WallStreetWeather.net Forecast For Week Of June 6, 2010

Due to the amount of planetary activity taking place this week, I am skipping the summary of last week’s influences.

Seismic shifts occur this week as three planets move into new signs and Jupiter conjoins Uranus for the first time since February 15, 1997. Jupiter and Uranus last conjoined in Uranus’ home sign Aquarius then which marked the first time the Dow closed above 7,000.

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries represents the beginning of new initiatives and “firsts.” The Moon is our emotional barometer and the mood of the market. The Moon awakened from the slumber of Pisces and entered Aries early this morning, closely followed by Jupiter’s shift from Pisces into Aries. If you suddenly feel a burst of enthusiasm that you could meet just about any challenge head on if you put your mind to it, then you’ve awakened to the new energies.

With the Moon and Jupiter in Aries joining Uranus in Aries, the market may decide it’s time to plough full speed ahead into risk. However, Jupiter conjoining Uranus in Aries might expand the scope of risk to be investing in U.S. sovereign debt and the dollar trade. It’s all a matter of whatever Jupiter and Uranus thinks has become exaggerated and overblown that presents the potential for a reversal. With Jupiter and Uranus conjoined in Aries, risks could change in a nanosecond. Jupiter was last in Aries from February 1999 to February 2000, corresponding to the peak of the dot com bubble. The 1987 crash occurred during the prior transit of Jupiter in Aries. (More on Jupiter in Aries in a separate post.)

Aries is ruled by Mars, the planetary energy of action. The curtain closes on the long and drawn out drama of Mars in Leo that began October 16, 2009, as Mars moves into Virgo Monday until July 29. It’s time to give the calculators a workout to see if the numbers really add up.

Healthcare reform will become active again as HHS Secretary Sebelius has to get a move on and announce the new rules for the high risk pools that go into effect July 1. A groundswell of anger could erupt when people who are shut out of the individual insurance market realize they don’t qualify for the high risk pool unless they haven’t had insurance coverage for the last six months. And individuals who are already enrolled in the few state high risk pools that currently exist are already angry that they cannot switch to the new high risk pools which will have much cheaper premiums unless they go without health insurance for six months.

Mars in Virgo puts the focus on the armed services which will be front and center as Saturday’s New Moon conjoins the USA’s natal Mars in Gemini. People will more actively search for job opportunities now.

Jupiter exactly conjoins Uranus early Tuesday morning. Two events will occur that reflect these energies.

Jupiter represents things at a distance which have a global impact. Jupiter rules the Courts, Aries rules the actions of a single individual (particularly a male), and Uranus in Aries represents the actions of a rogue individual.

On Tuesday the three week trial begins in Paris against Jerome Kerviel, the former Societe Generale “rogue trader” who caused the biggest trading loss in the French bank’s history. Kerviel is charged with forgery, breach of trust and unauthorized computer use which if convicted carries a sentence of up to five years in prison and a fine of 375,000 euros. Saturn in Libra will square Kerviel’s natal Mars/Mercury conjunction in Capricorn and conjoin natal Pluto this autumn, marking a time when Kerviel could face the consequences for his actions.

With Saturn opposing the bank’s natal Neptune in Aries and Saturn returning to its natal position during the autumn, SocGen could face difficulties with the law and governmental authorities concerning its deception as well. With the June 12 New Moon conjoining natal Uranus in Gemini, Saturn in Virgo conjoining progressed Mercury, and the June 26 Capricorn Lunar Eclipse squaring progressed Sun in Libra, unexpected information will probably be revealed that further damages SocGen’s reputation.

As I wrote in a post on Societe Generale, Kerviel’s actions had a ripple effect across the Atlantic at the time that caused Bernanke to panic and confer an emergency meeting of the Fed who voted to drop interest rates 75 basis points to prevent a market selloff the following day in the U.S.

Jupiter conjoining Uranus in Aries represents new discoveries about our solar system and outer space that demonstrate the “as above, so below” principle. As the center of our solar system and the vital life force, the Sun represents self-identity. Since the Sun rules speculation, what’s happening on the Sun can influence market behavior.

The confidence and creativity of the Sun synergizes well with the courage and boldness of Aries to birth new initiatives. On Tuesday NASA’s Space Weather Enterprise Forum will hold a meeting at the National Press Club to discuss how an expected increase in solar activity necessitates the urgency for better space weather forecasting at a time when the world has become totally dependent on technology. The National Academy of Sciences warned in a report two years ago that a intense solar storm could cause twenty times more economic damage than Hurricane Katrina.

As Richard Fisher, the head of NASA’s Heliophysics Division states: "I believe we're on the threshold of a new era in which space weather can be as influential in our daily lives as ordinary terrestrial weather." By accurately predicting when a solar storm could have an adverse impact on Earth’s communications and power systems, preparations could be made to put satellites in 'safe mode' and disconnect transformers to protect them from damaging electrical surges.

The Moon shifts into Venus-ruled Taurus late Wednesday morning until early Thursday evening, putting the focus on the financial sector and valuations. With Mercury in Taurus squaring Neptune in Aquarius Wednesday, information could be confusing or misleading. Reports of fraudulent activity could surface.

Mercury the planetary energy of communication, commerce, and trading currencies, has been in Taurus since April 2 and now moves into its home sign Gemini Thursday until June 25. Mercury forming favorable aspects to Uranus and Jupiter could generate a lot of buzz about the next big thing in tech.

News events could unfold rapidly Friday with the Moon in Gemini and Mercury squaring Mars. There’s a tendency for fast talking, fast driving, and being quick to criticize which can cause tempers to flare.

Monday, June 7, 2010
Strong aspects between Mars, Jupiter and Uranus can bring large market moves in either or both directions, but I think these influences could reverse to positive.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010
Strongest in the morning and weakens as the day progresses; closes negative.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010
Positive trend bias.

Friday, June 11, 2010
Choppy/mixed to moderately positive.


Anonymous said...

Do you reply to comments?

I have one general comment and one specific question.

I am reading your site for some time now and I like way you describe. Its in very good detail.

Specific question, as per astrology are you expecting stock assett bubble from now till july-aug to new 2010 highs and then collaps kust like dot com burst of ndx?


Anonymous said...

Fascinating as always. Thanks for putting in all the energy and thought. It's going to be a wild summer!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to tell you how helpful and educational your blog is. I wouldn't trade without it! :-) Thanks for taking time to do this every week.


Reply To Anonymous comment of June 10:
Thanks, but I hope all readers of this blog have read the disclaimer permanently displayed at the top of the blog.


With Jupiter and Uranus conjoined in Aries there is the possibility of a sharp and sudden spike that surpasses the April 26 highs when Saturn opposed Uranus. Or things could stay rangebound with large and volatile intraday swings.

The closer we get to the end of July, the more likely the market will sharply decline. The lineup of Jupiter and Uranus in Aries opposite Mars and Saturn in Libra all squaring Pluto in Capricorn at the begining of cardinal (initiating)signs with so many alignments in a short period of time is unprecedented.