“Operation Neptune Spear” Ends the Mythology of Osama bin Laden

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Pisces and its planetary ruler Neptune represent energies that are elusive and difficult to define. These energies are strong when individuals and events appear confusing and unclear in some manner. Since Pisces/Neptune energy dissolves boundaries, it is not always easy to determine what is real and what is illusionary.

This is why Neptune and Pisces rule the world of myth and metaphor. And no one in recent times has generated so much mythology than Osama bin Laden. This post will explore the planetary influences of Osama bin Laden from the perspective of the U.S. government and when our military operations resulting from the events of 911 could conclude.

Even though bin Laden is dead (which al Qaeda has confirmed), there are still people who don’t believe it. Then there are the people who believe bin Laden was dead long before he was killed by a team of U.S. Navy SEALs on May 2, 2011. Even the date of bin Laden’s birth is considered to be suspect.

Yet even if Osama bin Laden was not actually born on March 10, 1957, this is the birth date the U.S. has projected into the collective consciousness (which is also Pisces/Neptune). And since so many things were unclear about the life of Osama bin Laden, it should not be surprising that on that date the Sun (self-identity), Mercury (communication) and Venus (money/values/wives) was in Pisces. Uranus in Leo was in a challenging relationship to Neptune in Scorpio then while the Sun in Pisces was in a challenging (sesquiquadrate) relationship to Uranus and Neptune. These energies motivated bin Laden to become the eccentric and radical rebel who led a movement to commit jihad against America for its endless meddling in Middle East affairs due to America’s insatiable addiction for its oil.

Yet back in the 1980s when the Soviet Union occupied Afghanistan, Osama bin Laden was part of the mujahedeen who the U.S. government supplied with money, weapons, and training to help these rebels defeat the Soviets.(1) Bin Laden’s natal Jupiter in Virgo in a harmonious relationship to the USA’s natal Pluto in Capricorn reflects the U.S. government secretly provided aid for his quest for freedom in his then-adopted homeland. (Bin Laden was originally from Saudi Arabia.)

Osama bin Laden’s death occurred shortly after Neptune entered its home sign Pisces which makes Neptune’s influence more powerful.(2) Neptune in Pisces for the next 14 years can represent a time when we awaken and remove the veil of illusion or sabotage ourselves even further by remaining under the influence of government and corporate propaganda that is not in the interests of the nation’s general welfare.

Neptune in Pisces is now conjoining the Midheaven (reputation sector) of the chart for when the U.S. began the war in Afghanistan, indicating that bin Laden’s death offers the potential to lift the fog so we can see clearly. Like Iraq, the U.S. mission in Afghanistan has strayed too far from its original objective which was to retaliate against bin Laden and al Qaeda for the atrocities they committed on September 11, 2001.

Mars and Neptune in a challenging relationship in the USA chart indicates that America expends a lot of energy spinning mythologies that revolve around Neptune-ruled issues as I explained in a 2009 post on “Guerrilla Warfare Is The Key To Win Afghanistan”:

“Mars is the planetary energy of war, the military, and weaponry. As the Commander-in-Chief of the US military, the President approves what the nation’s military involvements and strategies should be. The USA was born with Mars in Gemini in the sector of the chart representing our relationships with other nations. Mars here represents taking an active and aggressive stance toward relationships, reflecting the numerous US military bases throughout the world, and our current wars on twin fronts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Mars forms a challenging alignment to Neptune in Virgo in the sector of the USA chart that represents foreign lands and foreign people as well as philosophical and religious beliefs. Neptune’s energy can be elusive and foggy, creating confusing and unclear military objectives. Mars square Neptune prefers to rely on faith that military action will be successful versus the reality of facts, fundamentals, and finances. Neptune rules drugs, oil, and communism. It also represents idealistic beliefs and the “excuse” needed to “justify” and “sell” war to the public. We’ve had wars on communism, wars to access/protect oil, and the war on drugs.”
The U.S. providing support to the mujahedeen to defeat the Soviets in Afghanistan involved all three of these issues. The U.S. desperately wanted to defeat communism and win the Cold War and prevent the Soviets from gaining control of Afghanistan as a route to access Middle East oil. Despite waging a war on drugs, the U.S. helped to export Afghanistan’s opium for the twin purposes of raising money for the Afghan warlords to fight the Soviets and to weaken the Soviet Union by trying to turn its population into drug addicts.

