neptune square, it’s amazing there are analysts and market pundits out there dreaming of a QE3 when the Fed couldn’t logistically do it even if it wanted to. Treasury buying tends to increase when Saturn is prominent and/or Saturn/Pluto energies are strong anyway. Washington’s failure to increase the debt (Pluto) ceiling (Saturn) has investors hoarding Treasuries, fearing a supply squeeze. (See my post describing the planetary influences and the debt ceiling for more info.)

Treasuries are commonly used to provide collateral for financial transactions. Therefore, they provide the “grease” for the gears of the financial infrastructure. Even without additional QE, the Fed should stop purchasing Treasuries to replace maturing securities as it could end up contributing to a supply shortage that could spark another financial crisis. The Fed is going to slowly start tightening measures sooner than the market currently anticipates.

The June 1 Solar Eclipse squares the federal government’s natal Saturn in Pisces while the June
15 Lunar Eclipse squares Mercury in Pisces. Like the government hitting the debt ceiling, government subsidizing the “American Dream” (home ownership) has reached its limit. The Gemini Solar Eclipse conjoins the USA’s natal Uranus, indicating that the nation is likely to face unexpected shocks and surprises particularly in its relationships with allies and enemies. Nuclear issues could be one of those shocks that affect the U.S. and the entire world during this cycle.

Mercury and Jupiter are at the end of their transits of Taurus and Aries respectively and both influence this sector of the New Moon chart ruling for Washington DC. Together with the eclipse in the sector of the chart ruling debt, these influences indicate the federal deficit is the central focus now which can bring about the transition to end certain expenditures. Mercury reflects the twin wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (a third if you factor in the USA’s unclear role in helping opposition forces overthrow Colonel Gaddafi). Jupiter in Aries represents our bloated military expenditures abroad to support the wars. Mercury-ruled Virgo ruling the sector of the chart representing Congress reflects multiple pieces of legislation and calls to end the wars.

Pluto-ruled Scorpio rules the eclipse chart and is located in the sector ruling the media, indicating they will ensure that the debt ceiling and the fear of economic contraction stays on everyone’s mind. Neptune ruling the sector of the chart representing the stock market indicates a market overly news driven. Overall market conditions will likely to continue to erode. Uranus in Aries is located within this sector, reflecting increased market shocks that break through key technical support and resistance levels. Some of the losses this month might be attributed to rumors and false information/data, as well as nervousness that prosecution of insider trading cases will spread. However, there is still apt to be brief periods of euphoria that move the market sharply up. As I’ve previously written, the market’s top this year has probably already occurred before even my original projection of early summer.

The influence of the Gemini Solar Eclipse this month can bring atmospheric disturbances and breezy to windy conditions. The ancients believed that the geographic locations in the path of the eclipse would be adversely impacted for the next several months. These areas include northern Alaska and Canada, Greenland, Iceland, northern Scandinavia, and east Asia.

Further expanding the focus on money matters is Jupiter moving into Taurus June 4 until June 11, 2012. Jupiter in Taurus does not favor get rich quick schemes. This energy decreases the level of enthusiasm for speculating in assets far detached from their fundamental value. Jupiter in Taurus is more comfortable with slow and steady asset accumulation that comes from companies with the cash to support increasing dividend payouts. Jupiter in Taurus can be an extremely stubborn energy; profits and selling opportunities can be diminished or lost entirely by holding out for every last penny. (Jupiter in Taurus is the first time optimistic Jupiter has been in the less enthusiastic and optimistic earth element since Jupiter was in Capricorn during 2008.)

Jupiter last transited Taurus June 28, 1999 – October 23, 1999; February 14, 2000 – June 30, 2000. The Nasdaq hit a record high then before crashing in the excitement over eyeballs. Now as Jupiter once again enters Taurus, social networking and coupons have created a craze that could crash once again. While Jupiter’s energy was weakened the last time around by its May 28, 2000 conjunction to Saturn that gave birth to a new 20 year economic cycle.

Jupiter and Saturn share a conjunction of sorts now with both planets being in signs ruled by Venus (money/banking/values/attraction). And over the next year Jupiter and Saturn will form a stressful aspect to one another (an inconjunct). Although this aspect will not be exact until May 16, 2012 (at the same time Venus stations retrograde in Gemini), the two planets will be closest to one another during July and August. Adjustments will have to be made to both fiscal and monetary policy to keep the economy growing. (April 28, 1952 – May 9, 1953 was the last time Jupiter was in Taurus at the same time Saturn was in Libra.)

