The Six Faces Of The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station

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Whether it is for an individual, nation, entity, or event, erecting a chart for a specific date, time, and place describes the planetary influences at its birth.

In my earlier post about “The “Coincidences” of Planetary Influences and Japan’s Earthquake/Tsunami,” I described the major planetary energies in play leading up to the March 11 earthquake, the nuclear plant explosion, and current and upcoming influences to Japan’s chart.

In that post I briefly described how these influences are affecting the #1 reactor at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. With the crisis in cooling the reactors reaching a critical stage, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the charts of each of the six nuclear reactors since they all have different “personalities” as they were put into service at different times. (Click here for TEPCO’s chart for their dates of operation; unfortunately I have been unable to find any birth times for the plant and the reactors. Click here for a link to The New York Times page which regularly updates the status of each of the reactors.)

#1 Reactor:
As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries energy races to be the first to do something as it needs to be numero uno. So it’s not surprising that the Sun (self-identity) was in Aries when the #1 reactor was born. Aries rules the face and the Sun rules the heart; this chart is the “heart” and public image (“face”) of the entire Fukushima Daiichi plant which began operation on the same day as the #1 reactor.

Since the Sun is the “heart” and vitality of the chart as well as our most powerful source of energy, it is important that the Sun be strong and engaged in favorable relationships (aspects) to the other planets. Although the Sun’s energies are strong in Aries which is also the birth sign of reactors #3 and #5, the Sun squares Mars (the planetary ruler of Aries) in the birth charts of these three reactors. This increases the potential for problems with fires and overheating.

The #1 reactor was born with the Sun opposing Uranus (the ruler of uranium and electricity) in Libra and Pluto (plutonium/nuclear power) in Virgo, with Mars in Capricorn squaring Uranus in Libra. While Mars in Capricorn excels at overcoming obstacles, its energy is weakened by this alignment especially in this type of application as Mars is heat and Capricorn controls pressure and cooling. With the Sun, Mars, and Uranus in cardinal (action-oriented) signs, any adverse event is likely to rapidly unravel into a major attention-grabbing situation. This alignment increases the potential for unanticipated nuclear (Pluto) accidents and explosions (Mars square Uranus) caused by fire (Aries/Mars). In short, this is not the appropriate combination of planetary energies for the birth of a nuclear power plant!

The antidote to fire is water which is needed to keep the reactors cool. Water was in short supply when the Fukushima Daiichi plant was born as the Moon in Pisces is the only planet (1) in the water element. As mentioned in my previous post, Pisces rules the sea. After the earthquake knocked out the power, the tsunami knocked out the generators which are located below ground. Following last Saturday’s explosion in the outer containment building, workers flooded the reactor with seawater mixed with boric acid to poison (Pisces) the nuclear chain reaction.

#2 Reactor:
#2 was born when half of the planets were in the water element including the Moon in its “home” sign Cancer and Jupiter in Pisces. However, the Sun in Cancer squaring Uranus in Libra creates the potential for the water level to go to extremes. These energies can also bring sudden explosions and electrical supply disruptions.

On Monday (the day ruled by the Moon), water levels sharply dropped which left the fuel rods completely exposed. This was followed by an explosion on Tuesday. Although a power line from an external grid has now been connected to the reactor, there is the potential for an unanticipated malfunction emanating from its connectors (or from the way it was reconnected) to occur as the power distribution could be uneven.

Mercury in Cancer squaring Pluto in Libra when the reactor was born could result in some intense and emotionally charged discussions in deciding the best course of action to take particularly relating to the fuel rods. Controlling the temperature and getting an accurate reading from the temperature gauges could be a problem. With Reactor #2 born with Saturn (the cooling system) in Capricorn’s opposite sign Cancer, the cooling system is not particularly robust.

#3 Reactor:
This reactor began operation one day after the plant celebrated its 5th birthday. It has been widely reported that Japanese officials appear to be most concerned about this reactor as it is the only one at the plant that is loaded with mixed oxide (MOX) which includes reclaimed plutonium that has a higher radio-toxicity when released into the atmosphere.

The concern about the plutonium is reflected in the reactor’s birth chart which features a very similar planetary alignment to the #1 reactor and the plant itself. Both were born with the Sun in Aries opposing Pluto (in Libra). Like the #1 reactor, the Sun in Aries squares Mars which does not express its energies well here in Capricorn’s opposite sign Cancer. The heat of Mars tends to dry up all the water (Cancer).(2)

Mars squaring Pluto is a powerful and potentially deadly combination. Pluto rules death and reincarnation (recycling) and Mars rules weapons, reflecting that in a former incarnation the reactor’s fuel had been a nuclear weapon whose purpose was to kill.