Iraq invaded Kuwait a year after the Soviets pulled out of Afghanistan in 1989. Now Osama bin Laden’s anger was directed at the U.S. for invading Iraq in the first Gulf War. Mars challenging Neptune in the sector of the USA chart representing imports reflects U.S. aggressiveness to ensure the oil keeps flowing from other countries into the U.S. to fuel our addiction. This attitude was succinctly summed up by “peacemaker” President Jimmy Carter who said at the time of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan that:

"An attempt by any outside force to gain control of the Persian Gulf region will be regarded as an assault on the vital interests of the United States of America, and such an assault will be repelled by any means necessary, including military force."
With his natal Mars in Taurus squaring Pluto in Leo, bin Laden was the type to carry a grudge for a long time. This planetary energy describes not only his own violent acts and those committed on his behalf as the leader (Leo) of al Qaeda, but also increases the potential that he would be killed by an assassin (Pluto) using a firearm (Mars).

At the time of the 911 attacks, Osama bin Laden’s progressed Mars in Gemini (the sign of the twins) squared his progressed Jupiter in Virgo, reflecting his ambition to mount a large scale attack abroad. (3)The attack would be a big blow for the U.S. since bin Laden’s progressed Mars conjoined the USA Mars and his progressed Jupiter conjoined the USA Neptune at the time. The Sun in Virgo opposed bin Laden’s natal Sun in Pisces on the day of the attack and the Moon was in Gemini (the same sign as bin Laden’s natal Moon).

Pluto in Sagittarius exactly conjoined the USA’s natal Ascendant on 9/11, reflecting the death and destruction caused by al Qaeda deeply impacted the entire nation in a multitude of ways.(4) Mercury in Libra conjoined the Ascendant in the chart for the time the first plane struck the North tower of the World Trade Center which conjoined the USA’s natal Saturn.

Although the atrocities orchestrated by bin Laden and al Qaeda can never be justified under any circumstances, Mercury and the Ascendant of the 911 chart conjoining the USA natal Saturn in Libra indicated that a message (Mercury) was being delivered to the nation (Ascendant) and the U.S. government (Saturn in Libra).

While Bin Laden and other terrorist groups chose to violently express the concerns shared by many in the Arab world who do not see the USA living up to its reputation of democracy and equal justice, the vast majority of Muslims abhor what occurred on 911. Bin Laden might have viewed his cowardly act on September 11 and all the other terrorist events he masterminded over the years as a way of balancing the scales of karmic justice, yet failed to grasp that “as you sow so shall you reap” is a two-way street.

If al Qaeda’s objective was to keep the U.S. out of Muslim lands, their actions had quite the opposite effect. On October 7, 2001, “Operation Enduring Freedom” marked the start of the war in Afghanistan as the Sun in Libra conjoined the Mercury and Ascendant of the 911 chart. The Sun conjoined the USA Saturn, reflecting that President George W. Bush (leader/Sun) sought retribution and was in no mood to negotiate with the Taliban who offered to surrender bin Laden to a third country for trial if the U.S. provided evidence linking bin Laden and al Qaeda to the 911 attacks.(5)

Saturn in Gemini conjoining the Ascendant of this chart indicates the only thing “enduring” is the length of time the U.S. has been fighting a war that cannot be won conventionally. The USA’s Mars/Neptune is activated, with Mars conjoining the Gemini Ascendant and the USA Neptune squaring the Ascendant. Mercury is the ruler of the chart and is retrograde in Venus-ruled Libra which exactly squares the USA natal Pluto in Capricorn, describing the massive amount of money wasted and rampant corruption resulting from the war. Mercury being retrograde indicates that things will not go as planned. The combination of Saturn conjoining the Ascendant and Mercury retrograde reflects that history was repeating itself as the U.S. had not learned the lessons of the Vietnam War, nor did they learn from the Soviet’s failure in Afghanistan either.