The combination of Jupiter in Taurus and Saturn Libra indicates that net worth expands by working in harmony with the law of attraction. What we mentally and physically project is attracted back to us. Saturn’s “as you sow, so shall you reap” is epitomized in Libra which represents the scales of (karmic) justice. Hopefully having Jupiter and Saturn in Venus’ sign (especially after Saturn starts to move past its orb to Uranus and Pluto as outlined earlier), will begin to expand people’s desire to cultivate greater beauty and civility. Taurus and the earth element are represented by the coin depicting a pentacle on the Magician’s table. (The 5-pointed star depicts the movement of Venus over an eight year period as Venus turns retrograde in the same zodiac sign every eight years.)

All work to create products or services sold for money or other compensation emanates with a mental vision that must be accompanied by working with the appropriate tools to bring the idea into form. The first major aspect Jupiter makes after entering Taurus is to Neptune in Pisces (exact June 8). This is a favorable time to begin working on bringing your most valued visions and dreams down to earth. Creative pursuits that do not necessarily correlate to what you do to earn income could be inspirational or develop into income generating opportunities.

Venus first appeared in the morning sky at the time the Federal Reserve announced it was embarking on QE2. Just as Mercury’s twins express themselves in two different ways through Gemini and Virgo, Venus ruling Taurus and Libra also reflects this energy has two forms of expression as a morning star and an evening star.(9) Venus conjoined the Sun (central bank) when it was retrograde in Scorpio (Treasuries; interest rates) in late October, beginning its cycle as a morning star. Depending on the presence of major planetary alignments, the period each year when Venus appears in the morning sky tends to correspond to the time of the year when stock prices are highest. Venus will disappear from the morning sky July 11, reappearing in the evening sky September 22 just before the Autumnal Equinox.

The June 8 First Quarter Moon at 10:11 PM EDT marks the midpoint between eclipses. This is the “crisis in action” (10) phase of the cycle as there’s a sense of urgency to act before events culminate at the Full Moon/Total Solar Eclipse. It’s a triple Mercury energy with the First Quarter Moon occurring on Wednesday as the Moon in Virgo squares the Sun in Gemini, and Mercury in Gemini conjoins the degree of the June 1 Solar Eclipse. The Moon in Virgo is in the mood to analyze the information Gemini collects, sorting through what’s important and tossing what’s irrelevant.

In the chart for the USA set for the First Quarter Moon, the Sun and Mercury co-rules the sector of the chart representing Pluto/Scorpio issues (debt/deficits, the deficit, taxes, subsidies, nuclear issues, death, sex and other taboo issues). Pluto in Capricorn conjoins the Saturn-ruled Ascendant, presiding over the sectors representing the Administration and Congress. Pluto rules insurance and Virgo rules health and the labor force. Healthcare issues continue to remain an obstacle to raising the debt ceiling.

Financials, healthcare, and transportation could be the biggest moving sectors over the next week. Taurus ruling the sector of the stock market as Venus in Taurus spends its last full trading day in Taurus, together with the Sun and Mercury in Gemini here can bring large moves as the market reverses from bearish to bullish and back again. Venus squaring Neptune (exact June 10) indicates the trend continues to be down. There could be more news about financial fraud and insider trading involving more than one prominent leader in the financial industry. (This reinforces the ancients belief that the period of a Solar Eclipse can represent the downfall of a leader.) Jupiter aspecting Neptune today as OPEC meets indicates that it is likely the cartel will announce it will expand (Jupiter) oil (Neptune) production.

The Solar eclipsed squared China’s natal Saturn in Virgo, indicating a slowdown in worker output and the government enacting further censorship. The Sun conjoins Mercury in Gemini as Saturn stations direct June 12. This could correspond to reversals in currencies and yields on government securities. Saturn turning direct conjoins China’s natal Sun, reflects the government is trying to cool down inflation without slowing down growth by tightening lending standards and raising bank’s capital requirements. The July 1 Solar Eclipse squaring China’s natal Sun and Uranus turning retrograde as it squares China’s natal Uranus can represent increased social unrest against China’s leadership.

The western states are in focus during this half of the cycle, especially California, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico. In addition to the countries already mentioned in this post, other countries affected by both the Solar Eclipse and First Quarter Moon include Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Oman, Yemen, Iraq, Iran. Violence is likely to sharply escalate in Afghanistan and especially Pakistan. This could cross the border into the “stan” countries surrounding them.

(1)Libra and Aquarius are the other zodiac signs comprising the air element.

(2)In the spirit of Gemini/Mercury’s insatiable appetite for information, here’s an interesting tidbit: FTD was founded on August 18, 1910 when Mercury was in Virgo, the other sign ruled by Mercury. Mercury in Virgo is about doing business more efficiently. Mercury harmonizes with Uranus (technology) in the business sign Capricorn, reflecting FTD as the world’s first flowers-by-wire delivery service which the internet has helped to expand further. (Flowers are ruled by Venus.)

