Weekly Forecast: July 7 – July 13, 2008

Summary of This Week’s Influences/All times listed are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).
  • General Influences: The Sun’s opposition to Jupiter in Capricorn Tuesday/Wednesday combined with the Moon in Libra Tuesday to Thursday, emphasize the need to balance personal needs of home/family with professional duties and goals. Jupiter’s energies provide an optimistic but pragmatic outlook in Capricorn, and Mars conjoining Saturn in Virgo gets the energy focused on taking a steady, disciplined approach. It’s a matter of making the most efficient use (Virgo) of time (Saturn). Mars, the planetary energy of action, tends to get impatient as Saturn forces Mars to hit the brakes. Slowing down will get the job done the right way the first time which is a lot more efficient than doing it too quickly and then having to go back and fix it again. In our faced paced instant gratification society, patience can be difficult to embrace. Cultivating patience means being at peace with the process of life knowing that things will come to fruition when the time is right.

    Thursday’s aspects are likely to bring some important news (Mercury in Gemini) from NASA’s Mars Phoenix (Pluto) Lander, particularly regarding the ice sample (Saturn) that the Lander will heat up in its oven (Mars) to analyze (Virgo) its composition.
  • Stockmarket: Volume and volatility pick up this week. As the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter represents expansion and largesse. In the stockmarket, strong Jupiter influences manifest as large moves – in either direction as Jupiter tends to exaggerate current market sentiment. The Sun in Cancer opposes Jupiter in Capricorn, an influence in effect Tuesday/Wednesday. Volatility is likely to be highest on Thursday. Mercury finishes up its time in Gemini opposing Pluto. Two (Gemini) influential and powerful people (Pluto) will greatly influence market sentiment, and they come in the form of Fed Chairman Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Paulson testifying before the House Financial Services Committee. Now that Pluto is retrograde and completing its final sojourn in Sagittarius (1995 – November 26, 2008), this is the time to re-examine all the financial excesses (Jupiter rules Sagittarius) of those years. The Committee’s topic is financial market regulatory restructuring – a perfect Mars conjoining Saturn in Virgo! The government (Saturn) wasn’t concerned about numbers not adding up (Virgo) during the boom years, but now that the financial alchemy has unraveled, it wants to at least show it is taking action (Mars).

Monday, July 7, 2008

  • General Influences: Under the Virgo Moon, people will tend to be more motivated to get back into work mode from the holiday weekend. The morning to mid afternoon is a favorable time to go over details with coworkers, as well as discuss your work with superiors or potential clients. Preparing everything you need for tomorrow can alleviate rushing in the morning.
  • Stockmarket: Choppy/mixed. Tends toward positive bias providing oil stays subdued or declines.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

  • General Influences: Multitasking will only tend to make people feel more unnerved early this morning. Focus and concentrate on one thing at a time to stay grounded. The morning’s energies are better suited to working solo and doing research. Others might come across acting jealous or hypocritical. Virgo Moon becomes VOC* at 12:21 PM. When the Moon enters Libra at 1:31 PM, the energy shifts and people are drawn to socializing with others over the next 2.5 days.
  • Stockmarket: Positive trend bias; strongest shortly after noontime.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

  • General Influences: There’s a tendency to be more indecisive as well as a greater desire to cooperate with others when the Moon is in Libra. With Mercury in Gemini opposing Pluto in Sagittarius today and tomorrow, it’s more important to get promises/sales pitches in writing. Confidential information is likely to get leaked now. It can be tempting to overindulge and overspend with the Moon challenging Jupiter this evening.
  • Stockmarket: Large moves in either direction likely, but tendency is toward the negative.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

  • General Influences: The First Quarter Moon occurs at 12:35 AM. Mars conjoining Saturn in Virgo emphasizes a steady and focused approach is required to get the job done right. Mercury enters Cancer until July 26. Emotional instincts (“going with your gut”), tends to supersede analytical thinking. Thoughts and conversations center on security and sentimentality. Loved ones might be overly sensitive early this evening. However, there’s an opportunity to come to an understanding by the end of the day. Libra Moon becomes VOC at 10:13 PM. Moon enters Scorpio at 11:35 PM.
  • Stockmarket: Volatile; negative bias.

Friday, July 11, 2008

  • General Influences: The energies before Noon are the most productive. It’s a good time to uncover or notice things that might have been previously overlooked.
  • Stockmarket: Improving conditions around mid-morning could turn the indices mildly positive.

Weekend: July 12-13, 2008

  • Saturday: Harmonious energies get the weekend off to a more mellow start. Venus enters Leo until August 6, emphasizing entertainment and recreational pursuits. People tend to express themselves more dramatically. Pay attention to your intuition this evening. Scorpio Moon challenging Neptune late this evening is a time to refrain from alcohol and other addictive substances. Scorpio Moon becomes VOC at 11:06 PM.
  • Sunday: The Moon enters Sagittarius at 11:50 AM. People want to be out exploring and enjoying recreational activities this afternoon. Saturn in Virgo challenging the Moon this evening reminds us that it’s time to get prepared for returning to work.

*VOC (Void-of-Course) = When the Moon (our emotional barometer) does not form any relationship to a planet before entering a new zodiacal sign. This time period is best suited for anything where NO ACTION OR SPECIFIC OUTCOME is desired, as actions taken during the VOC period might not turn out as planned.

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