Weekly Forecast: September 29 – October 5, 2008 (“Bailout Before Asia Opens” Edition)

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  • General Influences: It’s a new week, and a New Moon cycle. However, instead of starting something new, it’s a time to review and reflect on past actions and arrangements in relationships. See each day’s entry for more details.
  • Stockmarket: Do these guys in Washington and New York have such lousy personal lives that they find it necessary to work every night and weekend to attempt to come up with the latest Wall St. “rescue” before Asia opens Sunday at 8:00 PM? Puleeze! First it was important that the government stay out of regulating the Street’s financial alchemy; now Wall St.’s trying to pass the hot potato onto the government. And the public is rightfully upset that neither Wall St. nor the government is willing to make a deal with them!

    Enough of the blame game and its more insidious cousin known as moral hazard. The more the government and Wall St. play out the negative energies of Jupiter in Capricorn, the more Capricorn’s ruler Saturn (in the bookkeeping sign of worrywart Virgo), creates more financial shocks and disruptions. The situation continues to deteriorate the closer Saturn in Virgo reaches to its first opposition to Uranus in Pisces on Election Day. Jupiter relates to ethics and morals. This energy doesn’t like being contracted in Capricorn, the sign relating to government and all kinds of complex structures. I view Jupiter in Capricorn as being penny wise and pound foolish. Rather than focus on the bigger picture, this energy has expressed itself by government deciding what level of moral hazard to inflict on what companies. This has resulted in a massive reduction of financial firms’ ability to raise capital when investors see their shares get completely or virtually wiped out by the government. And each case is different, depending on whom your friends are in Washington. While some may feel ideologically smug over this, moral hazard’s price has now escalated to $700 billion plus the billions already spent! And as the Fed Chairman admitted in testifying before Congress last week, who knows if that is enough to instill confidence. To paraphrase Bernanke, mass psychology is not his area of expertise. The planetary energies reflect a cycle of contraction and consolidation, with the government manipulating who lives and who dies. And true to Jupiter’s tendency to be hypocritical, the most avowed free marketers are the biggest proponents for government intervention.

    Speaking of who lives and dies, Washington Mutual died on its 119th birthday Thursday, becoming the biggest bank to go under. As ClickBroker points out, FDIC Chairwoman Bair, while not a member of the Order of the Goldman Dawn, has been fully indoctrinated in the Paulson Plan. The government gave special dispensation just before the stroke of midnight last Sunday to save Goldman Sachs (GS) and Morgan Stanley (MS) by allowing them to become commercial banks. As Paul Harvey would say, “now you know the rest of the story” why Morgan did “free” work at the Treasury. Once Mercury went retrograde, Morgan didn’t think it needed to hookup with Wachovia (WB). Now that WaMu went down, the Street thinks Wachovia, the fourth largest US bank, is next. That could be if the media keeps stationing news anchors outside of bank branches with captions across the TV screen “is your money safe?” As mentioned in a post last week, Morgan the company is dissolving one way or the other. You could view the fact that they’re no longer an investment bank reflects that. But as all these Libra energies would say, “on the other hand” it could mean they get absorbed into another bank. Goldman gave Warren Buffett what is perceived to be a sweetheart deal to be their spokesman and “lobbyist” in Washington.

    Getting back to news anchors, CNBC’s Dylan Ratigan blamed Mercury retrograde for Friday’s closing bell sounding one minute early at the NYSE Friday. All the anchors were talking about all the “theatrics and drama” occurring in Washington on Wednesday as news about the bailout bill kept changing. Well, duh! Mercury went retro that day in indecisive Libra, and the Moon was in Leo! Evoking the drama worthy of soap operatic proportions was Senator McCain “suspending” his presidential campaign to crash the party at the White House. (Reinstating his campaign just in time for Friday night’s debate.)

    With all the government heavy handedness and Mercury retrograde, do you really expect me to figure out which way the market is going this week? :-) It appears that very choppy and unsettled conditions are likely to prevail.

Monday, September 29, 2008

  • General Influences: The week begins with the New Moon in Libra. From now until October 28, the focus is on relationships and agreements made with other people. With Mercury retrograde* until October 15, arrangements are subject to revision; some partnerships might break up. If feasible, it’s best to think about rather than commit to taking action until after October 15. Instead of focusing so intensely about what’s going on in the outer world, it’s time to work on personal relationships and joint financial matters. Turn off the external chatter and tune into being with that special someone.
  • Stockmarket: Could gap up at open, but the ability to stay up is questionable.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

  • General Influences: The Moon conjoining Mercury early this morning encourages people to engage in a fair exchange of conversation between one another. The Moon harmonizing with Neptune this morning helps people to better understand and empathize with another’s situation. The Moon conjoining Mars this evening could create irritations with a partner over who was supposed to do what. Favorable aspects between the Moon and Pluto can help to express deep emotions in a constructive way. Libra Moon becomes VOC** at 9:47 PM.
  • Stockmarket: Rapid buying and selling.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

  • General Influences: The Moon enters Scorpio at 12:26 AM. The Moon in Scorpio is a good time to do research (especially with Mercury retrograde). Who knows what information or items in your home or office you might find? The Moon conjoining Venus, and Mars favorably aspecting Pluto this evening, creates a good atmosphere for couples to become more comfortable discussing financial matters which can then lead to more intimacy.
  • Stockmarket: Could get early upswing.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

  • General Influences: Get an early start and complete errands and important work this morning. With the Moon harmonizing with Uranus this afternoon, intuition is likely to be your top source for information. The Moon challenging Neptune early this evening can make things seem confusing. This is not a good time for conducting any kind of financial transactions. Scorpio Moon becomes VOC at 6:47 PM until late tomorrow morning.
  • Stockmarket: Strongest in late afternoon.

Friday, October 3, 2008

  • General Influences: Anything you need to do that requires action is best postponed until after the Moon enters Sagittarius at 11:14 AM. Now the general mood is much lighter and more outgoing – a great start for the weekend.
  • Stockmarket: The employment report is likely to come in worse than expected, but market conditions could improve later in the day.

Weekend: October 4-5, 2008

  • Saturday: Mars, the planetary energy of dynamic action, enters Scorpio until November 16. Action and attention are focused on private matters (such as money, insurance/legacy issues, intimacy) shared with a partner. (Check back to WSW for an in-depth post about Mars in Scorpio on a personal and global level.) Get out of the house and socialize with others today! The Moon challenging Saturn early this evening can find people too tired to party tonight or there’s some forgotten odds ‘n ends to do. Perhaps you can enlist someone to help you (if you know you can actually get something done beyond chit chatting). Favorable aspects between Venus in Scorpio and Jupiter in Capricorn today and tomorrow can make work seem less taxing.
  • Sunday: Favorable aspects between the Moon and Neptune early this morning create a relaxed and reflective atmosphere. Attempting to exert control over a person or situation is likely to backfire this evening. With the Moon conjoining Pluto, it’s a good time to release toxic emotions and outmoded beliefs. Sagittarius Moon becomes VOC at 9:08 PM. Capricorn Moon takes command at 11:48 PM, ready to conduct some big business tomorrow morning.

*Planets do not really move backwards, but appear to from Earth’s vantage point.

**VOC (Void-of-Course) = When the Moon (our emotional barometer) does not form any relationships to a planet before entering a new zodiacal sign. This time period is best suited for anything where NO ACTION OR SPECIFIC OUTCOME is desired, as actions taken during the VOC period might not turn out as planned.

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