Capricorn Solar Eclipse New Moon Cycle: January 4 – February 1, 2011

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Note to readers: I apologize for the lateness of this post. Since this month’s New Moon is a Solar Eclipse, the influences of this cycle will be felt over the next several months and beyond.

The word month is derived from the Moon. The new month actually begins when the Sun and Moon conjoin at the New Moon, a time of new beginnings. This month’s New Moon occurs on January 4 at 4:03 AM EST in Capricorn, the sign representing government, corporations, hierarchies, and people in positions of authority. Capricorn and its planetary ruler Saturn represent all types of structures, from the body’s skeletal system to infrastructure and societal structures.

Since Capricorn is an initiating (cardinal) sign that is part of the earth element (1), events during this cycle center around economic and societal structures which require practical solutions that are viable over the long term since there can be no quick fixes with this energy. Ambition, determination, time and effort are required to successfully achieve objectives.

Capricorn and Saturn rule time, and this cycle is likely to go down in the history books as the New Moon is a Partial Solar Eclipse. A Solar Eclipse is a “supercharged” New Moon whose influence will be strongly felt for at least the next six months, as the world needs time to process the highly charged atmosphere created by the eclipse energies that usually occur in pairs. Although the New Moon represents the beginning of the cycle, events that occurred during the December 21, 2010 Lunar Eclipse in Gemini will become more understood during this cycle as Gemini’s planetary ruler Mercury (communication/movement; commerce) completes its cycle through Sagittarius and Capricorn after being retrograde during most of December.

The Solar Eclipse conjoins ambitious Mars in Capricorn which accelerates the pace of change and launching of new initiatives. Both form a challenging alignment to Saturn in Libra that increases determination to overcome obstacles impeding progress. This exerts pressure to tackle structural imbalances which can create conflict with the status quo who prefer to keep Libra’s scales tilted in their favor.

While Capricorn and Saturn are a contracting influence, the New Moon marks the third and final time that expansive Jupiter conjoins Uranus the awakener, a cycle that began on June 8, 2010 when the two planets conjoined at the beginning of Aries for the first time since 1928. Their conjunction in Pisces on September 18 2010 is reflected in the high level of market optimism that has now reached euphoric levels. These energies create asset price inflation which is the rocket fuel to grow bubbles as the Federal Reserve floods the market with excess liquidity to reignite the wealth effect to spur spending and spike inflation.

Jupiter and Uranus have a tremendous need to break free to explore beyond the boundaries of Saturn’s rings. Jupiter and Uranus concluding their alignment at the Capricorn Solar Eclipse can help dissolve what is no longer functioning so a new and sustainable foundation can be established.

Because Pisces operates behind the scenes, events occurring now might not be fully absorbed until March when the Full Moon opposes the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction on the 19th and Mars in Pisces conjoins the conjunction on the 28th, the same day Jupiter opposes Saturn. Likewise, the technological breakthroughs and discoveries announced at a later date could emanate from this time. The conclusion of the Jupiter/Uranus cycle serves as the prelude for Neptune taking a test drive in its home sign Pisces April 4 – August 4 before beginning its 13 year sojourn on February 4, 2012.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune which was conjoining Saturn when Neptune was discovered in 1846. This reinforces Capricorn’s portrayal as the sea goat that is half goat and half fish which symbolizes the death of the lower mind (and its myopic focus only on material concerns) and the birth of the fish (the higher mind that transcends all boundaries). The sea goat moves onto land and becomes the mountain goat, gradually ascending (achieving its goals/developing higher consciousness) as it climbs to the top of the mountain (peak of one’s career/earthly status) where the earth becomes closer to the cosmos, unifying human and cosmic consciousness.

In the chart for the New Moon calculated for Washington, DC which influences the entire lunar cycle, the focus centers on the economy and the banking system. Economic and market conditions appear to continue to expand during the first half of the cycle but concerns about the economy stalling and the government not meeting its fiscal responsibilities could surface during the latter half as Saturn’s cautious influence increases.

Wall St. touted that the GOP’s gains in the midterm election would decrease “uncertainty” for corporate America, yet the New Moon squaring Saturn in the sector of the chart representing Congress reflects that the Republicans agenda to turn the clock back to 2008 could cause selling pressure if they continue to act hypocritical when it comes to deficit reduction and block raising the federal debt ceiling. Selling pressure could also be the result of a prominent institutional investor selling to meet margin calls. Although I think the market’s performance will be strongest during the first half of the year, there could be brief pullbacks later in January and February and a correction could occur in late March/early April before the market moves higher.

