Mars in Capricorn: Patience And Perseverance To Achieve Goals (December 27, 2008 – February 4, 2009)

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General Influences:
Mars in Capricorn combines the desire for action with Capricorn’s ambitious drive for accomplishment. In Capricorn, Mars energy takes a cautious and disciplined approach and has the patience to see things through to completion. Mars in Capricorn energy is about taking action that will be beneficial in the long run, rather than a quick fix short term solution. Action and energy tend to focus on career and professional matters, public reputation, and interacting with authority figures (boss, government people, law enforcement, parents/elderly).

Capricorn rules the knees, teeth, bones/joints, skin, and arthritic conditions. Mars in Capricorn raises the potential for inflammation and irritations in these areas. Mental and physical flexibility can avoid or minimize these potential effects. Note that Capricorn rules the brakes on transportation vehicles.

The Historic Six Planet Lineup:
Mars is in Capricorn about every two years (the last time was January 16 – February 25, 2007). What’s unique and very powerful about this cycle is that Mars conjoins Pluto in Capricorn and the December 27 New Moon that features a six planet lineup* in Capricorn occurring shortly after the Winter Solstice. Mars conjoining Pluto in Capricorn is about taking control of your personal power and responsibility for your actions. This alignment is about being proactive about transforming anything in your life that is no longer working.

Capricorn and its planetary ruler Saturn represent time and therefore history. The last time Mars conjoined Pluto in Capricorn was on January 9, 1774. Just as it does now, the Sun (self-identity) conjoined Mars and Pluto, and Capricorn’s ruler Saturn was also in Virgo. The alignment occurred shortly after the Boston Tea Party which was a prelude to the war for independence from Great Britain. The energies of this planetary lineup set the stage for the second American Revolution from within our borders that will transform the USA’s financial and governmental structures.

In the USA, Mars energy is directed to (surprise!) the economy and the financial system. It is likely that Congress will authorize more money than is currently being discussed for another economic stimulus package that will go to repairing the nation’s decaying infrastructure.

The last time Mars was in Capricorn, New York Fed President and Treasury Secretary nominee Timothy Geithner, was quoted in the 1/20/07 Wall Street Journal: “Most consequential choices involve shades of gray** and some fog is often useful in getting things done.” Now we know why the Federal Reserve refuses to disclose any details about the collateral its dumping on its books! The Mars/Pluto alignment conjoins the Federal Reserve’s Sun, putting the central bank and its Chairman in the hot seat, as these energies are anything but “business as usual.” You cannot solve economic problems by employing the same instant gratification methods that created the problem in the first place!

The Mars/Pluto alignment will probably accelerate the number of companies and individuals filing for bankruptcy, as the government arranges forced corporate and financial mergers. Capricorn represents commercial real estate as it is the opposite sign to Cancer which rules residential real estate. Mars in Capricorn approaches opposition to the USA natal Venus in Cancer (consumer discretionary spending) on December 31 and Pluto on March 8, 2009, creating more liquidation in the retail sector and the ensuing increase in vacant commercial properties.

Geopolitical/Severe Weather Conditions:
Mars conjoining Pluto in earth element Capricorn aligned with the Capricorn New Moon is likely to continue severe weather conditions as Capricorn is the coldest sign.

The Mars in Capricorn cycle will particularly impact the USA, especially around December 31, January 3, 10-11, 13-14, 27, and February 1. A few of the other countries featured during this transit are: Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Libya, Norway, Panama, UK.

Other potential Mars/Pluto “hotspots” in the world include:
USA West Coast (earthquake/severe storm potential or manmade events that inflict property damage): Washington, Oregon, western Nevada, California – especially the area between Bakersfield and Los Angeles/Long Beach.
World: Portugal, Spain, France (Paris), Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, IRAN, AFGHANISTAN, PAKISTAN.

Key Dates:
December 28: Mars conjoins Pluto. To quote the John Lennon song, this is “Instant Karma.” Karma means action, the concept of “as you sow so shall you reap” – for good or ill. We will soon see if President-Elect Obama becomes the incarnation of the people’s need for major change in this country. If the President-Elect disappoints, the energies for change will become even stronger and potentially aggressive.

As mentioned in the current Weekly Forecast, this alignment can create power grabs and hostile takeovers. Issues concerning nuclear energy and weapons could be in the news during this cycle, along with secrets revealed about military leaders and strategies.

The remaining Mars alignments occur while Mercury, the planetary energy of communication, is retrograde (January 11 – February 1, 2009). This means that issues being acted upon probably relate in some way to people and situations in the past.

Jan 22: Mars favorably aspects Uranus in Pisces. Be inventive and innovative! This is a good time to bring a dream/concept into physical form, perhaps related to an idea that was previously discounted. A new invention/scientific breakthrough could be announced. With the Moon in freedom loving and expansive Sagittarius and Venus conjoining Uranus in Pisces as well today, people need their “space” and are attracted to the unique and unusual.

Jan 23/24: Mars harmonizes with Saturn in Virgo, a time to easily accomplish work that is complex and tedious. This energy is assisted by the Moon in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, and the Sun conjoining Jupiter in Aquarius provides the confidence to see the project through. The only potential snag is that you could be so preoccupied with your work that relationships could come under strain, as Venus in Pisces opposes Saturn. If you need to get serious about shoring up your finances, now’s the time to act.

Jan 24: Mercury in Pisces favorably aspects Mars; inspiration = action. This is a good time to work on artistic creations and endeavors.

Jan 26/27: Mercury conjoins Mars. Combined with Mercury retrograde, this is not a good time to rush into making hastily made arrangements and major career/professional decisions. Be extra cautious driving and traveling, taking your time regardless of how much you might be running behind schedule.

*The Moon and Sun are luminaries, not planets.
**Capricorn and Saturn rule the color gray.

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