Mercury rules the sector of this chart representing the end of the war. The USA’s progressed Ascendant moves into Mercury-ruled Virgo on September 23, 2011 (the day of the Autumnal Equinox) until 2047. Since Virgo rules the armed services, this shift in the nation’s outlook (especially with Uranus in Aries until 2019) will completely change the U.S. military. The USA progressed Ascendant conjoining the sector of the Afghanistan war chart on January 13, 2012 can indicate the nation not only wanting our involvement in Afghanistan to end but also demanding a full accounting of the cost of the war.

Venus in Virgo is in this sector of the chart and conjoins the USA Neptune and squares the USA Mars in Gemini. Ultimately, these energies reflect the war in Afghanistan will dissipate primarily due to U.S. budget constraints and shifting fiscal priorities at home. Venus in a challenging relationship to Neptune with Neptune representing the war’s objectives and ultimate reputation reflects the lack of a clearly defined mission and budget. It reflects the U.S. is projecting its ideologies onto Afghanistan as an operation of retaliation morphed into nation building. The U.S. is spending tons of money on building infrastructure in Afghanistan while continuing to cut funding to fix our crumbling and outdated infrastructure in the U.S.! Mars in Capricorn opposing Jupiter in Cancer (which conjoined the USA Sun) reflects the war’s endless scope expansion and costs which have tremendously benefited all the private government contractors.

As if one war was not enough, President Bush promoted the idea that Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein could be conspiring to launch a joint attack on the U.S as one of the reasons the U.S. had to start a second war with Iraq.(6) Mercury in Pisces exactly opposing bin Laden’s natal Jupiter at the time together with Pluto in Sagittarius squaring his Pisces Sun, reflects the U.S. using bin Laden to convey its message as an excuse to plant itself right in the middle of the Middle East. Saturn in Gemini opposed Pluto in Sagittarius (death from foreign hands and/or foreign lands) just as they did on 911, but now both planets were impacting the USA Mars and Neptune. The number of U.S. service members alone killed in the twin wars far exceeds the number of people killed from the September 11 attacks.

According to an article in The New York Times, intelligence gathered and presented to President Bush hinted that bin Laden might leave his hideout in Pakistan to travel to a meeting of al Qaeda and Taliban commanders in the Tora Bora region of Afghanistan in “late July 2007.” Jupiter in Sagittarius challenging bin Laden’s natal Mercury and Venus in Pisces increased the potential that bin Laden could be more receptive to travel from his hideout. Uranus in Pisces conjoining bin Laden’s Sun indicated he could experience a surprise attack at a time when Mars in Taurus was returning to its natal position in bin Laden’s birth chart as Saturn in Leo was challenging his natal Mars. A government leader (President Bush) could be commanding such a surprise attack.(7) These transits to bin Laden’s chart at the time could have also weakened his physical vitality so even if the intel was accurate, health reasons might have prevented bin Laden from making the trip. The NYT describes such a “murky” (Neptune/Pisces!) picture that Admiral Fallon called off bombing the area as the B-2 bombers were about halfway to their target.

An article in The Wall Street Journal outlining the chronology of events leading up to bin Laden’s demise reports that the CIA had obtained the name of bin Laden’s courier in 2007 but it wasn’t until August 2010 that the CIA followed the courier to bin Laden’s Abbottabad compound by tracing a phone call to a phone number they had been tracking.

