Planetary Alignments Create Extreme Weather and Power Outages

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As described in last week’s Weekly Forecast, seven planets in the earth element at the time of the December 27, 2008 New Moon along with Mars conjoining Pluto in Capricorn at this time, could create “severe weather conditions and natural disasters (along with their accompanying power outages), to travel delays and disruptions.”

A preponderance of planets in earth signs creates a period of highly active weather phenomena, which in addition to severe storms and tornadoes can increase the likelihood of avalanches, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions. Mars is heat and represents warmer conditions, and Pluto represents extreme weather. The Mars/Pluto alignment (December 27-29) has rapidly raised the temperatures well above normal in areas of the nation that have been heavily blanketed by snow and ice, creating severe flooding. (Note that Pluto rules underground places such as basements as well as nuclear power plants.) The above normal temperatures are not likely to last, as Saturn moving stationary retrograde* on December 31, 2008 is likely to bring colder to even frigid conditions. Strong Saturn energies are also more likely to create travel delays and obstacles around this time. (When a planet appears to be motionless in the sky, the energies symbolized by that planet are more pronounced.)

Saturn opposing Uranus through mid 2010 creates harsher weather conditions, and Uranus tends to create unusual weather patterns such as high winds, thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Any weather event that is out of the ordinary relates to Uranus. Saturn is a slow energy. Weather disturbances tend to linger, increasing the length of time it takes for the electric (ruled by Uranus) to be restored. Even President-Elect Obama was affected, as the power went out at his rented vacation home on Oahu from 7:00 PM December 26 until 6:00 AM December 27. I hope the President-Elect saw that as a message that infrastructure spending must include reinforcing the nation’s electrical grid system. Between Saturn opposite Uranus as well as Saturn and Uranus challenging Pluto (2009-2012), power outages are likely to become more frequent and widespread resulting in serious damage to the nation’s already weak economy.

*Planets do not really move backwards, but appear to from Earth’s vantage point.

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