Healthcare Reform: President Obama vs. Blue Dogs, Elephants, Six Hypocritical Senators, United Healthcare, and a Fraudulent Former Hospital CEO

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The United States was born with aggressive and impulsive Mars in Gemini challenging addictive and illusionary Neptune in Virgo. Neptune represents the nation’s mythology and propaganda. The USA is a nation with multiple myths and addictions, specifically relating to guns, drugs, health and dietary issues.

With his Mars in Virgo exactly conjoining the USA Neptune, President Obama has put his energy and efforts into dissolving the barriers that prevent millions of Americans from obtaining access to health insurance. But shattering the Neptunian illusions is not easy when the politicians and the special interests that finance them are spreading propaganda like a virus. With his Mars harmonizing with Saturn in Capricorn, President Obama has the patience and perseverance to prevail.

Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury (communication), which is located in the area of the USA chart representing insurance. The USA’s Mercury in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn describes the hidden motives of the powerful and wealthy corporate interests to keep the public thinking that as bad as things are now, they would be worse after reforms have been implemented.

Medicare was enacted in 1965 when Saturn (status quo) opposed Uranus (reform). Now that Saturn and Uranus are once again in opposition, President Obama has recognized that “the stars are aligned to enact healthcare reform for all Americans.

Republicans signaled their opposition to healthcare reform that would eliminate the current system’s problems that I described in “The Healthcare Haves Don’t Realize Their Risks.” On July 17, four Democrats (Nelson, Lieberman, Landrieu, Wyden) and two Republican (Snowe, Collins) Senators sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Reid requesting to slow down the pace of the legislative process.

Despite their concerns about the cost of reform, every Senator except Lieberman was born with either the Sun challenging Jupiter (Landrieu, Snowe) or Mars challenging Jupiter (Collins, Nelson, Wyden). These Senators have a greater tendency to engage in extravagant and wasteful spending and accept generous donations for their own political power and pet causes than exhibiting fiscal restraint. The Senators are acting hypocritical, whitewashing their real motives by claiming they’re now fiscal crusaders. “Independent Democrat” Sen. Lieberman was born with Mars conjoining Saturn and Uranus. This indicates he is more of a war hawk than a fiscal hawk who will break with tradition when it suits his personal agenda. Each of the six senators has received in excess of $1 million from the health and insurance industries during their political careers.

The same day the six Senators sent their letter, Republican Sen. Jim DeMint participated in a conference call with Conservatives For Patients Rights, a non-profit group founded by former Columbia/HCA hospital CEO Richard L. Scott. Scott was ousted as CEO in 1997 after the hospital chain plead guilty and agreed to pay the Justice Department $1.7 billion for filing fraudulent claims to state and federal government health plans.

On the conference call, DeMint declared it is “D-Day for freedom in America. If we’re able to stop Obama on this it will be his Waterloo. It will break him.” With his Mars in Leo conjoining President Obama’s Sun, DeMint is ready for battle. DeMint’s Uranus conjoins the USA Sun in Cancer, identifying with the nation’s freedom loving self-identity. His “Health Care Freedom Plan” is a copycat to all the other “plans” put forward by the GOP which utilizes buzzwords like “freedom,” “choices,” “free market” and “government takeover” as part of their subliminal propaganda message. With the USA Sun and Mercury in Moon-ruled Cancer, and the USA Moon in Uranus-ruled Aquarius, Americans tend to be very emotionally sensitive to extreme rhetoric. So it’s important for Americans to use their “independent spirit” by thinking about the risks under the current system and conducting their own research on healthcare reform, since the news networks have a vested interest in keeping the healthcare industry and political ad revenues flowing.

And as far as research goes, beware when a politician or The Wall Street Journal quotes studies by the Lewin Group that “millions* of people will lose their health insurance if healthcare reform is passed.” The media fails to disclose that the Lewin Group is part of health insurer United Healthcare (UNH).

And then there are the “Blue Dogs” who are barking up the wrong tree. While in public they’re claiming to work on reducing the costs of healthcare reform, behind the scenes the Blue Dog Democrats are trying to broker deals that increase healthcare costs by earmarking larger government payments to hospitals and other medical providers in their districts. The Center For Responsive Politics has compiled a list on the money each of the Blue Dogs has received from the healthcare industry. Rep. Mike Ross, a former pharmacy owner, heads the Blue Dogs Task Force on Healthcare. Born two days before President Obama, Ross has Mercury in Cancer opposite Saturn in Capricorn, giving him a much more conservative and rigid outlook than the President.

Saturn in Virgo conjoining President Obama’s natal Mars reflects the “frustration” the President has admitted to feeling from people who seek to block his efforts for reform. As Saturn in Virgo conjoins the USA Neptune in late August and Saturn opposes Uranus in mid September, the call for reform will regain momentum. Healthcare reform legislation has got delayed, but not derailed.

*The number varies by politician. Today Rep. Mike Pence, the Chairman of the House Republican Conference, was on MSNBC and quoting the Lewin Group study at “114 million.”

No disclosure.

USA: July 4, 1776 5:10 PM Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
President Obama: August 4, 1961 7:24 PM Honolulu, Hawaii

The Six Senators: (birth times unknown)
E. Benjamin Nelson: May 17, 1941 McCook, Nebraska
Susan M. Collins: December 7, 1952 Bangor, Maine
Mary L. Landrieu: November 23, 1955 Arlington, Virginia
Joseph I. Lieberman: February 24, 1942 Stanford, Connecticut
Olympia J. Snowe: February 21, 1947 Augusta, Maine
Ron Wyden: May 3, 1949 Wichita, Kansas

Sen. Jim DeMint: September 2, 1951 time unknown Greenville, South Carolina
Rep. Mike Ross: August 2, 1961 time unknown Texarkana, Arkansas

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