Mercury Retrograde September 6-29, 2009 Reverses Financial Markets and Restarts Healthcare Reform

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For three weeks about three to four times a year, Mercury appears to move backwards from Earth’s vantage point. Mercury turns retrograde September 7 at 12:45 AM EDT and will turn direct September 29 at 9:14 AM EDT.

Mercury rules all forms of communication and movement. Mercury retrograde is not considered a favorable time to make important decisions or start something new. However, Mercury retrograde does offer the opportunity to revisit situations we’ve overlooked, rectify past errors, and resolve issues that previously failed to reach fruition. Put the RE prefix before everything you do (rethink, reform, renegotiate, repair, revise, redo, reconnect, reinvent, retry, etc.) during this time. Reconfirm all appointments and arrangements and keep your schedule as flexible as possible to accommodate unexpected changes in plans.

All methods of communication can be prone to breakdowns and/or snafus during this time so it’s important to keep devices fully charged, frequently backup files, and have printouts of important documents. Scrutinize data and financial statements which could be more prone to errors. All forms of transportation can be more prone to breakdowns. Unsettled weather conditions can cause travel delays and cancellations, along with power outages.

As CNBC understands, Mercury retrograde tends to create choppy and volatile trading patterns as the market has a hard time making up its mind what the next move should be. Data feeds could be problematic and potentially display inaccurate information. Any discernable trading pattern begun during the retrograde period might not hold up once Mercury begins moving forward. The most volatile trading days during Mercury retrograde are likely to be around September 7 (U.S. markets closed)-8, 10-11, 15, 17-18, 22-23, 28-29.

From September 6 to 17 Mercury will retrograde in Venus-ruled Libra. (Mercury has been in Libra since August 25.) Relationships, particularly romantic partnerships as well as business alliances and partnerships, are emphasized now. Any relationship difficulties that arise during this time could stem from a lack of willingness to listen and understand the other person’s point of view. Libra is the sign of balance and fairness. Focus on working with what you can agree on (or at least respectfully agree to disagree). Since Mercury retrograde tends to bring back people and matters from the past, this can be a time to reconnect with past relationships and is an opportunity to repair any conflicts. Contracts and agreements could get revised or revoked now.

Mercury was last retrograde in Libra from September 24 to October 15, 2008, and Mercury turns retrograde on the same degree as the September 29, 2008 Libra New Moon. The financial system was in meltdown, with the DJIA dropping almost 800 points after the House failed to pass the TARP bill that day. Venus rules banks. By the end of last year’s Mercury retrograde in Libra, the Fed, Treasury, and FDIC decided which banks got partnered off and the biggest banks were forced to agree to take TARP.

One year later we still have not enacted reforms to address the root causes of the financial crisis. Mercury turning retrograde challenging the USA’s natal Jupiter indicates the nation will be grappling with big philosophical issues during this time.

As Congress returns from their summer recess, political alliances could change and sentiment could shift on financial regulatory and healthcare reform. 9 is the number of completion, fulfillment and attainment. On 09/09/09* President Obama will address a joint session of Congress to “relaunch” the Administration’s goals for healthcare reform, an issue left incomplete since 1965.

Libra is represented by the scales of justice, and the high court is represented by the ninth sign** of the zodiac. On 09/09/09, the nine justices of the Supreme Court will hold a special session to hear a re-argument to determine if the justices should overturn past rulings that upheld campaign finance laws limiting corporate spending in elections. Theodore Olson***, the former Bush Administration Solicitor General who argued Bush v. Gore before the Supreme Court, is the lead attorney for the conservative group Citizens United who lost its lawsuit against the Federal Election Commission to distribute “Hillary: The Movie” as a pay per view video last year.

Pluto represents deep and intense emotions as it brings events that are felt on a massive scale. The planetary energy of death and transformation, covert actions, and catastrophes has been retrograde since April 4 and will turn direct on September 11. Pluto rules panics and financial crashes, bankruptcies, mergers, mortgages, insurance, and the more opaque financial derivatives traded off the exchanges. Last year when Pluto turned direct the government put Fannie Mae (FNM) and Freddie Mac (FRE) into conservatorship. Pluto turning direct while Mercury is retrograde forces a re-examination of the issues related to these themes.

Wall Street was deeply impacted by 9/11, and almost collapsed under the banking panic last year. September 15 marks the one year anniversary that Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy, Bank of America (BAC) acquired Merrill Lynch, and the following day the government took a 79.9% stake in AIG. Mercury in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn form a challenging alignment (exact September 17) that could reveal new information regarding all of these issues, with the Federal Reserve coming under ever more scrutiny (particularly around September 11, 17, 22-23).

Equally meaningful to Pluto moving direct on September 11 is that Saturn in Virgo will oppose Uranus in Pisces for the third time on September 15. Saturn represents the status quo and the old ways of doing business vs. Uranus which breaks down barriers to bring reform. The first opposition took place on Election Day. Fear (Saturn) that the banks could not stand on their own was driving the call for stress testing, and the most ardent “free marketers” were advocating nationalization (Pisces rules communism) of the nation’s largest banks around the time of the second Saturn/Uranus opposition on February 5. Virgo rules healthcare, and with the opposition taking place just before the Virgo New Moon, healthcare reform has reached its make it or break it moment.

Mercury moves back into its “home” sign Virgo on September 17. Virgo rules the workforce, schedules/daily routines, and dietary matters. Reapply to employers who previously rejected you and get in touch with people you previously worked with. If you failed a test, retake it. Mercury retrograde in Virgo is a good time to sort through the paperwork and get organized.

Mercury will turn direct on September 29 at 9:14 AM EDT, revisiting where it was on August 17. Mercury conjoining the USA Neptune and President Obama’s Mars, and both challenging the USA Mars could bring an escalation in military action abroad.

The next Mercury retrograde will occur in Capricorn from December 26, 2009 to January 15, 2010. Retailers should be prepared for lots of returned merchandise.

The Weekly Forecast offers a more detailed view of planetary influences and their potential to effect the economy and the stock market.

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*999 is the UK’s emergency number just as 911 is in the U.S.


***Olson was born on September 11, 1940. His third wife Barbara was on board the plane that struck the Pentagon on 9/11.

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