Surprise! Your Other Brain Needs Cholesterol Too!

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Women have always known that the male mind is located below the belt. Today’s USA Today (“Study: Cholesterol drugs may dampen sex life”), reports that in a six month government-funded study of over 1,000 adults, men who took Merck’s (MRK) Zocor (simvastatin) experienced a 50% drop in sexual pleasure. Bristol Myers’ (BMY) Pravachol (Pravastatin) was also tested against a placebo, and found to have a less detrimental effect because there was not as great a reduction of LDL levels.

What’s truly ridiculous is that the study participants had high LDL “bad” cholesterol but “no heart disease.” Evidence arose from the study that statins might reduce Coenzyme Q10, “a nutrient that helps cells convert oxygen, blood and glucose into energy,” causing the shriveling of sexual pleasure. More importantly, Coenzyme Q10 is a nutrient needed for healthy cardiovascular function in the first place! Once again it appears that many of these lifestyle drugs are having a more detrimental than positive impact on the very ailments they claim to be targeting.

In “Surprise! Your Brain Needs Cholesterol,” I wrote about a study that showed how statins can lower cholesterol to the point of adversely affecting thought and memory similar to Alzheimer’s patients. And since sexual arousal for men and women begins in the mind, it gives further credence to the earlier study of cholesterol’s role in optimal brain function. As I wrote in a post on Vytorin, the planetary alignment of Uranus (innovation) in Aries (brain) challenging Saturn (conventional treatment) and Pluto (transformation) beginning in mid 2010 will cause competitive difficulties for big pharma. During the transit of Uranus in Aries (2010; 2011-2018) medical innovation will center on the brain as the source for medical treatment. Healthcare will shift from taking drugs to an easy and painless way to stimulate specific areas of the brain to achieve healing without surgically opening up the head.

Big pharma has already realized the Sun is starting to set on statins. That’s why the industry is desperate to merge. As for statin’s sexual side effect, big pharma has already advertised they’ve got pills to treat your other brain (Cialis, Viagra). Perhaps the best medicine of all is if men and women free their minds of these meds and instead make it a priority to take the time to engage in activities that feel good. People who regularly make love are usually healthier and happier in a way that no pill can provide. And that’s the real key to having a healthy heart and mind(s).

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