August 2010 was when Jupiter and Uranus conjoined in Aries as they opposed Saturn in Libra at the same time Jupiter and Saturn squared Pluto in Capricorn. In the beginning of cardinal (initiating) signs, these planetary alignments created a “cardinal cross” pattern in the sky which indicated the seeds were being planted by the government (Saturn/Capricorn) to secretly (Pluto) embark on a bold new plan of attack (Aries) to eliminate a long time enemy. Mercury turned retrograde August 20 exactly opposite bin Laden’s Pisces Sun, a time to track down people from the past. The opposition of the Sun in Leo and Neptune in Aquarius that day exactly impacted bin Laden’s natal Pluto in Leo, indicating that bin Laden’s secret whereabouts had been found. (Mercury turned retrograde close to the USA Mars/Neptune, while Venus conjoining Mars in Libra that day conjoined the September 11 attack Mercury and Ascendant along with the Libra Sun of the Afghanistan War chart provided additional confirmation the CIA was on target.)

The following month, President Obama was informed of a “mysterious third family” who never left the compound. Pluto turned from retrograde to direct motion September 14, conjunct the September 11 natal Mars in Capricorn as the September 15 First Quarter Moon at 22 degrees Sagittarius (the “crisis in action” phase of the Moon’s cycle) exactly impacted the USA Mars/Neptune and President Obama’s natal Mars in Virgo. Now retrograde, Jupiter and Uranus conjoined in Pisces, squaring bin Laden’s progressed Mars in Gemini. Putting it all together, the Obama administration was feverishly working behind the scenes to determine if bin Laden was in fact living inside the compound. Not only was bin Laden probably living in the compound since around the time it was constructed in 2005, but the Neptune/Pisces energy surrounding bin Laden reflect that he could remain invisible within a property that resembled a military fortress with its 14 foot walls topped with barbed wire that stood in sharp contrast to the other properties in Abbottabad.

CIA Director Leon Panetta held a secret meeting with Congressional leaders in December 2010 (per the WSJ) to secure “tens of millions of dollars” in funding for a surprise attack to kill bin Laden which Congress approved. Uranus the planetary energy of surprises was particularly powerful in early December as it turned direct opposite bin Laden’s natal Jupiter in Virgo the day of the Sagittarius New Moon. Mercury and Mars in Capricorn conjoined Pluto during December, indicating the secret government discussions and subsequent action on planning bin Laden’s assassination.

The Sagittarius New Moon conjoining the USA Ascendant and the September 11 chart Pluto along with Mercury turning retrograde opposite the USA natal Jupiter in Cancer (past foreign matters) further confirmed that an overseas operation that would profoundly affect the nation was underway. That this operation involved a military target is confirmed by the First Quarter Moon in Pisces exactly impacting the USA Mars/Neptune.(8) The December 21 Gemini Lunar Eclipse conjoined bin Laden’s progressed Mars, further reflected a plan to attack him was underway. Mercury turning direct in Sagittarius December 30 exactly squaring bin Laden’s Pisces Sun indicated the courier’s movement had uncovered his hideout.

All these events occurred as the USA began experiencing its Saturn return when the tough decisions must be made. Three months later in March 2011 as Saturn was making its second pass over the USA Saturn, President Obama met with his national security advisors on March 14, two days after the First Quarter Moon in Gemini exactly impacted the USA Mars/Neptune to create a secret action plan as Mars in Aries was about to square Pluto in Capricorn.

Uranus had just re-entered Aries indicating a completely new method to kill bin Laden was getting underway that was far more ambitious and potentially riskier than bombing the compound. Mercury conjoining Jupiter in Aries indicated that President Obama had far larger expectations of such an operation. He told his advisors that “this is a go” but wanted physical proof of bin Laden’s death and to gather evidence from the compound that could provide a trail to other al Qaeda operatives and the money funding their activities. In order to greatly increase the chances of the operation being a success, the President wanted a mock-up of bin Laden’s compound created for Special Ops to practice.

The April 3 Aries New Moon formed a harmonious relationship to President Obama’s natal Sun in Leo indicating that the Commander-in-Chief might have a success related to the wars. As Mercury conjoined fast moving Mars in its home sign Aries April 19, an Administration official said the President told his advisors that to "assume it's a go for planning purposes and that we had to be ready."

