Neptune in Aquarius: 1998 – 2012

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Neptune is the mystic and the visionary. It is the planetary energy of hope and inspiration as it is the ability to see beyond what is to a world of unlimited potential and possibilities. Neptune energy can dissolve all boundaries and barriers.

Hope provides the motivation to keep going no matter how challenging the situation. Neptune’s energy is compassionate and idealistic. Neptune’s energies are about faith. If we have faith in ourselves, we can fully open up to Neptune’s intuitive energies that seek to communicate with us through dreams, feelings, visions, and synchronistic encounters.

The flip side of Neptune is the desire to “escape” from life, through playing the sufferer, victim or martyr role by giving away our power to someone or something. Then Neptune’s creative brilliance turns into addictions and addictive behaviors as an escape mechanism. Now we’ve entered Neptune’s realm of confusion, deception, delusion, fantasy, illusion, deceit, despair, and hysteria.

Neptune Rules:
Oil, chemicals, gases, poisons and pollution; contagious diseases
Drugs, alcohol, tobacco
Hospitals, institutions, prisons, and places of retreat
The Arts; photography and film; mythology and magic
Advertising/promotion; glamour

Weather Conditions:
Neptune rules damp, moist and humid conditions, heavy cloud cover/fog, and heavy precipitation that causes flooding. As the ruler of the oceans (Poseidon is the Greek name for Neptune), strong Neptune energies can create hurricanes/monsoons and tsunamis.

Neptune in Aquarius:
Neptune takes 165 years to make a complete cycle around the Sun. Neptune has been in Aquarius, a sign ruled by Uranus, since 1998. Neptune will remain in Aquarius until February 4, 2012 when it will enter its “home” sign Pisces.

Neptune was last in Aquarius from 1834-1848. Aquarius is the humanitarian, seeking equality for all. The last cycle of Neptune in Aquarius saw the rise of the abolition movement, the first women’s rights convention, the peace movement, and the drive for better working conditions. Revolutions occurred in many European countries, along with the publication of the “Communist Manifesto.” Anesthetic ether was used for the first time, and the American Medical Association (AMA) was established. Neptune itself was discovered by two astronomers on September 23, 1846 at ll:55 PM in Berlin, Germany.

The current cycle of Neptune in Aquarius has created entertainment (Neptune) technology (Aquarius), from the iPod to internet social networking sites and virtual communities. The unlimited global reach of the internet has truly dissolved the boundaries of communication.

Financially, Neptune rules credit (from the Latin “to believe”), credit cards, and interest rates. Neptune rules inflation and market bubbles. Neptune represents euphoria to rumors, fraud, and scandals. Neptune’s energies relate to financial conditions that are unrealistic and unsustainable. Charles Mackey wrote the classic bubble book, “Extraordinary Popular Delusion and the Madness of Crowds” during the last cycle of Neptune in Aquarius.

Key Cycles:
Saturn in Leo opposite Neptune in Aquarius (August 2006 – June 2007) began forming cracks in the credit bubble.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Aquarius during 2009 will likely see major developments in the merging of spirituality with science. Electrical and computer systems outages could become a widespread problem, along with major computer/internet frauds and security breaches. Market data feeds could transmit false prices that could result in massive financial losses.

During 2009 Neptune will return for the first time to where the planet was in the sky when it was discovered. Saturn conjoined Neptune at the time of the planet’s discovery. In 1989 when Saturn and Neptune conjoined (in Capricorn), NASA’s Voyager 2 spacecraft orbited Neptune, sending back pictures of its rings that Earthbound astronomers had not been able to fully detect. As Neptune returns to the point of its discovery degree, new information about the planet will likely be discovered. One thing becomes clear through Neptune’s haze. Neptune’s dreams and idealism require ringmaster Saturn’s structure and form in order to become an earthly reality.

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