Paul Volcker For Treasury Secretary!

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The former Federal Reserve Chairman appointed by President Carter and reappointed by President Reagan, is a member of President-Elect Obama’s economic team. (Obama gave Volcker a Blackberry during the campaign so they could frequently communicate.) Volcker’s name is being mentioned as a possible candidate for Treasury Secretary; here’s a few key reasons why I think Volcker would be Obama’s best choice:

As I wrote in “Paul Volcker Can Save Us Again From That 70s Show,” Volcker understands how to handle our current economic environment that has similarities to the late 1970s/early 1980s when he was Fed Chairman.

Volcker is widely respected by members of both political parties, and would bring a reassuring and stabilizing influence to Treasury.

Through his past experience as the Under Secretary of the Treasury for International Monetary Affairs, a founding member of the Trilateral Commission and the current Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Group of Thirty, Volcker is experienced and adept at fostering international monetary policy coordination and cooperation.

Paul Volcker’s Sun and Mercury in Virgo conjoin the Department of the Treasury’s Sun and Mercury in Virgo, making Volcker the perfect steward of the nation’s finances. With his natal Sun conjoining Mercury in Virgo, you can bet every penny of taxpayers’ money will be accounted for! Volcker’s Venus and Mars in Virgo conjoin Obama’s natal Mars, indicating a good financial partnership. Volcker’s Neptune in Leo conjoins Obama’s Uranus in Leo; they share similar ideals.

Citing “sources close to the Obama campaign,” today’s Wall Street Journal reports that Volcker is “reluctant to take the job of Treasury Secretary.” However, people with a strong Virgo energy in their charts are usually willing to serve for the good of their country. The Journal speculates that Volcker could become Chairman of a new White House advisory board that oversees the remaking of the financial industry’s regulatory structure.

There is a possibility that President-Elect Obama could announce key economic appointments at his first press conference tomorrow (November 7). As I wrote in the May post on Volcker, planetary transits to his natal chart are putting him back in the limelight, as Jupiter in Capricorn and Saturn in Virgo are currently transiting Volcker’s Venus (finances) in Virgo. These energies indicate that Paul Volcker will have some type of role in the Obama administration.

Still, I really want him to be Treasury Secretary to properly sort out that TARP! Now that the Treasury Secretary has more power than the Fed Chairman, it would be awesome to see Bernanke grimace under Volcker’s towering presence. :-) There’s going to be three vacancies coming up at the Federal Reserve Board. I’d like to see the Chairman’s position added to the list.

Paul Volcker: September 5, 1927 time unknown Cape May, New Jersey
Barack Obama: August 4, 1961 7:24 PM Honolulu, Hawaii
Department of the Treasury: September 2, 1789 time unknown Washington, DC

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