After summing his security team on April 29 at the White House, President Obama gave his “final order” to execute the operation at 8:20 AM EDT (time from ABC News). Mercury rules this chart and is approaching conjunction with Venus and Jupiter in Aries as Mars approached conjunction with Jupiter (exact May 1). Pluto in Capricorn conjoining the sector of the chart representing death indicates the government sanctioned assassination would likely be a success but be briefly (since the planets were in fast moving cardinal signs) delayed as Venus was about to oppose Saturn the planet ruling the “death sector” April 30. (Cloudy weather delayed the operation by one day.)

Neptune in Pisces in the sector representing the Obama Administration (and ruling the sector representing Congress) in the final order chart and conjoining the Midheaven of the Afghanistan War chart, together with Osama bin Laden’s trio of planets in Pisces perfectly describe the code name for the mission called “Operation Neptune Spear.” (Although Neptune as the mythological god of the sea carries a trident). A spear pierces the body just like a bullet. As Osama bin Laden’s progressed Jupiter exactly conjoined the USA Neptune, the multiyear quest to locate the elusive leader had ended. And like the theme of the world’s most popular myths, it was time for good to triumph over evil. Pisces and Neptune rule places of confinement which Osama bin Laden was about to be freed from.

The Balsamic or Dark Moon phase of the lunar cycle just before the New Moon is the time of the month to do things if you want to attract the least amount of attention. The Balsamic Moon in Aries is the time to attack and get out quickly. The team of Navy SEALs descended from stealth helicopters to enter bin Laden’s compound. Aquarius on the Ascendant of the chart indicates that something unexpected would occur during the operation. Uranus in Aries ruling the chart for the attack squaring Pluto reflects that the SEALs arrived by air in a stealth “Black Hawk” (Pluto) helicopter. Uranus along with Saturn squaring Pluto represents the unexpected loss of the helicopter that crash landed in the courtyard of the compound. Uranus in Aries squaring Pluto also represents the first time this new military (Aries) helicopter appeared in public.

Saturn in the sector of death and squaring Pluto the planet ruling the Scorpio Midheaven reflects the Grim Reaper arrived for bin Laden in the form of Navy (Neptune rules the sea!) SEALs. Mars exactly conjoining Jupiter describes the enormous global impact the operation would have. The Moon ruling the sector of the chart that rules animals conjoining Mars and Jupiter indicates a warrior dog assisted the SEALs.

Mercury ruling the sector of death conjoining Venus in Aries which rules the sector representing endings reflects that bin Laden died inside his home. One of his wives (Venus) attempted to fight (Aries) the SEALs and was shot in the leg. The Moon and planets in Aries reflect that bin Laden was shot in the head (Aries) above the left eye (the Moon rules the left eye in males). Mercury conjoining Venus reflects the same planetary alignment in bin Laden’s natal chart. It also reflects that he had the equivalent of about $800 in cash (Venus) and two phone numbers (Mercury) sewn inside the clothes he was wearing.

With his progressed Sun exactly conjoining the May 3 Taurus New Moon, Osama bin Laden had transitioned to a new world. In true Neptune/Pisces fashion, bin Laden’s body was washed and shrouded in accordance with Muslim rituals before being lowered into an unknown location in the northern Arabian Sea. His body and the sea would become one, once again making him elusive so there would be no gravesite for his followers to create into a shrine and make him a martyr. President Obama’s decision not to release the photographs (Pisces/Neptune) of his death ensures there will not be an electronic shrine celebrating his martyrdom either.

Just as the story of Osama bin Laden has come to an end, it is time for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to end too. President Obama has said that the draw down in troops in Afghanistan will begin in July. Mars in Gemini returns to its natal position in the USA chart then as the square between Uranus and Pluto (revolution and transformation of the military) reaches its closest approach until late spring 2012. The USA will experience the final pass of its Saturn return in August which is when Saturn will conjoin the Sun of the Afghanistan war chart. Most importantly, on September 30, 2011 Saturn will conjoin the USA progressed Mars which is retrograde in Libra. Combined with the USA progressed Ascendant entering Virgo at that time it would seem that the nation has a case of war fatigue and a fiscal imperative to make the military far more efficient.

