Aries New Moon Cycle April 14 – May 12, 2010

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The Vernal Equinox is the start of a new annual cycle as it marks the moment when the Sun enters Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. Aries represents a new beginning which correlates to the moment in each month when the life force of the Sun and the emotional instincts of the Moon unite at the New Moon.

The Aries New Moon is the most important Moon cycle for personal achievement and creativity as Aries represents the self. Aries the initiator is ruled by Mars, the planetary energy of action. Mars in Sun-ruled Leo during this year’s Aries New Moon cycle enhances the energies of the Sun, boosting courage and confidence. The Sun’s favorable alignment to Neptune in Aquarius (exact April 18) means it’s time to download into action the ideas and goals envisioned in your head.

A favorable alignment between Venus in its home sign Taurus and Jupiter in Pisces (April 17) increases optimism regarding income generating opportunities. Besides money and other tangible assets, Venus/Taurus represents values and valuations.

With Mercury in Taurus turning retrograde April 18 until May 11,* the next month is a time to take a new approach to existing matters related to personal values and net worth. The May 13 Taurus New Moon cycle is a time to begin new financial endeavors.

Saturn retrograde in Virgo opposes Uranus in Pisces for the final time on April 26 in these signs** that represent the end of a cleansing process that began in November 2008. This has been a wakeup call to release and restructure what is not working efficiently and effectively, particularly in matters related to work and daily routines, health, and bringing unconscious behavioral patterns to the surface.

Saturn and planets in Taurus tend to be resistant and slow to change as these energies prefer to cling to what already exists until things reach a point where change becomes a more welcome prospect than staying stuck in a rut. The energies present at the Aries New Moon can assist in taking the fear and inertia out of removing self-imposed obstacles (such as procrastination) that stand in the way of accomplishing what’s important.

In the USA, the New Moon occurs on April 14 at 8:29 AM EDT. The New Moon, together with Mercury and Venus in Taurus are located in the sector that reflects action taking place behind the scenes. Mercury is the ruler of the chart and represents the nation’s attitudes. The public is more hopeful about their personal circumstances and prospects. It appears likely that Congress will pass an extension of job benefits.

Mercury also rules the sectors representing the economy/banking system, and the stock market. Most of the news and behind the scenes activity will be focused on the financial system and the speculative markets. As Wall St. lobbies behind closed doors to maintain the status quo of limited regulation of financial markets, the Obama Administration is likely to garner enough support to incorporate most of their proposed financial reforms into legislation.

Mercury retrograde could reveal previously undisclosed information concerning deceptive financial practices. Other industries affected might include the chemicals, energy, pharmaceutical, hospital/ healthcare, private security services could be particularly affected. Venus squaring Neptune April 23 could elevate these issues into a possible scandal. Traders might have trouble at that time separating rumor from fact.

Mercury retrograde could temporarily put the brakes on the market moving into new territory, putting pressure on valuations that bring a temporary pullback or at least keep the market range bound. Venus entering Mercury-ruled Gemini April 25 until May 19 can bring currency revaluations and reversals, along with a greater potential for choppier to more volatile trading.

Saturn in the sector representing the stock market opposes Uranus in the sector of Congress, and squares Pluto in Capricorn which is strengthened in its home sector ruling debt, bonds, taxes, opaque financial instruments, insurance, bankruptcies, and wills/estates. Proposed legislation tightening regulations, curbing excessive risk taking, and increased transparency, together with investigations and news reports will reveal new insights into the financial system. These undisclosed discoveries will motivate politicians and regulators to take action.

The stock market was positive at the prior oppositions of Saturn and Uranus (November 4, 2008, February 5 and September 15, 2009). The first two oppositions took the market to multiyear lows within a month, while the last one didn’t faze it. The September opposition (like this one) occurred when Mercury was retrograde which could have been a contributing factor that offset the previous trend.

As described in the current Weekly Forecast, the Aries New Moon squares the January 15 Solar Eclipse, conjoins the NYSE’s natal Saturn, and squares the USA’s natal Pluto in the sector ruling the financial system which reinforces the themes described above.

From April 21 when the Sun enters Taurus to April 25, half of the planets will be in the earth element, further increasing the potential for earthquakes and other geophysical phenomena. Saturn opposite Uranus on April 26 so close to the April 28 Full Moon in Scorpio combined with Mercury retrograde, keep these energies activated and can bring sudden and severe storms with flash flooding, tornadoes, and mudslides that cause power outages.

