Stock Market Turbulence During The Leo New Moon Cycle: August 20-September 18, 2009

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The word month is derived from the Moon. The new month actually begins when the Sun (self-identity) and Moon (emotional instincts) conjoin at New Moon, beginning a new 28.5 day cycle.

The Leo New Moon occurs on August 20 at 6:02 AM EDT. Leo and the Sun rule all types of speculation. The lion must have the confidence and courage their bet will pay off. The Leo New Moon is a good time to assess if your speculations are a crap shot or an orchestration of carefully calibrated strategies flexible enough to adapt to changing market conditions. Do you view your speculations objectively and are willing to swallow your pride and take a loss if a position goes against you? Do you know when to take a profit or does your ego get greedy and demand you hang on for more? The most creative ideas/solutions could occur engaging in leisure pursuits, especially when Venus is in Leo (August 26 to September 20). Leo rules the heart and matters of the heart.

This New Moon occurs in the final days of the Sun’s sojourn in Leo. With the Sun having passed opposition to Jupiter (August 14) and Neptune (August 17), the Leo New Moon reflects the Sun beginning to set on the current bear market rally. The Moon becoming Void-of-Course* immediately after the Leo New Moon indicates we should be prepared for our creative pursuits to go in unexpected directions.

Over the next few weeks, financial markets will become turbulent as the veil of illusion is lifted and reality sets in to find that some of those recent outsized profits generated on Wall Street were exaggerated hype. The stock market will still have strong up days during this cycle, but the down days tend to be more powerful and plentiful. Leo/Sun represents leaders, and at least two prominent executives could get caught in a major scandal or web of deception.

Mercury (communication/movement) conjoining Saturn in Virgo in the sector representing the economy and the banking system in the New Moon chart for the USA describes economic contraction and worries about valuations. Mercury opposing Uranus in Pisces (August 21) can create wild market gyrations on unexpected news developments that could be related to credit quality or availability.

The cardinal signs** are the initiators. Planets entering cardinal signs bring new global issues, along with new developments regarding established issues. August 25-26 is very volatile as Mars (action/aggression) enters Moon-ruled Cancer until October 16 and Mercury enters Libra until September 17.

Mercury and Mars immediately square off with each other before they both form a stressful alignment to Pluto in Capricorn. Financial and diplomatic agreements could break down and power struggles ensue. Turf battles could erupt into an international incident that affects global markets. Mars opposing Pluto could represent an attack on a nuclear facility or a rogue group/nation making nuclear threats. Changes in direction in currencies and interest rates driven by market participants could occur now. The market could be spooked by news about or coming from the Federal Reserve and its Chairman as the Mercury/Mars/Pluto alignment impacts the Fed’s Sun/Pluto opposition.

The Moon in Pluto-ruled Scorpio from mid afternoon August 24 until late on the 26th tends to create highly intense emotions that could erupt into violent power struggles and the desire for revenge. Be calm and avoid confrontational situations and traveling to unfamiliar areas. Powerful storms could create flooding, damaging homes and buildings.

Look for some of the secret financial web connecting corporate interests, Wall Street, health insurers and the medical industrial complex, and members of Congress to get exposed. When members of Congress return from recess, financial and healthcare reforms will take center stage. The opposition’s protests against healthcare reform have only strengthened the majority’s resolve to pass healthcare legislation. Congress is also going to get aggressive about trying to pass financial regulatory reform.

Hot Spots:
East Coast (Maine to North Carolina), Alaska, Pacific Northwest to San Francisco. Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Turkey, Egypt, Sudan, Iran, U.A.E., Oman, Pakistan (Islamabad), Koreas, Philippines, Indonesia, eastern Australia, Papua New Guinea.

First Quarter Moon
The First Quarter Moon on August 27 at 7:42 AM EDT marks the midpoint between the New and Full Moon. As the Sun and Mercury travel in Virgo, it’s time to fine tune all the details relating to what was begun at the New Moon. Try to complete your most important tasks and activities before Mercury turns retrograde*** on September 7. The Moon in Sagittarius and a favorable aspect between Mercury and Venus (August 27/28) is a good time to seal the deal.