After all, if the original purpose was to seek revenge on the mastermind of the 911 attacks, isn’t the mission in both Afghanistan and Iraq (from a military although not an intelligence perspective) over now?

(1) Since Neptune and Pisces rule films, readers who prefer to get a sense of that time through the magical illusions created by Hollywood, might want to watch the 1987 James Bond film “The Living Daylights” and see if the character Kamran Shah symbolically reminds them in any way of bin Laden fighting the Soviets.

Charlie Wilson’s War” (2007) delves into the efforts of the late Democratic Texas Congressman Charlie Wilson to supply U.S. aid to the mujahedeen and other militant Islamic groups to defeat the Soviets in Afghanistan.

(2) Neptune entered Pisces April 4 and will re-enter Aquarius August 4 until returning to Pisces February 3, 2012 until 2026.

(3) A mathematical calculation that progresses the chart forward in time as a method of prediction.

(4) The zodiac sign rising on the eastern horizon.

(5) President Bush’s progressed Mars in Libra was squaring his natal Sun in Cancer (which conjoins the USA Sun) at the time indicating he viewed 911 as a personal attack. Bush’s natal Mars in Virgo exactly opposed bin Laden’s Mercury and Venus in Pisces while his natal Uranus in Gemini challenged bin Laden’s Pisces Sun. Bush would attack bin Laden’s message and values on two fronts (Afghanistan and Iraq), with Bush playing the rebel role (Uranus) towards bin Laden as reflected in his July 2003 remark taunting al Qaeda to “bring it on.”

(6) The chart for “Operation Iraqi Freedom” has Neptune (oil and illusion) all over it as Neptune rules the chart and is located in the sector of the chart Neptune naturally presides over. Jupiter in Leo opposes Neptune in Aquarius which guaranteed the mission’s scope would be expanded to encompass nation building. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and Uranus had recently entered Pisces.

Both of these planets in Neptune’s natural sector of the chart indicate President Bush (represented by the Sun conjoining Mercury in Pisces in the sector of the chart representing the nation) was deceiving the public about why America had started a second war.

There “operation” might have had the chance for a much different outcome if it had begun after the Vernal Equinox had occurred (which symbolically is when the Sun is the strongest each year) less than 24 hours later. Other influences notwithstanding, the Sun entering Aries the first sign of the zodiac is a time to initiate rapid action, particularly military action.

(7) A Mars return occurs about every 2 years.

(8) “Crisis In Action” or what I will term the “C.I.A.” phase of the operation had begun. The Crisis in Action phase of the lunation cycle is a term coined by Dane Rudhyar in his book “The Lunation Cycle,” describing when the Sun and Moon are squaring (90 degrees apart) from one another as the Moon’s light is increasing. The midpoint between the New Moon and the Full Moon is a time to act on what was begun at the New Moon.

USA: July 4, 1776 5:10 PM LMT Philadelphia, PA
First Plane Hits the Twin Towers: September 11, 2001 8:46 AM EDT NYC
George W. Bush: July 6, 1946 7:26 AM EDT New Haven, CT
Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan War begins): October 7, 2001 8:57 PM AFT Kabul
Operation Iraqi Freedom (Iraq War begins): March 20, 2003 5:33 AM BAT Baghdad
Barack Obama: August 4, 1961 7:24 PM AHST Honolulu, HI
Attack on bin Laden compound: May 2, 2011 12:50 AM USZ4 Abbottabad, Pakistan
(NOTE: The date and time calculated represents the 9 hour time difference between EDT and LT and is based on the many news sources reporting that it was 3:50 PM EDT on Sunday May 1 when President Obama was first informed that bin Laden had been “tentatively identified.” The local time is corroborated by an article on the Army Times website that says the SEALs “arrived over the bin Laden compound at about 1 a.m. Monday local time.”)

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