The “Coincidences” of Planetary Influences and Japan’s Earthquake/Tsunami

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Friday’s 8.9 magnitude earthquake that struck just off the coast of eastern Japan triggered a tsunami with waves up to 30 feet high which has now become Japan’s biggest crisis since World War II. The largest quake ever recorded in Japan set off a series of powerful aftershocks that triggered an explosion at one nuclear reactor and problems with others. 1,400 people are confirmed dead and over 1,000 people are believed to be missing from the earthquake.

The earthquake/tsunami was so powerful that it moved Japan’s main island by 8 feet. What happened in Japan affected everyone on this planet as the quake has caused the Earth’s rotation to move faster, shortening our day by an estimated 1.8 microseconds.

In response to the “many readers who asked,” a March 12 update on titled “Coincidences” stated “there is no known, credible evidence of solar activity triggering earthquakes.” This was a follow up to a March 10 statement on that the X1.5-class flare from Sunspot 1166 that provoked geomagnetic activity around the poles Thursday was “probably not enough for significant Earth effects.” Yet notes that today (March 13) is the 22nd anniversary of the Quebec Blackout which was caused by a powerful explosion on the Sun!

From’s readers to the market watchers who follow the Sunspot cycle (the Sun represents speculation), many people seek to connect what’s going on “above” to our world “below” because of the physical effect the Sun and the Moon have on the Earth. We know we would not survive without the Sun’s light, and the Moon’s affect on the tides as well as plant cycles is well known.

So while it cannot be proven that the earthquake/tsunami that struck Japan Friday was triggered by the geomagnetic storm from a Sunspot, a combination of planetary influences could increase the potential for such profound geophysical phenomena.

Financial markets are very slowly starting to awaken to the potential for geopolitical risk but have yet to factor in the potential domestic political risk (which for the markets would be the Republicans failing to accomplish their agenda to destroy all kinds of regulations). Geophysical risk has not even been on the radar screen.

Japan began experiencing foreshocks two days prior to Friday’s quake including a 7.9 foreshock 25 miles south of Friday’s epicenter - the day the solar flare erupted from the Sun. This was happening at the same time that Uranus the planetary energy of shocks and unexpected events was finishing up its almost 8 year sojourn in Pisces, the sign that rules the sea.

Planets shifting from one sign to another – especially the slow moving outer planets in our solar system – indicate the potential for major changes and dynamic events. This is especially true when planets are shifting from the last sign (Pisces) of the zodiac to the beginning of it (Aries). Half of the planets at the March 4 New Moon in Pisces the last sign in the water element indicated a greater potential for severe flooding. (1) Where such severe flooding might occur can potentially be indicated by where in the world the New Moon was rising, setting, above or below the Earth.(2)

The March 4 New Moon was rising directly over Sendai the city nearest to the earthquake’s epicenter; the New Moon, Mars and Pisces planetary ruler Neptune were rising over Japan which could indicate an event occurring that affects the entire Japanese nation and potentially the country’s physical appearance. This potential is further emphasized since Pisces symbolizes events affecting the collective.

As the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter represents big events. Jupiter in Aries is opposing Japan’s natal Saturn in Libra which reinforces their opposition in the sky this month. Oppositions represent opposing forces as Jupiter’s desire to expand meets Saturn’s need to contract as the planetary pair has reached the midpoint or “Full Moon” phase of their 20 year cycle.

Jupiter and Saturn represent issues that impact the global economy and their two previous oppositions (exact May 23 and August 16, 2010) occurred during times when major events rattled investor optimism, elevating concerns that the global economy’s recovery from the financial crisis was facing retrenchment.

The final pass of a planetary alignment tends to exert the strongest influence and will tend to have the greatest economic impact in countries such as Japan, the U.S., and Egypt that were born with Saturn in Libra and are experiencing their Saturn return. Although Japan experienced their Saturn return in October 2010, Jupiter is “re-activating” it now.

With Saturn-ruled Capricorn on the Ascendant (3) of Japan’s chart representing the nation’s image, Saturn’s energies of caution, conservatism, and the perception of deflation are highly prominent in Japan’s chart. Since Japan’s natal Saturn squares Uranus in Cancer and Mercury in Aries, any major transit impacting Saturn affects these planets as well. Uranus in the sector of “open enemies” causes a shock that impacts to the core Japan’s economic and societal structures which can throw Saturn’s careful planning out of balance when it is a sizeable enough attack the likes of Jupiter in Mars-ruled Aries. Saturn’s foundations were not fortified enough to withstand a potentially anticipated invasion coming from such a large scale quake/tsunami.

Even with Mercury strengthened by being in its “home” sector of Japan’s chart, Mercury’s opposition to Saturn and square to Uranus affected by Jupiter and Saturn now impacts Japan’s ability to export let alone conduct commerce, travel, and communicate domestically. Saturn in Libra will not complete its transit of Japan’s Mercury and Uranus until August. Starting one year from now through 2014 Pluto in Capricorn will begin to square Japan’s natal Saturn, oppose Uranus and square Mercury. Occurring at the same time Uranus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn in the sky (2012-2015), these influences reflect a long and challenging transition period to rebuild Japan’s vital infrastructures.

The Moon had just entered dualistic Gemini (Japan’s Moon sign) at the time of Friday’s earthquake, indicating the potential for the many aftershocks that followed. The Moon square to Neptune reflected the quake’s epicenter was at sea and the ensuing tsunami. The Moon in Gemini also describes the “dual disasters" befalling the public: an earthquake and tsunami that triggered multiple nuclear reactors to go into meltdown after the reactors backup generators were destroyed by the tsunami.

