Mars in Virgo: Details Become Important

Mars, the planet of action and energy, will be in detail-oriented Virgo from July 1 to August 19, 2008.

General Influences:
As part of the practical earth element, Virgo energy is up to the task of making tough decisions to get the job done. Work is done with care and precision in a methodical manner. Sometimes Virgo can take this too far and nothing gets accomplished because Virgo seeks perfection. At its weakest, Mars in Virgo wastes energy by complaining and criticizing others instead of working on solutions.

During Mars in Virgo, action and attention will focus on jobs, workers and workplace issues, military service, healthcare, hygiene, agriculture, and aspects of daily living people need to survive. Virgo rules the digestive system. Mars in Virgo can manifest as digestive upset. This is a signal to the body to take action by eating slower, consuming healthier foods/drinks, and reducing stress.

Mars was previously in Virgo from July 22 to September 8, 2006. What makes this transit of Mars in Virgo so critical is that it will conjoin Saturn, the planetary energy of caution and structure. Since Saturn entered Virgo last September, oil and commodities have skyrocketed. Inflation is a global problem. Mars conjoining Saturn expresses frustration and needs action to relieve the pressure. The last time Mars conjoined Saturn in Virgo was June 23, 1980. Virgo rules the harvest, and is symbolized by a young woman holding a shaft of wheat. Mars conjoined with Saturn tends to create harsh weather conditions, such as heat waves and droughts. Lower crop yields might also be caused by fire or contamination. A drought and heat wave began in June 1980 that cost an estimated $55.4 billion in agriculture and related industries damage (in 2007 dollars), according to NOAA’s list of “Billion Dollar US Weather Disasters 1980-2007.”

As inflation continues to spiral out of control, the labor force will begin demanding wage increases to help offset higher costs. Demonstrations, supply disruptions, strikes, and even workplace violence might occur now. A positive trend is manufacturing jobs returning to the US due to increasing inflation overseas and the high cost of transporting goods back to the US. This will also put pressure on wages.

Healthcare will return to the forefront as a major hot button issue. Even people who have health insurance are having difficulties affording and obtaining care. “Free marketers” promote that anyone who needs care can always obtain it at the Emergency Room, since most individuals cannot pass insurance medical underwriting. They’ll have to come up with some creative explanations if there’s a major media investigation around August 6 about people who have insurance being kicked out of the ER. Investors who are long health insurance stocks must be confident of a Democrat occupying the White House, as McCain’s healthcare “plan” would have the unintended consequence of a public backlash that would pave the way to a single payer system.

Make sure you’ve got a calculator handy at all times because with Mars in Virgo, it’s going to get a workout. Accountants and other data/number crunchers are a Virgo archetype, as Virgo’s motto is “I analyze.” Expect more action on accounting rules and standards. This could be the mother of all write downs so far as it’s probably not going to be enough for a company to report “we wrote down $8 billion”. The reaction is more likely to be: “How did you come up with that, and will there be more?” A firestorm is likely to erupt against companies who have not been as forthright about their financial situation as they should be.

Key Dates:
Dates geopolitical tensions could be highlighted: July 16 (USA, Iran), July 18 (Iran, Israel), July 21 (USA, Iran), August 3-6 (USA, Iran, Israel), August 15 (Iran, Israel).

During its transit in Virgo, Mars will make these major alignments:
July 10: Mars conjoins Saturn. Exercise caution and restraint. Doing the hard work now will reap results later.

August 1: Leo Solar Eclipse. Mars activates the first series of oppositions between Saturn and Uranus that occur from November 4, 2008 through mid-2010. What happens now serves as a “preview” of Election Day influences. Actions taken will depend upon what people fear most: fear of maintaining the status quo/the past or fear of the new/the future?

August 6: Mars opposes Uranus. Agree to disagree with another to avoid potential conflict. The stock market could be volatile. There’s a greater tendency for severe storms and earthquakes. This alignment affects the USA’s Mars in Gemini and Neptune Virgo, so it raises the possibility of major accidents and/or escalated military action.

August 17: Mars challenges Pluto. You can transform a deep seated situation with determination and willpower. Nuclear issues are highlighted.

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