Mars in Sagittarius: Expanding Our Horizons (November 16 – December 27, 2008)

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General Influences:
Mars is the planetary energy of action. In the enthusiastic fire sign Sagittarius, Mars tends to view life as one big adventure, eager to explore new horizons. This is an impulsive and restless energy that needs the freedom to be mentally and physically active. Energy and attention focuses on belief systems and personal philosophy as Sagittarius is a seeker of truth. What is true for you might not be true for someone else, as Mars in Sagittarius has the tendency to get irritated and even dogmatic with others who do not share the same beliefs and ideologies. International affairs, religion, higher education, publishing, and the judicial system are areas where the action is likely to be. Certainly Mars in Sagittarius is sure to warm up the celebrations and religious observances that will occur during this time, as Mars in Sagittarius can be brutally honest!

Mars in Sagittarius can create muscle aches/inflammation in the hips and thighs that symbolically can indicate a resistance to moving forward. Sagittarius also rules the liver.

Mars was previously in Sagittarius December 6, 2006 to January 16, 2007. Since Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planetary energy of expansion and exaggeration, Mars in Sagittarius is likely to accelerate volatility and create big price moves as sentiment rapidly shifts from extreme fear to exaggerated euphoria. Even though Sagittarius and Jupiter are considered optimistic energies, Jupiter in Capricorn this year has greatly expanded and exaggerated the fear factor and created a crisis of confidence. The most volatile times in the market could be around November 28, December 5, December 12, 16, 18. Geopolitical events and actions by foreign companies and governments will have a greater influence on U.S. markets during this period. (See Key Dates section for more info.)

Geopolitical: Mars in Sagittarius will particularly impact the U.S., especially around November 28, December 2, 11-15. The December 12 Gemini Full Moon will conjoin the USA’s natal Mars and challenge natal Neptune in Virgo, emphasizing the military and military actions, the nation’s addictions, and the nation’s ideals/vision (“the American dream”).

A few of the countries and world leaders featured during the Mars in Sagittarius transit are: Afghanistan, China, Iceland, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Russia and Russian President Medvedev, UK Prime Minister Brown.

Key Dates:
During its transit in Sagittarius, Mars will make the following planetary alignments:

November 27/28: Mercury conjoins Mars aligned with the Thanksgiving Sagittarius New Moon as Uranus in Pisces moves stationary direct.* There’s a tendency to act impulsively and speak too quickly and bluntly. A jovial outlook that “expects the unexpected” and is grateful for life’s blessings will help you sail through any potential delays, disruptions, or obstacles. People are impatient to get where they want to go, eager to socialize and celebrate with others. (Mercury last conjoined Mars on September 23 when the two planets were in Libra.)

December 5: The Sun conjoins Mars at the First Quarter Moon in Pisces, emphasizing the quest to “know thyself” and pay attention to intuition.

December 12: Mars challenges Uranus during the potent Full Moon in Gemini. There’s a desire to break free from established patterns and routines in search of what’s new and exciting. It’s a time for independent and unique action. Take extra care traveling and working with tools and equipment as the potential for accidents is higher now. Cancellations, delays, and disruptions in travel are more likely at this time. People can be more impatient which could lead to potentially explosive situations. This Full Moon re-energizes the planetary influences present at the September 15 Harvest Full Moon when Lehman Brothers collapsed, accelerating the global financial crisis. These energies put Fed Chairman Bernanke in the spotlight.

December 15: Mars challenges Saturn, providing the discipline and drive to excel at the most complex work. This planetary alignment emphasizes the importance of working within established structures and boundaries.

December 16: A favorable alignment between Mars and Neptune provides the opportunity to act on your ideals/vision. Since Mars is action and Neptune is interest rates, there’s a high probability the Federal Reserve will hit the panic button at the FOMC meeting today by lowering interest rates (even though they should really take action by raising rates)!

Mars will begin a new cycle of action when it conjoins Pluto, the planetary energy of transformation on December 28. This will usher in new projects and initiatives that will revamp all kinds of global structures – financial, government, and all types of infrastructures.

Check out my Weekly Forecast for the daily planetary influences. I will be posting the Sagittarius New Moon Cycle soon.

*Planets do not really change direction, but appear to from Earth’s vantage point. When a planet appears to be stationary in the sky, its energies are more pronounced.

USA: July 4, 1776 5:10 PM LMT Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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