#3 reactor was also born with Saturn in Cancer and Saturn exerts a more pronounced influence at this reactor as it was born when Saturn’s energies were extra powerful as the planet turned direct that day.(3) Jupiter in Taurus squaring Saturn at birth increases the potential that the problems emanating from this reactor will have a large scale impact. Taurus is the opposite sign of Scorpio (the sign ruled by Pluto), raising the potential for workers involved with this reactor to develop severe health problems that involve the thyroid, throat, chest, and bones which could become cancerous.

The Sun conjoining Mercury in Aries squaring Mars can result in snap decisions being made about the best course of action before all the ramifications have been carefully thought through.

Reactor #4:
This is the reactor that the U.S. seems to be most concerned about. Saturn represents fear which can turn into excessive worry in Virgo. Saturn rules history, and this reactor could remind the U.S. government of Three Mile Island as the #4 reactor’s Saturn in Virgo conjoins Saturn in Virgo when Three Mile Island went into meltdown. (The #4 reactor was born less than six months before that disaster.) The Health and safety of the workers as well as the risks to the health of the public - especially those living within the boundaries of the radiation zone (that the U.S. defined Wednesday as within 50 miles of the plant) - are the top concerns of Saturn in Virgo. Saturn rules the roof which was damaged after a fire following a hydrogen explosion.

The Sun and Pluto are conjoined in Libra, the opposite sign of Aries which weakens the Sun’s vitality (the reactor was offline during the tsunami). Libra is ruled by Venus which is in Pluto-ruled Scorpio. Venus in Scorpio together with the intense Sun/Pluto energy could indicate that financial considerations might have overridden safety considerations.

Mars works well in Scorpio, but its conjunction with Uranus increases the potential for a nuclear explosion and accidents involving uranium. The Chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission told a Congressional panel Wednesday that the extreme (Uranus) heat (Mars) may have caused the water from the spent fuel rods (Scorpio) to boil off.

Reactor #5:
#5 as well as the #6 reactor were offline for maintenance during the tsunami. This is the third reactor born with the Sun in Aries squaring Mars (in Leo) (4), indicating that heat is a problem. Mercury in Aries opposite Pluto in Libra reflects the difficulty in keeping the temperature from rising which risks the spent nuclear fuel becoming exposed to the air (Libra is part of the air element.)

Reactor #6:
This is the third (see #1 and #4) reactor to be born when Mars and Uranus were engaged in a challenging alignment. Mercury conjoining Uranus in Scorpio and squaring Mars in fiery Leo can bring rising temperatures, explosions, and electrical problems.

Despite the euphoria over getting the cable to the plant, it is only the first step on a highly dangerous and uncertain road ahead with no simple solution on the horizon. The more difficult task is connecting the cable to the cooling pumps adjacent to the reactor. The firefighters running the water cannons had to be at least 100 yards away from the reactors working for no more than one hour because the radiation levels at 50 yards were too intense.

The real issue is if it is even possible to have a human technician working close enough to the reactors to perform the actual task of connecting the cable. If the cable emits sparks, it is likely to ignite the hydrogen gas that’s been released.

In my previous post I mentioned that the Full Moon in Virgo which occurs on Sunday in Japan will conjoin the plant’s natal Pluto. Full Moons can mark a culmination or crisis point and the Full Moon in Virgo indicates the risk to public health is a concern. The Full Moon squaring Japan’s natal Moon in Gemini is an indication that the public within at least a 100 mile radius should leave their homes (Moon) and move (Gemini) as far away from the area as possible. The government needs to act quickly to arrange accommodations for those affected.

The Sun is about to be “reborn” at the Vernal Equinox on Monday (5) which is a public holiday in Japan to celebrate nature and pay respect to one’s deceased ancestors. The Vernal Equinox Sun conjoins Uranus in Aries which increases the potential for a breakthrough in figuring out how to get the cable safely connected. (Using a robot to do the job might be an idea.)

The Fukushima Daiichi plant turns 40 on March 26 on the day of the Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn which conjoins Pluto squares the plant’s natal Sun. The waning Moon together with Mars in Pisces about to oppose the plants’ natal Pluto could indicate that allowing the plant to go into meltdown mode might end up being the only viable solution unless some brave soul (Sun in Aries) is willing to sacrifice their life (Mars in Pisces). Uranus in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn over the next five years indicates the adverse effects of the world dealing with nuclear fallout have only just begun.

(1) Even though the Moon and Sun are luminaries, they are considered “planets” when interpreting their strong influence in earthly affairs.

(2) Mars transits the same sign about every 2 years. Mars will be in Cancer August 3 – September 18, 2011. From a weather perspective, Mars in Cancer can bring drought and problems with water supplies, while other areas get flooded out.

(3) Planets do not really change direction (in this instance from retrograde to direct motion), but appear to from Earth’s vantage point.

(4) Even though Aries and Leo are signs in harmony with one another as they are part of the same element (fire), they square each other by degree.

(5) March 21 at 8:21 AM LT in Japan.

Three Mile Island goes into meltdown: March 28, 1978 4:00 AM Middletown, PA. (The reactor was born September 2, 1974, time unknown.)

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