WallStreetWeather.net Forecast For Week Of November 14, 2010

Venus and Jupiter are considered to be the most beneficent planets as they rule what we’d all like a whole lot more of. Venus is love, money, and beauty; optimistic Jupiter is growth and abundance. Jupiter in Pisces has been retrograde* since July 23, and Venus since October 8. The energies of both planets will be more pronounced this week as they revert to direct motion on Thursday, the day ruled by Jupiter.

Having both planets change direction on the same day is akin to Venus conjoining Jupiter, ** especially as Jupiter in Pisces and Venus in Libra are signs these two planets are at “home” in. This combination tends to bring out people’s generosity and tendency for indulgence and excess, along with the desire to socialize. Relationships and diplomatic efforts that got off track during Venus retrograde have a major opportunity to mend fences; coming to agreement by setting aside the dogma and focusing on the highest objectives that all sides involved claim to share (love, peace and prosperity) .

Venus/Jupiter energies can bring large market moves. While the moves have a greater tendency to be bullish, their shift in direction could spur the desire to take profits if the market is viewed as being overbought.

The Sun represents self-identity and leaders. “Follow the leaders” is the other theme this week as the Sun in Pluto-ruled Scorpio harmonizes with Jupiter Monday, squares Neptune in Uranus-ruled Aquarius Thursday, and harmonizes with Uranus in Pisces Friday. All of these solar alignments ultimately connect back to Jupiter due to the close proximity between Jupiter and Uranus since late spring (especially since September) which further increases the potential for large market moves on these days.

Jupiter’s energies are reinforced as the Moon (sentiment) will be in Pisces Monday and Tuesday, a sign ruled by Jupiter prior to Neptune’s discovery. A favorable aspect between Mars in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius to Saturn in Venus-ruled Libra could elicit action by government regulators that at least for the time being is viewed favorably by the market. The harmonious alignment between the Sun and Jupiter can increase confidence and optimism to buy into the pullback. Even though Congress returns Monday in a lame duck session, these energies reflect wealthy investors hoping their taxes (Scorpio) won’t be rising next year.

All of the energies this week have the tendency to be inflationary. The Producer Price Index (PPI) for October is released Tuesday, followed by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) on Wednesday. PPI is a forward looking indicator as it alerts consumers to the price increases that retailers will be passing through.

MKM Partners analyst Paul McKeever has created a price survey that tracks 86 “every day” grocery items at Wal-Mart (WMT) that has increased 0.6% in the past two months. As the CNBC article points out, “At that rate, prices would be close to four percent higher a year from now, double the Fed’s mandate.” Not that it matters, since the Fed has their preferred gauge of inflation (the core PCE Index) which excludes food and energy costs as well as medical expenditures.

The real purpose of McKeever’s price survey is to ascertain whether Wal-Mart is slowly increasing prices without affecting traffic which would be interpreted as a bullish signal for the stock. Wal-Mart reports quarterly earnings Tuesday. Saturn in Libra is squaring the Wal-Mart stock chart’s natal Venus in Cancer and conjoining Uranus in Libra. Saturn’s influence which is exact in mid-December can indicate that Wal-Mart might have to rollback prices beyond their slogan to maintain holiday sales. Monetary policy is having a double negative effect on Wal-Mart. First, the only thing inflating under Bernanke’s policy are food and energy which consume a disproportionate amount of Wal-Mart customers income. Secondly, the trashing of the dollar makes Wal-Mart’s imports more expensive which squeezes margins.

One of the factors that can slow the market’s upside momentum is Saturn in Libra squaring the USA’s natal Sun in Cancer which reinforces the USA’s natal square between the Sun and Saturn in Libra as the USA undergoes a Saturn return for the first time since 1981. When Saturn in Libra exactly squared the UK’s Sun in Capricorn (Cancer’s opposite sign) on October 20, the UK government announced major budget cuts and spending freezes to reduce the deficit. (An exception was the National Health Service which will get a budget increase.) Saturn transits represent a time to “sober up” and strengthen economic and societal structures.

The Sun in Scorpio squaring Neptune in Aquarius Thursday can bring attention to speculative bubbles, particularly gold (ruled by the Sun) and other commodities extracted from underground (Scorpio), along with Neptune ruled oil and rubber. Combined with Jupiter and Venus turning direct it can inject confusion about whether to take profits or have faith the market is moving higher. GM is set to return to being a publicly traded company Thursday (more about this in a separate post).

Oftentimes an individual (or nation) with the same planetary signature in their chart are prominent in the news at the time the same aspect pattern is repeated in the sky. President Obama was born with the Sun in Leo squaring Neptune in Scorpio. This planetary signature is reflected by the President frequently using the phrase “let me be clear,” as individuals with this aspect in their chart have the tendency to be misunderstood. Inviting Congressional leaders of both parties to dinner in the residence quarters of the White House is the ideal way to work with the energies Jupiter and Venus turning direct.

The Sun harmonizing with Uranus in Pisces indicates that unexpected developments or news from leaders can cause the market to gyrate in one extreme or the other. This is more likely to bring profit taking. Venus stationary direct in Libra together with the Moon entering Venus-ruled Taurus on the day of the week ruled by Venus, puts banks, financials and monetary policy in focus. Libra is represented by the scales of balance. After facing a barrage of criticism over QE2 from global finance ministers to Sarah Palin since last week, Fed Chairman Bernanke will give a speech early Friday morning on “Global Rebalancing.” Venus squaring the USA Pluto in Capricorn in the sector of the chart representing the economy and the nation’s wealth, as well as squaring the Federal Reserve’s Neptune in Cancer can reveal financial secrets and unmask the real reason why the Fed has embarked on QE2. In a post written last month I indicated that good PR for the Fed at this time might be in short supply.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010
Negative conditions improve to choppy/mixed, reversing to positive later in the day.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010
Positive conditions weaken and turn negative by afternoon before improving later in the afternoon; mixed close.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Friday, November 19, 2010
(Options expiration) Negative

*Planets do not really move backwards in the sky but appear to from Earth’s vantage point.

**Venus conjoined Jupiter in Pisces on February 16 which was a bullish day for the stock market.

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