Weekly Forecast: December 8 – 14, 2008

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Summary of This Week’s Influences/All times listed are Eastern Standard Time (EST)
  • General Influences: “Expect the unexpected” might be the mantra this week, as it’s important to be open minded and flexible to new and rapidly changing situations during this fast paced and volatile time leading up to the December 12 Full Moon in Gemini. Planetary alignments between the Sun and Mars in Sagittarius challenging Uranus in Pisces highlight the desire to break free from conventional wisdom and discover your own truth. These are active and restless energies that demand a high level of freedom and independence, and tend to rebel if challenged or blocked when challenged by the status quo energies of the Sun challenging Saturn in Virgo.

    As stated in my posts on the Sagittarius New Moon Cycle and Mars in Sagittarius, it’s especially important this week to pay attention to what you’re doing and not get distracted (particularly when driving or operating equipment), as these energies combined with the Full Moon in Gemini tends to create a frustrated, impatient, and nervous energy that could cause accidents. These energies can manifest severe weather conditions, so be prepared and allow extra time for potential travel cancellations, delays, and roadblocks.

    Such strong energies at the time of the Full Moon that is at its closest monthly point to the Earth raises the potential for natural disasters, such as earthquakes, high winds, severe rain and snowstorms, and other “freaky” conditions. Fires and explosions caused by accidents or violence are elevated now. Uranus rules electricity and computer systems, so make sure you have enough cash and supplies on hand in case the power goes out. Back up computer files and charge up all electronic devices and have battery backups handy.

    With the Moon in Cancer all weekend, home sweet home could be a welcome retreat after the high drama that is likely to occur this week. (Or it could mean that inclement weather forces people to stay in their nest.)
  • Stockmarket: The normally forward looking market reacted dramatically to Monday’s announcement by the NBER that the US is officially in a recession that began in December 2007. I stated in last week’s forecast that volatility would make a comeback at the end of last week. True, but the markets were fairly volatile all week. Friday the Dow traded in a 540 point range, staging a dramatic late day bullish reversal after being negative over the worst employment report since December 1974. Factoring in all the people who have given up looking for work, the real unemployment rate is not 6.7% but 12.5%. The series of oppositions between Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces (November 2008 to April 2010) is sharply contracting employment as jobs and entire companies are rapidly disappearing. Besides the workforce, Virgo also rules healthcare. Job losses are increasing the number of people without health insurance. Very few of these people will be able to pass the insurance companies stringent medical underwriting criteria to obtain an individual health insurance policy. This is why besides improving our infrastructure, the most important stimulus Congress can provide for the economy is to have healthcare not just for senior citizens, but for every American. That will be the positive manifestation of this Saturn/Uranus cycle.

    Detroit’s “Big Three” drove back to Capitol Hill this week at the time November US vehicle sales numbers were released reflecting that the auto slowdown is affecting all manufacturers. Now the Big Three have taken their begathon to the Canadian government. (Chrysler wants $1.6 billion, Ford a $2 billion line of credit, and GM an undisclosed amount.) You can read my take on the whole fiasco here: Part I, Part II, Part III. Here’s a link to a New York Times article published yesterday about Cerberus/Chrysler that reinforces what I wrote in Part III. As I wrote in The New Moon Cycle post, it appears that the government is determined to give them enough money to keep the Big Three rolling until early 2009, another critical planetary timeframe mentioned in my posts. House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank said Friday that the dismal employment report “heightened our interest in doing something.” How throwing a bit of money their way will instill confidence and motivate people to purchase American automobiles when nothing has been done to lift the cloud of uncertainty hanging over them is puzzling. Using the word “rolling” made me think of a tidbit from the plan GM submitted to Congress last week. GM credits their “Keep America Rolling” 0% financing sales campaign following the September 11 attacks “as having prevented an extended recession in 2001.”
    This Week’s lineup involving the Sun, Mars, Saturn, and Uranus that culminates at Friday’s Gemini Full Moon could increase volatility to record levels. In the New Moon post I stated that the Full Moon reactivates the energies present at the September 15 Full Moon when Lehman collapsed. Morgan Stanley (MS) was in turmoil then, and the planetary alignments at Friday’s Full Moon impact key planets in its founding and stock charts. Challenging transits will continue to December 18 when the company is scheduled to report earnings. Geopolitical events could also contribute to market volatility.