In the USA, the public’s outlook is cautious and critical that the Administration and Congress has not done enough to help consumers cope with the fallout from the financial crisis, a factor that will make Wall St. jittery.

Hot Spots:
New England states, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alaska, Hawaii. Eastern Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Venezuela, Guyana, Brazil. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine. Egypt, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, eastern China, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, western Australia.

Full Moon
The Full Moon on September 4 at 12:03 PM EDT marks the halfway point of the lunar cycle. If you want to announce or promote something to receive maximum attention, this is the time to do it! Emotions run high like the tides, especially with the Full Moon in sensitive Pisces. This Full Moon is about balancing our self serving needs (Sun in Virgo) with what’s best for the greater good of the collective (Moon in Pisces).

Virgo rules healthcare as well as accountability and efficiencies, and the Full Moon will bust some of the lies and deceptions (Pisces) put forth by the opposition. Today marks the deadline that 52 of the nation’s largest health insurance companies with over $2 billion in revenues must submit responses to questions requested in a letter by the House Energy & Commerce Committee . The insurance companies must submit a table of each employee or officer with total compensation of $500,000 or more between 2003-08, expenses for outside retreats from 2007+, and premiums, claims, and expenses for the group, individual, and government segments. By September 14 we’ll learn exactly how much the private health insurers are profiting from their government business.

Virgo rules the workforce, and the stock market could go into a panic attack that the August unemployment report is worse than expected. Turmoil in the banking, insurance, and real estate sectors could cause panic in the stock market. Mercury turning retrograde over Labor Day weekend could alter holiday plans, and accentuates the choppiness and market volatility. Mercury retrograde on last year’s Libra New Moon reviews TARP and the craziness of the financial crisis, and serves as a reminder that the financial system got stabilized yet nothing has been solved.

Pisces and Neptune rule the oceans. Sudden thunderstorms dumping lots of precipitation are likely. If a tropical storm/hurricane forms during this time, its path could travel through the eastern Caribbean islands, Jamaica, Cuba, Bahamas, Key West, Florida (Gulf Coast between Naples and Sarasota), Georgia and Carolinas.

Additional Hot Spots:
Alaska. Brazil. Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Armenia. Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Madagascar. Iraq, Saudi Arabia, South Yemen, Iran. Northeastern China, Koreas, Japan. Papua New Guinea, Australia.

Last Quarter Moon
The Last Quarter Moon in Gemini on September 11 at 10:16 PM is the time to finish up what was begun at the New Moon. If the nation feels particularly intense on the eighth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, it is because Pluto the planetary energy relating to life, death, and transformation, great power and wealth, debt, taxes, insurance, bankruptcy, conspiracies/secrets, and nuclear energy, turns direct today after being retrograde since April 4. These themes will be in the forefront now. With Mercury retrograde and the Moon in Mercury-ruled Gemini (as it was on 9/11), information will be revealed during this period about many of these issues that cause people to rethink their positions and seek meaningful change rather than defending the status quo. Venus opposing Jupiter exaggerates market sentiment.

Hot Spots:
Earthquake potential for Idaho, Nevada, southern California (southern around Long Beach area). Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan. Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan.

This last and final act of the Leo New Moon cycle could be the most dramatic as Saturn (status quo) opposes Uranus (reform)**** for the third time on the 15th, the one year anniversary of Lehman’s bankruptcy filing. Venus opposing Neptune could bring a stock market fraud/scandal.

The fever pitch about the events of last September/October reach peak on September 17. Mercury challenging Pluto can reveal market manipulation. The Moon is in Mercury-ruled Virgo and Mercury re-enters Virgo, while the Sun in Virgo re-activates Saturn/Uranus opposition.

All of these planetary alignments will demonstrate that there is a lot of work to be done before this recession is over. The financial system may have been stabilized, but the old (Saturn) must be taken apart and transformed (Pluto) before the future (Uranus) reflects the indices' current levels.

*When the Moon (our emotional barometer) does not form any relationships to a planet before entering a new zodiacal sign.

**The cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn.

***Planets do not really move backwards, but appear to from Earth’s vantage point. I will be writing an upcoming post about the September Mercury retrograde. In the meantime, here's a post about Mercury retrograde in 2009.

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