Beginnings and Endings during the June 12, 2010 Gemini New Moon

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The New Moon is a time of new beginnings offering the opportunity to make a fresh start in the matters that rule the sign the New Moon is in.

The New Moon on June 12, 2010 at 7:15 AM EDT occurs in Gemini. Gemini rules all forms of communication, transportation, commerce, neighborhood/local environment, and siblings.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury. With Mercury in Gemini during the New Moon and forming favorable aspects to Jupiter and Uranus in Mars-ruled Aries, the New Moon offers the opportunity to get your message across in a bold and concise manner.

As the first sign in the air element, Gemini emphasizes the circulation and exchange of information in order to satisfy its natural curiosity. And since Mercury/Gemini and Aries represent physical movement, the best ideas that pop into your head are likely to come from getting out and about in your local environment to observe what’s happening and interacting with others. With Gemini, some of the most valuable nuggets of information and inspiration can come from the most mundane sources - the neighbor, the retailer, the person standing in line next to you. It can also come by visiting that Gemini repository of information called the library.

As a mutable sign, Gemini teaches us to be flexible so it is easier to adapt to changing circumstances. Gemini is symbolized by the twins, reflecting its dualistic and changeable nature. Mercury has a twin nature as it rules both Gemini and Virgo. This twin nature reflects that many people as well as the USA, will be preoccupied with two equal but different issues during the next month. The Gemini side of Mercury loves information for its own sake and prefers a “lighter” mental atmosphere, reflecting its reputation as the trickster. The Virgo side of Mercury wants to analyze and number crunch all the details into something useable since Virgo is part of the practical earth element.

Mercury in Gemini squares Mars in Virgo. Squares motivate us to act; combined with Jupiter and Uranus in Aries it’s time to commit ideas into action. The Gemini New Moon is the time to write down your plans and goals, compose a new resume, put new vigor into a job search or work on how you can make yourself more visible and valuable in your current job.

With the New Moon harmonizing with Neptune in Aquarius, your best ideas and work emanate from what inspires you, while the New Moon squaring Saturn in Virgo provides the motivation and discipline to achieve your intentions and get noticed by those who are in a position to reward a job well done. Mercury forming a stressful alignment to Pluto in Capricorn can help to purge all the excess mental and physical clutter. You could allow email, the internet, gossiping, TV etc. to consume your time or make working on your own agenda the top priority.

This contradictory combination of planetary energies has the potential to create nervous tension and aggressive behavior. Gemini rules the arms and hands, with a nervous need to constantly be in motion and multitasking. Too much of this scattered energy raises the potential to create accidents. Walking outside can release this excess tension and compulsion. Since Gemini rules the lungs, taking a moment to stop and take a few slow and concentrated breaths in and out can help restore balance and calm the body’s nervous and digestive systems.

The Gemini New Moon exactly conjoins the USA’s natal Mars in the sector of the USA chart representing partnerships/alliances which squares natal Neptune in Virgo in the sector of foreign relations. Mars rules aggressive behavior, weapons, and the military, and Neptune rules oil, beliefs, and illusions. As I have written, the USA has a history of aggressive behavior when it comes to things that Neptune rules such as oil.

The New Moon squares President Obama’s natal Mars in Virgo. Since the President’s Mars conjoins the USA’s natal Neptune, he can waste his energies trying to please the media by acting “furious” in front of the camera over the BP disaster, or he could manifest its highest energies by having BP work under the orders of the US military to stop the oil flow and clean up the mess.

As Commander-in-Chief, President Obama could order a stop to the wars abroad and bring the troops and equipment back home to work on the battle lines in the Gulf. The US cannot afford to wage war abroad when the black goo that the nation has been addicted to for decades is destroying our environment and our economy. The President must have the courage (Mars) to free the nation of its illusions by convincing the public to relinquish its addictions (Neptune) to oil. This means no more gas guzzling vehicles and energy hogging habits.