As described in the Weekly Forecast, this Solar Eclipse will be especially memorable for the USA as it exactly opposes the USA’s natal Sun in Cancer and the Sun square Saturn recreates the same planetary configuration in the USA’s natal chart. In the USA chart, the Sun in Cancer resides in the sector representing our allies and enemies, squaring Saturn in Libra in the sector describing our reputation (how the world views America). This alignment explains why the U.S. is called the world’s policeman, and also reflects one of the nation’s aspirations that anyone can reach the top in America if they work hard enough.

Starting late last year through September 2011, the USA is undergoing its eighth Saturn return since its birth. (2) The Saturn return tests whether the nation is living up to the reputation it desires to project vs. reality. The USA’s Sun square Saturn reflects that not everyone or every industry in America is given equal treatment under the law. It depends on whether you are part of the status quo that is able to bend Saturn’s rules and regulations. In our "uniquely American” healthcare system, seniors (Medicare), veterans, the poor (Medicaid), and most employees compromise the status quo of this system while the rest of the population that doesn’t fit into any of these categories must pass medical underwriting and pay exorbitant premiums if they’re lucky enough to even be offered a policy. Health insurance companies are the only industry in America exempt from antitrust laws. The Supreme Court has tipped Libra’s scales of justice in favor of corporations over the general public.

While the Sun in Cancer squaring Saturn in Libra reflects the USA came into being when its colonial leaders (Sun) rebelled against the tyranny of the fatherland/Britain’s monarch and government (Saturn), this planetary influence in the USA chart describes the nation’s underlying resentment of government and authority figures. Especially since the USA’s Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter is in Moon-ruled Cancer and the USA’s Moon is in freedom-loving and rebellious Aquarius (which again reflects the circumstances of how the USA came into being).

Pluto is the planetary ruler of the New Moon chart for the USA and is located in the sector representing the economy/financial system (which is also where it is located in the USA’s natal chart). (3) Since Pluto entered Capricorn in January 2008, the weight of excess debt accumulated during Pluto’s sojourn in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius (1995-2008) began to create cracks in the world’s financial structures.

Pluto ruling the chart together with Venus in Pluto-ruled Scorpio (money; banking) conjoining the Ascendant (4) indicates the nation must start making some momentous decisions on money matters that it keeps attempting to sidestep or postpone. From government debt to personal debt, foreclosures, the tax code where one individual or company’s tax break is another individual/company’s tax increase, health insurance and healthcare, to pensions and retirement programs, Pluto in Capricorn brings all the financial stuff that no one wants to talk about to the surface.

Capricorn and Saturn rule the elderly and Pluto rules death (before Pluto was discovered there was Saturn the grim reaper). The government will have to follow the health insurers and start refusing to cover medical treatments that do not work, as well as those that might only prolong a terminally ill person’s life for a month. As the wave of baby boomers retires, they will start collecting Social Security and going on Medicare, while the working population gradually decreases. Wall St. doesn’t talk about that as the wave of boomers retire, they’ll start withdrawing money from the stock market.

Weather conditions during this cycle reflect what I wrote in a post on the Winter Solstice, as cold Capricorn meets the watery excess of Jupiter combined with the high winds and record breaking conditions of Uranus that can result in power outages. The only difference being that with Mercury no longer retrograde, for the most part local governments and transportation will be better able to cope with the storms. (The February 2 Aquarius New Moon does not look to bring any relief to the cold and harsh snowstorms, particularly for the East Coast and the Northeastern corridor/eastern New York/NYC/Long Island areas in particular.)

Mercury completes its transit in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius by making its third and final square to Uranus (January 10) and Jupiter (January 11). These influences can bring news related to international disputes and trade, major court cases, ethical issues involving technology, and new discoveries from the depths of the sea to the outer reaches of the solar system. Look for new developments around this time concerning issues that surfaced during Mercury’s previous squares to Jupiter and Uranus (November 25/27 and December 20/21). Some of the big issues in the news during those times involved North Korea, an EU/IMF bailout for Ireland, the huge WikiLeaks release of State Dept. cables (with Julian Assange scheduled to appear in a London court on January 11), the FCC passed its faux net neutrality act, and the Fed extended its dollar liquidity swap arrangements with five central banks through August 1.