Monday, December 8, 2008

  • General Influences: Try to accomplish as much as possible early in the week to allow time for dealing with any potential unexpected events that might occur later this week. The Moon in Aries today emphasizes taking care of personal issues. Pay attention to your intuition. The Moon challenging Jupiter in Capricorn this afternoon can exaggerate a professional situation that might require more commitment than initially thought. The Moon harmonizing with Mercury in Sagittarius this afternoon is a good time to express your opinion. Aries Moon becomes VOC* at 4:35 PM for the rest of the day.
  • Stockmarket: Sentiment could frequently shift gears today. Market could be weakest around midday. The Moon challenging Jupiter during the last hour continues the momentum for large price moves near the close. Positive trend bias.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

  • General Influences: The Moon enters Taurus at 1:52 AM. Taurus is a fixed earth sign that values comfort and financial security. Taurus energy tends to be slow and steady, usually resistant to change unless forced by circumstances. This emotional undercurrent could make the alignment of the Sun in Sagittarius and Uranus in Pisces today and tomorrow particularly challenging, as Sun/Uranus is about breaking free from long held beliefs to seek our individual truth. These energies support radical change and are interested in what’s unique and unusual.
  • Stockmarket: Volatility could be more subdued until later in the day. Choppy to negative trend bias might reverse into the close.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

  • General Influences: The morning’s energies offer the opportunity to do something new and different. The need might arise to offer assistance and a fresh perspective to a professional superior, or a parent/elder person now. There could be a lack of clarity about an issue as the Moon challenges Neptune midday to early afternoon. Scrutinize all financial transactions. A mellow mood takes over as the Moon harmonizes with Jupiter in the late afternoon. With the Taurus Moon VOC at 5:23 PM for the rest of the day, tonight’s agenda could feature comfort foods for dinner followed by some couch potato time.
  • Stockmarket: Could be bullish early and then lose momentum in the early afternoon.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

  • General Influences: The Moon enters Gemini at 2:33 AM. People tend to be in a sociable mood early this morning as the Moon in chatty Gemini harmonizes with Venus in Aquarius. In addition to what I described in the Summary section, the energies of Mars in Sagittarius challenging Uranus in Pisces today and tomorrow can provide the courage to break free of conditions and situations that have become stagnant. These energies benefit scientific exploration, innovative developments, and unexpected discoveries. Take extra precautions if you’re working with electrical tools and equipment or chemicals. Be patient and cautious driving/traveling.
  • Stockmarket: Volatility and wild swings in either or both directions pick up approaching tomorrow’s Full Moon.

Friday, December 12, 2008

  • General Influences: If you haven’t sensed it already with all the news and the frenetic movement, the Full Moon in Gemini occurs at 11:37 AM, and becomes VOC at 1:01 PM for the rest of the day. The Moon and Sun challenge Saturn and Uranus today, a similar energy to the September 15 Full Moon that accelerated the global financial crisis. This Full Moon highlights the Gemini/Sagittarius axis that relates to all forms of communication and movement, travel, transportation and shipping, and infrastructure. Geopolitical tensions are elevated as the Sun and Mars in Sagittarius relate to ideological and religious beliefs. People tend to be more easily irritated and impatient. Be sure to reconfirm appointments and communicate your intentions clearly to avoid a potential misunderstanding. Mercury enters Capricorn early this morning until January 1, 2009. Thoughts and communications become more serious and concerned with practical matters. The importance of being transparent today is reinforced by Mercury conjoining Pluto in Capricorn. The Moon and Sun challenging Saturn in Virgo emphasizes caution in dealing with authority figures or elders today. People could be more on edge from juggling too many responsibilities.
  • Stockmarket: A potential problem today could be if data feeds can’t keep up with market action. The overall trend appears to be very bearish but that could be interspersed with sharp bullish moves intraday.

Weekend: December 13-14, 2008

  • Saturday: Moon enters Cancer at 1:40 AM; now we just want to cocoon under the covers. A favorable aspect between the Sun and Neptune provides the opportunity for expanding your personal vision and the faith that everything will turn out okay.
  • Sunday: The Moon harmonizing with Uranus early this morning could help to express what might have been kept hidden from a family member. The morning provides an opportunity to catch up on household tasks. With the Moon opposite Jupiter, everyone could want more than their fair share of food at the dinner table tonight. There’s a tendency to exaggerate. Cancer Moon becomes VOC at 5:27 PM.

*VOC (Void-of-Course) = When the Moon (our emotional barometer) ceases to have any major interactions with the other planets before entering a new zodiacal sign. This time period is best suited for anything where NO ACTION OR SPECIFIC OUTCOME is desired, as actions taken during the VOC period might not turn out as planned.

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