The July 11, 2010 Cancer Solar Eclipse: Illusive Economic Security

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Water is cleansing and nurturing. We cannot survive without it. A lack of water creates drought and a lack of caring. Too much water brings flooding and a tidal wave of out of control emotions.

The Moon is our emotional barometer as its cycle waxes and wanes, shifting sentiment every 2.5 days when the Moon changes signs. The Moon is at home when it transits the watery sign Cancer. Beyond our emotional needs, the Moon and Cancer represent the need for physical nurturance and sustenance. From food to nourish our bodies to shelter to protect us from the elements, the Moon and Cancer represent the importance of feeling safe and secure.

The word month is derived from the Moon. The new month really begins at the New Moon. The July 11, 2010 Cancer New Moon is a supercharged New Moon as it is a Total Solar Eclipse. As the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, it temporarily blocks the Sun’s light from being seen on Earth. This is why the ancients viewed eclipses as being problematic for rulers as the physical vitality of the Sun (representing leaders and men in general) is blocked by the instinctual and fluctuating energies of the Moon (representing the public and women in general).

Solar and lunar energies are in flux at the time of the eclipse as the light being blocked by the eclipse symbolizes we do not have all the information at this time to make a sound decision. This is particularly apropos to the stock market since the Sun represents speculation and the Moon represents market sentiment in general.

Eclipses are harbingers of major changes coming over the next six months; it usually isn’t until the weeks following the eclipse when things are seen in a whole new light. This tends to occur when transiting planets reach the degree of the eclipse.

As described in my posts on the Summer Solstice, the current eclipse period began at the June 26 Lunar Eclipse in Cancer’s opposite sign Capricorn which conjoined Pluto. Mars enters Libra and squares the Summer Solstice July 29, followed by Venus entering Libra August 6. This is the same day Mars in Libra will square the degree of the Lunar Eclipse. Venus squares Pluto on August 10 and squares the Lunar Eclipse the following day. Venus will square the degree of the Cancer Solar Eclipse August 26, followed by Mars on August 29. In early September Venus and Mars in Libra will square the degree of the January 15 Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, tying in the themes of this year’s eclipses together.

This marks the first time that Venus (money) and Mars (action) are transiting together in Venus-ruled Libra (relationships) since the financial crisis erupted in September 2008. Combined with the lineup of challenging planetary alignments in cardinal (initiating) signs from late July through August when Jupiter and Uranus in Aries oppose Mars and Saturn in Libra which all square Pluto in Capricorn, the eclipses and these major planetary alignments are ushering in massive changes in economic, governmental, and societal structures that extend to the roots of their very foundations.

Strong Libra energies indicate it’s time to put what has become so out of balance back into alignment. The financial contagion that spread through Wall St. the last time Venus and Mars traveled together in Libra was sparked by a crisis in confidence and collateral. No one trusted the counterparties at the other end of their toxic trades that were rapidly decreasing in value. As Venus and Mars return to Libra almost two years later, the world is still trying to uncover these complex financial relationships, along with the relationships and arrangements made between the banks and the Treasury and Federal Reserve.

The energies of the January 15 Solar and the June 26 Lunar Eclipses in Capricorn represent the transformation taking shape as we slowly shift from an economic model based on consumers and real estate (Cancer). With its Sun (self-identity), Mercury (thought process), Venus (wealth), and Jupiter (abundance/excess) in Cancer, the USA is particularly affected by these eclipses and planetary alignments.

Pluto in Capricorn opposing the USA’s Venus/Jupiter conjunction in Cancer reflects the transition from an economy overly dependent on financial “innovation” to one focused on producing tangible products and services. Pluto in Capricorn represents the mountain of government debt that will force politicians and leaders to enact sweeping reforms they would otherwise never have the stomach for.