(3) Gemini and Mercury represent siblings, and the twins represent brothers and sisters. This also represents dualism: light/dark, yin/yang, and the male/female energies contained within everyone.

(4)Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, and Mercury is known by three names: Mercury (Roman), Hermes (Greek), and Thoth (Egyptian). “Hermes Trismegistus” (“thrice great Hermes”) encompasses the triple aspects of Mercury as the ancient patron of alchemy, astrology, and wisdom.

(5)As these alignments were exact for their final time last summer, Jupiter conjoined Uranus in Aries and opposed Saturn in Libra.

(6)The last conjunction of Saturn and Neptune occurred in 1989 in Saturn-ruled Capricorn at the time the Berlin Wall fell, a literal example of Neptune’s ability to dissolve Saturn’s boundaries which led to the reunification of East and West Germany. The conjunction in Saturn-ruled Capricorn indicates the dissolution of government – and a communist (Neptune) one at that! The prior Saturn/Neptune conjunction occurred during 1952-3 when Saturn was in Libra as it is now. Border disputes and communism was once again an issue in the war between North and South Korea. Saturn conjunct Neptune in Libra the sign of peace reflects that the Armistice brought about a cease fire, but did not actually the war.

Keep in mind that major planetary conjunctions become reactivated when impacted by planets and eclipses. These energies deserve an entire post or two of their own, but briefly the July 1 Solar Eclipse opposes and Saturn in Libra is squaring the 1989 Capricorn conjunction during July. Whether geographic boundaries or political barriers and structures, this reinforces the themes of governments trying to cling to their outworn structures and restrictions while the barriers are being eroded by the public. Pluto in Capricorn conjoining the 1989 Saturn/Neptune conjunction in 2013 will bring major transformative changes to global governments and societal structures. Saturn and Neptune will next conjoin at the beginning of Aries on February 20, 2026.

(7)Progressed: a mathematical calculation that moves the planets forward in time as a method of prediction.

(8)Risk On: Euro Up/U.S. Dollar Down = oil and stocks rise. Risk Off: U.S. Dollar Up/Euro Down = oil and stocks fall.

(9) These factors along with the mythology of the goddess Venus and the fact that Venus is known as Earth’s twin reflect that Venus rules Gemini from an esoteric perspective.

(10) As described by Dane Rudhyar in “The Lunation Cycle.”

Gemini Partial Solar Eclipse: June 1, 2011 5:03 PM EDT Washington, DC
USA: July 4, 1776 5:10 PM LMT Philadelphia, PA
Federal Reserve: December 23, 1913 6:02 PM EST Washington, DC
China: October 1, 1949 3:15 PM AWST Peking

MORE GOOGLE ISSUES: In addition to the numerous problems getting my posts up on Blogger in the last couple of months, now Google’s search bar on the blog is not working. I have put in the most important links to previous posts relating to this post, but not all of them as it is too time consuming searching on Google itself even using advanced search.


Anonymous said...

Hi Deborah,
I think the post for Part 1 did transfer, only the
image of the moon cycle.
Thank you

Wall Street Weather said...

Yes it took a couple of times to get the text to post, but it is here in its entirety.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your excellent analysis of mercury square neptune in relation to the magician.

I have this placement natally and have found in additicouutsphon that the projection of illusion is a prominent tendency with this aspect. Deception can also be prevelant and awareness of that habit is helpful. Also as a child a vivid imagination was present, lots of day dreaming.

Wall Street Weather said...

Thanks for your comments. Whether it is the planetary relationships within our own chart or what is happening in general, having awareness and understanding of what these energies mean can help us to lead better lives. We realize we can choose how we will express these energies in our own life, and better understand what is happening in the world. This is why true change begins at the individual level.

The frictional aspect of the square (planets 90 degrees apart), is pushing for the energies of the planets involved in the relationship to DO something! The message of the Magician is to perform the mental alchemy to bring our dreams down to earth. Being born with Mercury square Neptune, every time Mercury squares Neptune in the sky, the energies of your natal chart become reinforced. This is regardless of what signs Mercury and Neptune are transiting. However, the influence will be even more powerful during times the aspect occurs and one of the planets is stationary in the sky (as Neptune is now) and/or Mercury is squaring Neptune in the same sign it was when you were born.

What I just described applies to all planetary alignments, so readers who know what relationships (aspects) are in their own chart should pay particular attention to when this same relationship occurs in the sky.

For example, Mars in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces on June 22 (which I will describe in Part II of my Gemini Moon cycle post). Since the USA was born with Mars in Gemini square Neptune in Virgo, this is significant for the USA because:
1. USA was born with Mars in Gemini.
2. Pisces is the opposite sign of Virgo.
3. Mars squares Neptune at the time of the Summer Solstice, so this influence will profoundly affect the USA during the next 3 months.