The Exploitation of Bristol Palin

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Since we view the planets from Earth’s vantage point, there are periods in the year when planets appear to be moving backwards, even though they actually do not. Jupiter and Pluto energies are extra strong now since both planets appear almost motionless in the sky as they prepare to move direct on September 8. Events occurring now through mid-September will likely have a big impact come Election Day.

Pluto has been in Sagittarius since 1995. After a brief transit in Capricorn from January 25 to June 13, Pluto moved back into Sagittarius until re-entering Capricorn on November 26, 2008 until 2024. Sagittarius and its planetary ruler Jupiter relate to ethics, philosophy (hence politics), foreign matters, organized religion, the Courts, and higher education. Pluto relates to anything hidden and secret, sexuality/reproduction, death, and nuclear issues. Particularly since 9/11 when Pluto began transiting the USA’s Ascendant (the nation’s image and personality), politics and government policy has placed a large emphasis on fighting religious extremism abroad while nurturing it at home. “The base” as the religious right are called, has become the key GOP constituency. And now Republican presidential nominee John McCain has displayed his “maverick” and “independent” behavior by nominating Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be his running mate in order to pander to the base.

Jupiter is in Capricorn this year, a sign ruled by Saturn. Saturn relates to structures, particularly of the corporate and government kind. Saturn represents authority figures and leaders. Voters have to decide which presidential candidate not only has the right philosophy/policy positions, but also which candidate has the appropriate character, temperament, and leadership ability.

The announcement yesterday that Governor Palin’s teenage daughter is five months pregnant is absolutely relevant to the presidential campaign when the Republican Party platform has made it so by exploiting her situation. Even financial markets were exploiting Bristol Palin’s pregnancy. A Wall Street Journal editorial today “admires the sight of a family that has the courage of its convictions.” Instead of talking about what was happening in the markets this morning on CNBC, Larry Kudlow only wanted to talk about Bristol, displaying an “all’s well that ends well” attitude because Bristol is going to marry her boyfriend.

The exploitation of Bristol Palin is based on a Jupiter/Sagittarius trait: hypocrisy and self-righteousness. Gov. Palin and the Republicans advocate government money for abstinence-only teaching in schools, even though at least 14 states have rejected it as ineffective. “Focus on the family” is the ministry founded by Rev. James Dobson. Yet Dobson, Palin and other evangelicals are so fixated with forcing their religious views into sexuality/reproductive issues, public school education, and other socio-cultural issues on the rest of America that they’re too busy to pay attention to what’s going on in their own home. From Congressman Foley to Senator Craig, the politicians with the most extreme “family values” are the ones found to be engaging in the very things they rant against.

The first thing that caught my attention watching Sen. McCain nominate Gov. Palin as his running mate last Friday was a sad looking Bristol holding her baby brother. I got the sense that a lot of the domestic and child raising duties have been carried out by elder daughter Bristol in the Palin family. Bristol became pregnant shortly before her mother gave birth to Trig, who Gov. Palin and her husband knew would be born with Down’s syndrome. Clearly, Bristol was not getting the love and nurturing she needed from her family, particularly from her mother. Even if you chalk Bristol’s behavior up to rebellion, that’s still a person clamoring for love and attention. And now the Republicans and their “base” are using Bristol as a political pawn to further their intolerant agenda. I have yet to hear or read anything by any of these media pundits or evangelicals showing any concern for Bristol’s well being. What about her education and her future? Nothing has been mentioned of her 18 year old boyfriend, Levi Johnston, other than they will marry. (Since Gov. Palin is an avid hunter and lifetime NRA member, this will literally be a shotgun wedding.)

Between September 7-9, Mercury (thoughts), Venus (values), and Mars (action) in Libra will challenge Jupiter, showing how far out of balance things have become from pandering to a base of religious extremists. Libra represents balance and fairness. Planets in Libra spotlight the importance of taking the needs of the “other side” into account. This is why Libra represents diplomacy and justice.

With the Moon in Sagittarius on September 7-8, political and religious issues are likely to become very emotionally charged. Jupiter will harmonize with Saturn in Virgo for the second time on September 8, and a final time on November 21. These energies, and more importantly, the upcoming series of oppositions between Saturn and Uranus, relate to major changes in economic, health care, infrastructure, energy, and other domestic structures. Once Pluto exits Sagittarius after the election, the influence of religion in politics will greatly wane.

Sen. McCain’s slogan is “country first,” and it’s obvious Gov. Palin shares his view. Putting country above family, just like putting foreign and religious crusading ahead of pressing domestic issues, is taking a step backwards in our evolution. Selecting running mates to pander to a specific group at the expense of the rest of the nation, is a reflection of Sen. McCain putting politics first.

I will be writing a lot more on the planetary patterns surrounding Election Day, the Inauguration, and the candidates in a series of upcoming posts.

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centercontrol said...


where is mercury or venus in all of this?

mentality/heart that teaches and informs and turns a "lesson" into deeply held beliefs and values.

It is not over untill after the election.

we have not suffered enough yet and as of yet can not be convinced not to repeat the same patterns


Anonymous said...

It's funny how astrologists interpret the planets' position to coincide with their leftist leanings. Why dont you just acknowledge that the events of this week (selecting Palin) and her soaring popularity is what is going to affect the election.

While i do agree that bristol looked stressed during the VP announcement, it was most likely due to her knowing that her "secret" was about to be made public.

I enjoy reading astrologists' plantetary descriptions as they relate to my personal life, but i find their political analysis to be laughable and incredibly biased.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your comments. Does that mean you would have no complaints about planetary interpretation with “rightest leanings”? :-) Just curious.

Since I haven’t yet discussed Sarah Palin’s horoscope or the planetary patterns surrounding her selection as the GOP’s VP nominee, you are assuming that I will not acknowledge her current popularity. Yes, I profoundly disagree with her politically and philosophically, but to state that she is not popular at this time would be denying what is.

As far as how Bristol looked during McCain’s announcement, you and I have stated our opinions, which is what bloggers and their readers do.

For the record, I am an Independent as I choose to focus on issues rather than partisan politics.