Cancer energy is nationalistic and sentimental, tending to emotionally cling to the past because it is familiar. But as a cardinal sign ruled by the ever changing Moon, Cancer can quickly intuit the past is history. At least the public is coming around to understanding that a home is a private refuge from the elements and a place to nurture and be nurtured rather than being viewed as an ATM machine. The Solar Eclipse’s favorable aspect to Mars in Virgo is about getting back to basics by weeding out what is not only unnecessary but is actually holding you back from total physical and emotional security.

Financial markets are viewed as forward looking. Yet like Cancer the crab’s pincers, they tenaciously cling to the security of the Fed’s E-Z money for an “extended period.” Wall St. complains about the deficit and government spending, yet eagerly extends their claws out for tax cuts and more corporate welfare.

The SEC is acting as the long arm of the Federal Reserve in promoting and protecting the “wealth effect.” The SEC’s smothering could end up creating a market crash as the high frequency traders withdraw from the market in anticipation of individual stocks approaching trading curbs.

The Cancer Solar Eclipse occurs at 3:40 PM EDT. In the chart erected for that time set for Washington DC, the Solar Eclipse puts the emphasis on Pluto issues such as debt, taxes, corporate welfare, and the Administration’s mortgage programs. Global security issues such as immigration and trade are in focus. Beyond Arizona’s immigration law, the Administration could be actively involved in other court cases relating to the issues described.

Pluto rules the Solar Eclipse chart and is located in the sector representing the economy and the financial system. More secrets about the Fed’s operations will surface in Congressional hearings and document disclosures. Pluto squaring Jupiter and Uranus in the sector representing the stock market and squaring Saturn in the sector representing Congress indicates that financial regulatory reform will be signed by President Obama before this lunation cycle ends on August 9. The market believes they understand what’s in the bill since their lobbyists helped to write it, but it appears that the markets will be in shock when it passes and they wake up to some surprises not fully accounted for .

Volatility will increase as the lunar month progresses. Large and sharp market moves are likely to move in extremes, breaking through technical support levels. As the fog of illusion begins to lift, the market will head downward and likely make a new 2010 low during the latter half of the cycle (July 26 – August 6).

Uranus ruling the sector of the chart representing weather patterns and Neptune in Aquarius conjoining this sector reflects greater potential for large atmospheric disturbances with humid, wet and windy conditions. Flooding, severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, hail storms, and the potential for tropical storms/hurricanes and earthquakes is increased with the pull of the eclipse. These energies together with the Cancer eclipse themes indicate the importance of having a supply of bottled water in the event of a boil water alert, along with being prepared if a power outage occurs.

The Cancer Solar eclipse has been nicknamed an “ocean eclipse” since the majority of the eclipse path occurs over the south Pacific, running through French Polynesia, the eerie giant statues of Easter Island, and concluding at the southern edge of Chile and Argentina. Unlike people who follow eclipse paths, the ancients believed that the areas in the eclipse path would become “hot spots,” subject to all kinds of trouble resulting from geophysical and/or geopolitical conditions. The eclipse can raise the potential for tsunamis particularly in this part of the world.

Neptune conjoining the sector representing real estate and land values in the eclipse chart reflects that the water and the land along the Gulf of Mexico has already been contaminated from the oil and chemical dispersants (both ruled by Neptune). Although the market is confident that BP will stop the flow of oil in the next couple weeks, the combination of Uranus and Neptune in the eclipse chart raises the potential for another explosion. The Macondo well could ignite (Uranus) from a methane bubble (Neptune) escaping from under the ocean floor. Much that has been masked from the public about the oil disaster could surface around the time of the July 25 Aquarius Full Moon.

Neptune ruling the sector of the stock market in the eclipse chart reflects that we can bask in a false sense of security (Cancer eclipse) that the old economy addicted to consumer spending and real estate can be resurrected again. Or we can transition (Capricorn eclipse conjoining Pluto) to building a more balanced economy with new technologies that begins by creating a solid infrastructure to support it. For Wall St it means going back to the future as companies that are no longer growing will have to pay dividends to shareholders as they did in the late nineteenth century.

USA: July 4, 1776 5:10 PM LMT Philadelphia, PA

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