Mercury in Sagittarius conjoins the December 21 Lunar Eclipse on the day of the January 12 First Quarter Moon at 6:31 AM EST. The midpoint between the New and Full Moon is known as the “crisis in action” (5) phase of the cycle as there’s a sense of urgency to act before events culminate at the Full Moon. This is particularly acute now with the Moon in Mars-ruled Aries and Mars in Capricorn favorably aspecting Jupiter and Uranus.

In the USA chart, Venus conjoins Jupiter, reflecting the nation’s wealth and abundant resources. Pluto first opposed the USA Venus on March 8, 2009 (6) as the stock market bottomed to 12+ year lows. On January 17 as Mercury in Capricorn opposes the USA Jupiter again, Pluto will oppose the USA Jupiter for the first time in history (7). Pluto will expose the truth about all the corruption and excess spending on off budget items and corporate welfare; the hypocrisy that “free market capitalism” is really not free but stands for transferring public money back to the most powerful corporate and special interests at the public’s expense.

These themes are followed up the next day when Mercury conjoins Pluto. News concerning all types of debt (especially government), insurance, mining, nuclear issues, and government/corporate espionage could be the focus now. Other Pluto/Capricorn themes occurring around the time when Mercury previously conjoined Pluto was Bernanke defending QE2 on “60 Minutes” and President Obama announcing a tax cut deal with Republicans (December 5), and multiple merger announcements (December 13).

Mortgages are Pluto’s domain and the Moon rules real estate. The Full Moon represents a culmination point in the lunar cycle which is why this period each month becomes emotionally charged. The January 19 Full Moon occurs at 4:22 PM EST in the Moon’s home sign Cancer. Emotional, physical, and material security is paramount now.

The Full Moon is when a New Jersey Supreme Court justice has scheduled a hearing for Ally Financial, Bank of America (BAC), Citibank (C), OneWest Bank (IndyMac), JPMorgan Chase (JPM), and Wells Fargo (WFC) to prove why New Jersey should not suspend banks proceeding with foreclosure processing. It appears that the banks will reach a settlement that is viewed favorably by Wall St.

The Full Moon favorably aspects Jupiter which is ending its transit of Pisces. Jupiter squaring the December 21 Lunar Eclipse portends major court rulings and lawsuits. Old measures of security and the value of home ownership are giving way to the realization that unencumbered mobility is the new security to be able to take advantage of the best professional opportunities as Jupiter moves into Aries January 22 until June 4.

The January 26 Last Quarter Moon occurs at 7:57 AM EST in Pluto-ruled Scorpio squaring the Sun and Mars in Aquarius which could result in unexpected actions taken by leaders that could upset the public. Geopolitical turmoil could erupt in the Middle East, and particularly in Iran and the Korean Peninsula.

Saturn’s energies are particularly pronounced now as it appears from Earth to turn retrograde until June 12. Mercury in Capricorn squaring Saturn today reinforces Saturn’s cautious outlook. The FOMC statement is released this afternoon which could emphasize the downside risks to economic growth. Bond yields have a tendency to fall when Saturn energies are strong in a flight to safety, although the overall trend for longer-dated maturities is for yields to move higher.

(1) Taurus and Virgo are the other signs comprising the earth element; the other cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, and Libra.

(2) At the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 at 5:10 PM in Philadelphia.

(3) Pluto is transiting the sector of the USA chart which represents the nation’s outlook. Pluto will move into the financial sector of the USA chart from 2016-2040, with the USA experiencing its first Pluto return during 2022. To say the USA’s financial values will undergo a profound transformation is probably an understatement.

(4) The zodiac sign rising on the eastern horizon when GM’s shares began trading.

(5) As described by Dane Rudhyar in “The Lunation Cycle.”

(6) Transiting Venus in Aries had just turned retrograde March 6, the day the stock market bottomed to 12+ year lows, an indication that the market was about to reverse course as Venus shifted from being an evening to a morning star. With Pluto in the sign ruling government, massive fiscal and monetary stimulus was the catalyst for the market’s snap back rally since then. Pluto’s subsequent oppositions to the USA Venus corresponded to other major financial turning points that occurred at or around these times: May 2, 2009/the stress test results on the nation’s largest banks, December 26, 2009/the Senate passed the healthcare bill (Venus rules the sector of the USA chart representing healthcare; Pluto rules insurance), August 9, 2010/the Fed announced the prelude to QE2, and October 18, 2010 put the spotlight on faulty foreclosure documentation.

(7) Pluto will again oppose the USA Jupiter July 8 and November 20, 2011.

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