Hot spots are areas of the world likely to generate an increase in news due to
geopolitical/geophysical activities during the Aries New Moon cycle, but particularly between now and the April 28 Full Moon:

USA: East Coast: Fog/precipitation can impede visibility on the western PA, WV, VA, NC, SC, FL (esp. east coast – Ft. Pierce/Treasure Coast & Miami area), LA, TX, ID, NM, AZ, NV. Vancouver/West Coast, especially CA (Santa Barbara – LA/Long Beach; Bakersfield; San Francisco area) could experience an earthquake triggering a tsunami).
World: Mexico, Cuba, Panama (shipping possibly disrupted), Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, northeastern Brazil. Ireland, Portugal, Scandinavia, Germany, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Austria. Nuclear and terrorism issues related to Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan. Africa: potential for increased violence and unrest in Morocco and Nigeria; Somalia. Persian Gulf: Saudi Arabia, Yemen, U.A.E., Oman. India, Nepal; escalation of military force in Burma and Thailand. China, Taiwan, Philippines, Sumatra, Indonesia, eastern Australia, New Zealand.

The Moon increases in light until reaching culmination two weeks later at the Full Moon. If you want to promote yourself or your business to generate the most attention, this is the time of the lunar cycle to do it!

The Full Moon in Scorpio is perhaps the most intensely emotionally charged Full Moon of the year. The five days of the Full Moon (two days before/day of/two days after) is a time of culmination and catharsis, as the light of the Moon serves to spotlight what requires our attention and interaction with others. Secrets are revealed. Tensions can become overheated as Mars squares the Full Moon. Scorpio, Leo, and Taurus are fixed energies that tend to stubbornly resist acquiescing control of any situation. What has been stuck or blocked tends to reach a turning point now. As the midpoint of the lunar cycle, the Full Moon illuminates our progress since the New Moon so that adjustments can be made over the next two weeks before the next lunar cycle begins.

Specifically, the Moon in Scorpio relates to mortgages and consumer loans, the Sun in Taurus money and banking, and Mars in Leo the desire to speculate. The Sun in Taurus opposes the Moon in Scorpio putting the focus on money/tangible wealth vs. debt/leveraged assets; deposit-based lending vs. wholesale funding. Taurus is income and assets you generate vs. shared assets and debt.

In the USA, the Full Moon occurs on April 28 at 8:18 AM EDT. The chart is similar to the New Moon chart, as Mercury is the chart ruler and also rules the sector representing the stock market. Mercury retrograde in Taurus conjoins the Sun in the sector of behind the scenes activity. Taurus’ planetary ruler Venus is located here as well and co-rules the stock market sector of the chart.

With the Full Moon opposing the Sun/Mercury and squaring Mars in Leo, announcements by government or corporate leaders will particularly move the market at this time. Saturn in the sector of the stock market rules the area of the chart representing debt/bonds and is tightly opposing Uranus. This could indicate news that spikes yields.

The Sun conjoining Mercury retrograde in Taurus aptly describes an announcement made by a central bank. Since the Full Moon occurs on the day of the FOMC meeting, it raises the potential for an announcement by the Fed that reverses what has been perceived by the market to be an entrenched policy stance. As I described in my post on “Bernanke’s Grip on the FOMC Is Weakening,” actions (Mars) speak louder than words if the Fed allows the yield on the three month Treasury bill to rise in spite of their rhetoric. Reflecting the untransparent nature of Scorpio, the Fed might alternatively retain its rhetoric while allowing the market to raise rates anyway. ;-)

There is greater potential now for transportation accidents such as a tanker explosion. Violent behavior at a post office, school, bank, healthcare facility, and potentially a prison break are more likely. As is an increase in neighborhood crime.

Hotspots: USA: East Coast – wet weather/poor visibility esp. Maine thru New England, FL, WI, IN, KY, TN, AL. West Coast: AL, Vancouver through Baja CA, NV, AZ, NM.
World: Haiti/Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, eastern Brazil (Rio). Ireland, UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Syria, entire Persian Gulf region. Africa: Morocco, Somalia, Madagascar. India, Bangladesh, Burma, central China, Japan (earthquake potential), central Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji Islands.

*My next post will be about Mercury retrograde in Taurus.

**The final opposition of Saturn and Uranus will occur at the beginning of Libra and Aries respectively. These energies relate to the need to strike a healthy balance between individual needs/rights with those of a partner/others/society’s.

The Weekly Forecast has a detailed view of planetary influences and how they might affect the economy and financial markets.

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