WallStreetWeather.net Forecast For Week Of March 1, 2010

Summary Of Last Week’s Influences:
Despite the major indices closing lower last week for the first time in three weeks, the Dow and the S&P made the strongest gains in February in 12 years – the last time Jupiter was in Pisces. Jupiter is the traditional planetary ruler of Pisces. Venus in Pisces conjoining Jupiter in mid February combined with the pair’s harmonious alignment to the USA’s natal Venus and Jupiter, helped the Nasdaq make its first monthly gain in February since 2003. Venus operates well in Neptune-ruled Pisces which helped boost the value of crude oil, up 9.3% in February to just under $80.00 despite an abundance (Jupiter) of supply.

Underneath the largely benevolent influence of the Sun, Jupiter, Venus, and Uranus in Pisces remains the bigger influence of Saturn in Libra squaring Pluto in Capricorn. Pisces creates confusion and uncertainty, while Saturn creates pressure and fear in the market over debt (Pluto) concerns. Saturn is creating freezing conditions - from freezing temperatures to proposals to freeze government (Saturn) spending. And Pluto is on a mission to expose the mountain of debt that governments at all levels have amassed. Saturn creates blockages, whether caused by snow and ice covered roads, or politicians blocking legislation to advance own agenda.

Wall St. is blaming the snowstorms for light trading volume, but this is reflected by Mars being retrograde since December 20. This is particularly true as Mars is retrograde in Leo the sign of speculation until March 10. Mars retrograde in Leo can stall action as leaders can let their egos get in the way of moving forward. From now until March 21 Mars is at the beginning of Leo which can bring action related to events from mid-October. On March 21 the Sun in Aries will harmonize with Mars in Leo as Mars starts its march forward and events begin to move at much more dynamic pace.

To quote the title of an article in yesterday’s Financial Times, if nervous investors are waiting for uncertainty to clear, they might want to hibernate for the rest of the year (which will be the primary focus of upcoming posts). The article quotes Stephen Jen, managing director of macroeconomics and currencies at BlueGold Capital, who says “the upshot is a more difficult market for investors who trade on economic fundamentals rather than so-called technicals such as specific market levels.” Jen equates “this to a switch in focus from astronomy to astrology.” :-)

Summary Of This Week’s Influences:
The Sun conjoins Jupiter in Pisces today for the first time since February 23, 1998 on the day of the Full Moon (emotional awareness) in Virgo-ruled Mercury. The Sun represents speculation and Jupiter optimism and expansion. Combined they can represent large market moves, usually to the upside as these planetary energies favor risk-taking.

The Sun/Jupiter alignment describes large scale global events. In Pisces this can relate to credit conditions and aid packages. News relating to drugs, hospitals, R&D, chemical, and the oil and gas industries could be prominent now. Neptune-ruled Pisces is an elusive kind of energy where things are not usually what they might initially appear to be. The Full Moon in Virgo is a time to shine the light through the haze of confusion by analyzing whether the information and numbers presented add up.

This Full Moon is particularly powerful as the Moon is perigee (closest to Earth), exerting a tremendous influence on the tides. Neptune/Pisces rules the oceans, and the Full Moon opposing the Sun and Jupiter greatly increased the tidal force, creating high waves and tsunami warnings for several countries including the U.S. after an 8.8 earthquake struck Chile early Saturday morning. The Full Moon in earth element Virgo increases the potential for geophysical events such as earthquakes, especially as Mercury was exactly conjoining Neptune in Aquarius (shockwaves). Mercury rules communications and its conjunction to Neptune describes the extensive use of the tsunami warning system. In the Northeast, these planetary combinations created an excessive amount of moisture that resulted in yet another big blizzard. The Full Moon in Virgo highlights how these events have disrupted schedules and obtaining food and basic necessities.

Mercury will enter Pisces Monday until March 17, bringing the total number of planets in Pisces to five until March 7. Mercury in Pisces together with the Sun conjunct Jupiter could create large market moves on Monday.

The Moon will be in Venus-ruled Libra on Tuesday and Wednesday, emphasizing financial arrangements. The annual conjunction of Venus conjoining Uranus in Pisces midweek could create currency reversals and sudden sector shifts. With the Moon shifting into Scorpio Thursday and Friday and Mercury making a favorable aspect to Scorpio’s planetary ruler Pluto on Thursday, previously undisclosed news (probably related to debt) is revealed. These influences are a good time to do research and investigation.

Looking back one month from now, this week’s influences could seem pretty sedate compared to the rest of March as volatility is likely to rise approaching the March 15 New Moon.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010
Strongest in the morning, then weakens and becomes choppy in the afternoon, closing negative.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010
Positive early, then becomes choppy/mixed to negative in afternoon.

Thursday, March 4, 2010
Market improves as day progresses; ends positive.

Friday, March 5, 2010
Choppy/mixed to positive trend bias.

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