Economic Trends During Jupiter in Pisces: January 17-June 6, 2010; September 9-January 22, 2011

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Jupiter, the planetary energy of expansion and abundance, began a new cycle in Pisces on January17, 2010.

Jupiter energy tends to be jovial and optimistic, preferring to view the glass as half full. As the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter does everything in a big way. Usually considered the energy of luck and risk-taking, Jupiter also represents excess and exaggeration. Strong Jupiter energies tend to manifest as large stock market moves that are not always bullish.

Jupiter represents wisdom, truth, and ethical behavior. It is one’s personal philosophy which society categorizes as politics and religion. Jupiter rules long distance travel, global trade, foreign affairs, publishing, the courts/judicial system, and higher education.

Jupiter was the planetary ruler of Pisces until Neptune was discovered in 1846. Pisces represents interconnectedness, dissolving boundaries and barriers as it strives for inclusion and unity as Jupiter in Pisces is idealistic and believes in faith, hope, and charity. The motto for Jupiter in Pisces is “believing is seeing” since intuitive vision is the first step in bringing what has yet to come into being. Pisces rules the unconscious mind and the intuitive faculties. Getting a peaceful night’s sleep, working with dreams, and setting aside a short amount of time each day for meditation/reflection enhances intuition and sparks the imagination.

Pisces rules:
film, photography, music, the arts
alcohol, drugs, tobacco
oil, gas and chemicals
prisons; hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities
advertising and propaganda
mental health; the feet (as well as a vehicle’s tires)

Legal rulings are likely to be dominated by matters ruled by Jupiter and Pisces. The most positive manifestation of Jupiter in Pisces is political decisions and judicial rulings that focus more on the “greater good” rather than benefiting a select group of people. Overturning existing laws will also tend to be connected to Jupiter in Pisces themes. States allowing medical marijuana will continue to grow. And now the floodgates are opened to a tidal wave of political advertising after the Supreme Court ruled the government cannot restrict spending by corporations and unions in political campaigns.

Major ethics violations, scandal and fraud are more likely to be committed by individuals in charities, government, and corporations related to the themes above. Companies will increase their donations to charity and to organizations with charitable or patriotic sounding names that masquerade as a front to further their own agenda. Jupiter in Pisces blurs the line between reality and illusion.

Jupiter inflates and Pisces creates bubbles caused by easy credit. Government stimulus and zero interest rates have already spawned an asset price bubble in 2009 when Jupiter conjoined Neptune in Aquarius for most of the year. Jupiter in Pisces could inflate investments related to the movies/music, healthcare (pharmaceuticals; hospitals), and chemicals sectors. Since Jupiter tends to be indulgent and sensitive Pisces seeks an escape hatch from the harsh realities of the world, spas and spa type services (pedicures, reflexology, massage), short-term cruises and retreats could see a pickup in business as people with even a limited budget seek out a few hours or day of rejuvenation. Shoe sales could get a boost.

As far as the healthcare sector is concerned, the easy money has already been made as big pharma’s pipeline is waning and money for new drug development is redirected into advertising and growth through M&A. Jupiter in Pisces describes an abundant supply of oil and gas with major new discoveries found under the sea this year; any price spikes are likely to be temporary.

Jupiter aspecting Pluto (exact February 6) brings news related to issues that began around the time of the January 15 Solar Eclipse. Debt increases more than projected. Unexpected credit issues surface and major scandals and information about clandestine government activities could be exposed. This can be an opportunity to transform the tax code, but will probably result in tax measures being proposed or expanded upon. There could be a merger announcement in the healthcare sector. This could involve a big pharma company acquiring a one drug wonder biotech company.

The bursting of asset price bubbles in foreign markets such as China will create a ripple effect throughout the world. This is what happened the last time Jupiter was in Pisces* The Russian financial crisis precipitated the fall of hedge fund Long Term Capital Management on September 23, 1998 when Jupiter in Pisces was exactly opposing the USA’s natal Neptune and squaring the USA Mars. This is a sensitive degree area that coincides with the financial crisis in 2008 and the panic of 1907. Jupiter here can also bring increased military related action.

Jupiter in Pisces will pass over this degree area on April 22, around the same time Jupiter will oppose Saturn in Virgo (exact May 23) while Saturn opposes Uranus in Pisces (exact April 26). Virgo and Pisces represent cleaning up the errors of the past as these signs mark a transition from the closing of one cycle and the start of a new one. Jupiter expands and Saturn contracts, creating a mixed economic picture and a shift to more nationalistic policies. Saturn opposite Uranus reflects the status quo (Saturn) who are resistant to Uranus’ wakeup call to release fear so outworn conditions can dissolve to make way for new innovations.

Enthusiasm and optimism for new innovations and making a fresh start will begin when Jupiter and Uranus conjoin in Aries on June 8. This begins a shift back to engineering and manufacturing products in the U.S. and a push for developing real technology. The last time Jupiter conjoined Uranus at the beginning of a cardinal (action-oriented) sign** was on July 20, 1969 – the day Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stepped on the Moon in “one giant (Jupiter) leap (Uranus) for mankind.” Jupiter and Uranus in Aries exactly opposing the 1969 Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Libra can usher in that same pioneering sense of discovery.

Jupiter and Uranus will retrograde back into Pisces where they will conjoin on September 19 and January 4, 2011. Jupiter conjoining Uranus in Pisces will bring welcome developments for biotech companies as the truly innovative companies hit pay dirt. There could also be breakthroughs in the application of material science, such as paints and other coatings being used to collect solar energy. Innovative paints have already been shown to be self cleansing and glass for commercial applications is already in place that sheds dirt.

Pisces rules the oceans as it is part of the water element, and clean water could be a particular problem. Weather wise, there will be periods this year where excess water brings flooding and a lack of water brings draught. Crop damage will elevate food prices. It’s a good idea to have a supply of bottled water on hand as severe weather and contaminates in the water supply could temporarily make drinking water unsafe.

Jupiter in Pisces can bring forth a tidal wave of emotions. The wisdom of Jupiter in Pisces is to be flexible and go with the flow, having compassion for others as well as ourselves.

*Jupiter takes about 12 years to make a complete cycle around the Sun. Recent transits of Jupiter in Pisces:
February 4, 1998 – February 13, 1999
February 20, 1986 – March 2, 1987
March 8, 1974 – March 18, 1975 (Like now, Saturn squared Pluto.)
March 25, 1962 – April 4, 1963

**The cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

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