Uranus moving into Aries brought more unexpected shocks related to energy (4) which impact the nation as it squares Japan’s Capricorn Ascendant. Uranus rules electricity and Pluto rules nuclear power which supplies one third of Japan’s electricity. With Mercury in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn, it became a race against time to formulate a solution to prevent a complete meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi #1 reactor Saturday. With Pisces’ ruler Neptune in Aquarius the sign ruled by Uranus, the #1 reactor was shut down after workers flooded it with seawater! Besides ruling the sea, Pisces/Neptune rule poisons; workers added boric acid to the seawater to “poison” the nuclear chain reaction. Ironically, the #1 reactor was scheduled to be de-commissioned this month due to its age.(5)

The influence of Jupiter square Pluto (6) is quite evident here as the nuclear impact could end up being far bigger than anticipated, not only for the nation’s health and economic well being, but impact the global nuclear power industry. Jupiter represents events that impact on a global level and Pluto represents events that have a massive and transformative impact. The radioactive fallout could easily travel thousands of miles physically affecting other nations.

Although the U.S. market is at least initially viewing the earthquake/tsunami as a potential opportunity for U.S. multinationals to benefit from Japan’s rebuilding process, the final Jupiter/Saturn opposition is taking place right on the USA’s natal Saturn (Saturn return). Uranus in Aries is opposing the USA’s progressed Moon in Venus-ruled Libra, followed by Uranus squaring the USA’s natal Venus in Cancer raising the potential for unanticipated financial shocks.

Pluto rules debt, taxes, insurance, and corporate welfare. Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2024) reflects government debt at record highs. Japan’s public debt equals of GDP but most of its debt is held domestically. Although the USA’s debt to GDP ratio is about half that, most of its debt is held by foreigners with Japan the USA’s second largest debt holder after China. Japan’s earthquake could cause Treasury yields to rise as Japanese investors sell Treasury securities to raise cash to pay insurance claims.

Whether occurring in a nation’s chart or an individual’s chart, the Saturn return can mark a time of increased responsibility and hardship unless the individual or nation learned the lessons from the past and worked to create sustainable and secure economic and social structures. The U.S. has failed on both counts, always preferring instant gratification (Jupiter) over anything that would some take time to reap rewards. (Japan is a Saturn-ruled nation while the U.S. is a Jupiter-ruled nation that prefers to see the glass as half-full.)

Our infrastructure is falling apart and obsolete in many cases and we are ill-prepared for an earthquake/tsunami like Japan has experienced. By keeping most of the same regulators (Saturn) who were at the helm leading us into the financial crisis, there is a lack of accountability which raises the potential for a future financial crisis. Saturn last returned to its natal position in the U.S. chart in 1981 as Jupiter and Saturn (as well as Saturn and Pluto) were starting a new economic cycle. Now they are in the waning phase of their cycles which correspond to high debt levels and economic contraction/slow growth until both of these planetary cycles start new cycles in 2020.

Saturn in Libra the sign of balance until October 2012 means that no substantive action is likely to occur on tackling our enormous deficit (Jupiter in Aries) unless both political parties are willing to compromise. Big business (Pluto in Capricorn) has not prepared for any reduction in their entitlements.

The “as above, so below” principle helps us to see the interconnectedness in all things. Neptune’s energies dissolve borders and boundaries. The tsunami that followed Friday’s earthquake triggered high waves that killed a man in California as he foolishly tried to take pictures (Neptune/Pisces)! Wall Street trades on what it perceives to be the interconnectedness of things at any given moment all the time.

Is it mere coincidence that the earthquake triggered a tsunami warning in Hawaii and the U.S. West Coast not long after the House GOP had voted to cut funding for the National Weather Service which issues tsunami warnings while corporations that have accumulated record amounts of cash are given more tax cuts and exemptions? Did these politicians and their supporters ever think about what would happen to the U.S. economy if an earthquake/tsunami like Japan experienced struck California and shutdown the L.A. and Long Beach ports? It’s time someone in Washington started drawing up flow charts connecting all the dots to show how certain cuts could be catastrophic while other cuts/eliminations would be in our nation's best interest.

Unfortunately it has been through disasters that our innate sense of caring and compassion for others and our planet has been unleashed, only to retreat within when life reverts back to “normal.” The thing about elevating a “coincidence” to seeing the interconnectedness of ourselves to our Earth and our universe is that we then understand that we can work with these energies which can help to mitigate disasters. And within the next decade we will likely be able to efficiently harness the power of the Sun to supply a great deal of our energy needs.

(1) Although the Sun and Moon are luminaries, they are described as “planets.” Cancer and Scorpio are the other signs in the water element.

(2) Or for the Full or Quarter Moons, the Equinoxes and Solstices, or other major planetary alignments.

(3) The zodiac sign rising on the eastern horizon when Japan’s full sovereignty was restored.

(4) Uranium was named for the planet Uranus.

(5) Ironically, the #1 reactor was scheduled to be decommissioned this month as it would turn 40 on March 26. Jupiter in Aries squares Mars in Capricorn and opposes the reactor’s natal Uranus (explosions), and the March 19 Full Moon in Virgo exactly conjoins the reactor’s natal Pluto (health problems caused by the radioactive fallout emanating from the reactor).

(6) Jupiter square Pluto: July 24 and August 3, 2010; February 25, 2011. This alignment has particularly correlated to the European sovereign debt crisis.

Pisces New Moon: March 5, 2011 5:45 AM JST Sendai, Japan
Japan: April 28, 1952 10:30 PM JST Tokyo
USA: July 4, 1776 5:10 PM LMT Philadelphia, PA

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Kathleen said...

"...The thing about elevating a “coincidence” to seeing the interconnectedness of ourselves to our Earth and our universe is that we then understand that we can work with these energies which can help to mitigate disasters." Thank you for saying this! I really love your blog; it is so refreshing to read the news from this perspective.