President Obama’s Mars in Virgo harmonizes with natal Saturn in its home sign Capricorn. On July 17, Mars will return to its natal position and harmonize with natal Saturn. At the same time, Mars and Saturn will conjoin the President’s progressed Sun in Virgo. Besides signing financial regulatory reform legislation, he will be under pressure to act to completely restructure and tighten safety requirements and regulations at the Interior Department and its MMS that have a history of intertwined corporate and government corruption that ran rampant during the Bush Administration and the Republicans chant to “drill baby drill.” The President will also need to act on the environmental fallout caused by all the chemical dispersants used by BP and the government that have made the disaster even more toxic to the health of the environment in the Gulf and the people who live and work there.

Major planetary transits and New or Full Moons aspecting the USA’s natal Mars/Neptune square have triggered major crises in the US. Jupiter in Pisces the ruler of oil and the sea was squaring the USA Mars and opposing the USA Neptune at the time of the Deepwater Horizon explosion, indicating that the oil being released from the well is much larger than continues to be reported and is likely to spread over great distances. The September 15, 2008 Pisces Full Moon triggered the financial tsunami on Wall St. after Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy. Now it is becoming likely that an oil crisis could trigger another Act in the financial crisis as the oil makes its way into the Gulfstream current and around to the U.S. East Coast.

The chart for the New Moon set for Washington DC describes what is happening in the USA. The New Moon in the sector representing behind the scenes activities could bring a lot of dirty laundry spilling out of the closet, from the Administration to the military, corporate interests (hospitals, drug companies, prisons, charities), and the Republican Party. Since this sector is naturally ruled by Neptune and Pisces, the issues center on oil, fraud, and other deceptive practices.

With Gemini/Mercury ruling this sector of the chart and squared by Mars in Virgo in the sector representing communications, the media could be in overdrive trying to stay on top of the fast moving developments. And media outlets will be criticizing other media outlets for failing to get all the details correct.

The Moon is the ruler of this chart and squares Saturn in Virgo located in the sector representing land and real estate values. Virgo rules the sector of this chart which conjoins the USA’s progressed Moon in Virgo and natal Neptune in Virgo; both square the USA Mars. These influences are likely to contract real estate values and sales. Neptune rules dreams, and it looks like the illusion of low mortgage rates subsidized by the government could begin to get covered in oil. The Moon represents the public and the USA’s progressed Moon conjoining natal Neptune and squaring Mars could finally start to destroy the long held propaganda known as the “American Dream.”

Venus in Cancer opposes the USA natal Pluto in Capricorn, conjoins the Federal Reserve’s natal Neptune and squares the NYSE’s natal Saturn in Aries and Neptune in Libra. Economic growth is likely to be slow and modest. The aggressive behind the scenes lobbying of Congress by the “independent” Fed is likely to become more exposed, along with the potential for scandal relating to actions taken during the financial crisis. Venus conjoining the Fed’s Neptune reflects asset price bubbles particularly in bonds and gold.

True to Gemini’s dualistic and contradictory nature, the New Moon cycle period of June 12 to July 10 is a mixed bag of indicators with the first part of the cycle looking stronger than the second half.

Planets in mutable signs such as Gemini and Virgo* indicate that it’s time to tie up loose ends, as one cycle is ending and a new one is about to begin. The June 21 Summer Solstice and the June 26 and July 11 eclipses will usher in a lineup of planets in cardinal (initiating) signs that will bring dynamic changes to our economic, governmental and societal structures. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, the closer we get to the late July/early August timeframe, the greater the turmoil in financial markets. The planetary alignments this summer set up the possibility that the indices could even break through their early March 2009 lows.

Some of the areas of the world that could be more prominent in the news over the next two weeks due to severe weather conditions, increased geophysical and geopolitical activity are:

USA: Maine, New Hampshire, Cape Cod, eastern Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida (potential that the oil spill migrates further into Florida), Dakotas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas (esp Houston/Beaumont), Hawaiian islands (strong potential for earthquakes/volcanic eruptions).

World: Haiti and Dominican Republic, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, northwestern Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina. Greater potential for more volcanic eruptions in Iceland, especially around the time of the June 19 First Quarter Moon period, affecting travel in Ireland, the UK and northern Europe. Spain, Norway, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Yugoslavia, Albania, Greece. Central Africa from Libya to S. Africa. Eastern India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, southeastern China, Koreas.

*Sagittarius and Pisces are the other mutable signs.

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