President Obama’s Solar Shift Could Change Economic Perceptions

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A reader referring to the challenging alignments involving Mars (action), Jupiter (expansion), Saturn (contraction), Uranus (shocks/changes), and Pluto (transformation) at the beginning of cardinal (initiating) signs described in the Weekly Forecast asked: “What is your assessment for President Obama's upcoming year given his 49th birthday on Wednesday is chockablock with these powerful T-squares* in the cardinal signs?”

As he celebrated his birthday August 4, those planets were all converging on President Obama’s natal Venus, the planetary ruler of money, banking, and relating to others. Obama’s natal Venus in Cancer conjoins the USA Venus, ensuring that economic issues will continue to be the President’s primary focus.

Pluto in Capricorn has been opposing Obama’s Venus since he took office in January 2009 and will continue to exert its influence until October. Oppositions represent opposing forces; the objective is to find a way to balance and integrate these disparate yet complementary energies.

Pluto rules insurance and the opaque financial transactions that led to the collapse on Wall St. when Pluto entered Saturn-ruled Capricorn in 2008. Despite opposition from Republicans, members of his own Party, lobbyists and industry plutocrats, President Obama passed healthcare and financial reform legislation that despite their flaws, will transform the economy over the next couple of decades.

Pluto rules bankruptcy. Like the Phoenix that rose from the ashes, the President spent his birthday week touting the monumental transformation of the auto industry. Previous administrations had thrown money at the auto industry without requiring fundamental changes from management, labor, or the capital structure. The Administration provided financial assistance to GM and Chrysler with strings attached. Shareholders were wiped out, excess plant and equipment were shed, management replaced, and union wages were made globally competitive. Since exiting bankruptcy, GM and Chrysler have had to compete on their own merits.

Saturn in Venus-ruled Libra squaring Obama’s Venus from October 2009 through August can create difficulties in relating to others - the public in particular with his natal Venus in Moon-ruled Cancer. Saturn can bring blockages, delays, and a mood of overall frustration, while the square aspect motivates action. When Saturn exactly squared his Venus for the second time in mid-March, President Obama made an aggressive push to obtain the support of wavering Democrats to vote for healthcare reform.

Saturn squaring Pluto now describes the current fear and obsession over the lack of a robust economic recovery. Jupiter opposing Saturn at the same time indicates how uneven the recovery has been. Recent signs of economic weakness reflect the Administration’s Jupiter-sized stimulus is wearing off and the realization that the consumer-based economy dependent on financial alchemy cannot be resurrected (Pluto). Jupiter conjoining Uranus in Aries, opposing Saturn and squaring Pluto, indicates it will take time (Saturn) to transform (Pluto) to a new economic model based on tangible products and services.

Since the Federal Reserve has already declared slow economic growth and high unemployment for the next five years (correlating to the revolutionary structural changes underway as Uranus squares Pluto), President Obama’s success or failure rests on the public’s perception of him. And public perception of President Obama is about to shift as his progressed Sun enters Libra on August 24 for the next 30 years.

The Sun describes who we are and our life purpose. While the planetary positions at birth remain our core identity, the birth chart progresses through time with us. With his Sun in its home sign Leo, President Obama shines being a leader. As his progressed Sun evolves into Libra, Obama can express the warmth of his Leo Sun by taking the initiative to reach out to others. His success and public reputation depend upon how well he is able to make the connection. With his progressed Sun in Libra, it is likely that Obama will want the public to recognize him as the president who brought the economy into balance.

Obama’s professional and personal relationships will play and even greater role in the public’s perception of him. The cardinal lineup of planets at his birthday impacting his progressed Libra Sun and Venus in Cancer indicates he needs to make a fresh start as the public does not believe the Administration’s economic policies have helped them directly.

This will require severing ties with his current economic team, especially Larry Summers and Timothy Geithner who represent the failed policies of past Administrations (Saturn) that helped precipitate the financial crisis. The President’s new economic agenda should be comprised of regulators who are consumer friendly. The Moon rules the public, and with her Sun and Uranus in Moon-ruled Cancer conjoining Obama’s natal Venus, appointing Elizabeth Warren to lead the new consumer financial protection agency that she initially conceived would show the public the President has their interests at heart.

Jupiter and Uranus in Mars-ruled Aries squaring natal Venus and opposing his progressed Sun should help embolden Obama to be more assertive despite Libra’s tendency towards being indecisive and easily influenced by others. He must now take bold and decisive action to pay more than lip service to build America’s manufacturing and technological base as an industrial policy.

The danger with these planetary influences is if President Obama is unable to improve the public’s perception of his economic policies, his frustration will likely lead to more overseas adventurism. Venus/Libra is the diplomat who seeks to bring two opposing parties together. These influences could greatly increase Obama’s belief that he will be the President who wins an unwinnable war and brings peace to the most troubled parts of the world. But that cannot happen until the nation is at peace and the economy is in balance.

*The T-square is when planets opposing one another (in this case Jupiter and Uranus opposing Mars and Saturn) all square a third planet (Pluto).

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Barack Obama: August 4, 1961 7:24 PM AHST Honolulu, HI

Elizabeth Warren: June 22, 1949 time unknown Tulsa, OK (The July 11 Cancer Solar Eclipse conjoined Warren’s natal Venus as Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus square her Sun and Uranus in Cancer. President Obama could appoint her to the position without confirmation while the Senate is in recess until September 13.)

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