The Ice Melts on Mars and at Merrill Lynch

The ice finally melted on Mars and at Merrill Lynch this week. On the northern arctic plane of Mars, the Phoenix Lander melted a frozen soil sample confirming that the red planet has water. Back on Earth, Merrill Lynch (MER) CEO John Thain decided it was time to thaw out a pile of mortgage-backed CDOs.

Mars is in the bookkeeping sign Virgo from July 1 to August 19, 2008. We know that John Thain pays attention to bloggers. So perhaps he came across my Mars in Virgo post and decided it was high time to give Merrill’s calculators a thorough workout. Thain sold $30+ billion face value CDOs for $6.7 billion. However, Merrill only really got 25% of that $6.7 billion because they financed 75% of the deal. CNBC implied late Friday that Merrill is preparing to provide details on the CDOs they sold.

The time around the August 16 Lunar Eclipse could see the final cleanup for Merrill, potentially showing its true book value, as Saturn in Virgo conjoins the company stock chart progressed* Sun/Venus in Virgo. Mars in Virgo will conjoin Merrill’s Pluto in Virgo and challenge Thain’s Mercury in Gemini, while the eclipse opposes his Pluto in Leo. Thain will feel the heat, motivating him to disclose information to silence Merrill’s critics.

No disclosures.

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*A mathematical calculation that moves the planets forward in time.

Merrill Lynch: July 27, 1971
John Thain: May 26, 1955 time unknown Antioch, IL

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