Weekly Forecast: May 19 – 25, 2008

Summary of This Week’s Influences/All times listed are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

  • General Influences: Mercury in Gemini is joined by the Sun (Tuesday) and Venus (Saturday). These two planetary energies can help to maintain a flexible outlook. “Variety is the spice of life” would surely apply to these planets in multi-tasking Gemini. People tend to become more inquisitive when planets are in Gemini. This will serve us well from May 26 to June 19 when Mercury is retrograde. Ask as many questions and find out as much information as you need to in order to minimize potential misunderstandings.
  • Stockmarket: After a brief pullback earlier in the week, oil is back at record levels. And so is inflation. The May University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment on Friday came in at the lowest level since June 1980. Inflation expectations are at 5.2%, up from April’s reading of 4.8%. The last time the numbers ran this high was February 1982. Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke has said we should ignore actual prices and focus on people’s perceptions of inflation. Now that both are elevated, what is Bernanke going to do about it? Bernanke needs to stop searching for the “Holy Grail of macroeconomics” and be concerned with the here and now.

    With Mercury going retrograde (see above link), the market tends to divert from any discernable trading pattern. Expect to hear the words revised and revision frequently used at this time. With Neptune moving retrograde at the same time as Mercury, you really want to question how much news is propaganda vs. reality.

Monday, May 19, 2008

  • General Influences: The week begins with the second Full Moon in Scorpio, illuminating shared assets, debt, estate planning, and intimate matters. A conflict might arise this morning with a loved one relating to these issues. With the Moon and Venus challenging Neptune today and early tomorrow, conversations can get pretty intense as at least one partner is not looking at things realistically. There’s a tendency to obsess about “escaping” from current circumstances. The Full Moon occurs at 10:11 PM and then becomes VOC* until entering Sagittarius at 11:18 PM.
  • Stockmarket: Higher commodity prices might be a factor that pulls a positive trending market lower in the late morning.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

  • General Influences: Exercise or physical work will really get things energized as the Moon harmonizes with Mars in Leo this morning. The Sun enters Gemini until June 20.
  • Stockmarket: Inflation concerns are likely to keep the market in mostly negative territory. Market weakest around 11:00 AM, then begins improving.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

  • General Influences: With the Moon in Sagittarius and its planetary ruler Jupiter favorably aspecting Uranus in Pisces, opportunity knocks in the most unexpected places and circumstances to expand your professional horizons – if you’re proactive. This is the second of three opportunistic alignments between Jupiter and Uranus. The first occurred on March 28 and the third will be on November 13. Avoid speaking too bluntly this afternoon; ensure all communications are clearly understood. People will tend to need a lot of latitude this evening.
  • Stockmarket: Negative on inflation concerns. Geopolitical tensions might also be a factor.

Thursday, May 22, 2008:

  • General Influences: Sagittarius Moon becomes VOC at 12:20 AM. It might be difficult to get motivated this morning as the Moon is VOC until entering Capricorn at 11:55 AM. With the Sun challenging Saturn in Virgo today, there’s a lot of work to get finished before the weekend.
  • Stockmarket: Positive. Might weaken around 1:00 PM, then improve, and weaken into the close.

Friday, May 23, 2008

  • General Influences: With the Moon in Capricorn, TGIF will not begin until all work has been completed.
  • Stockmarket: Moderately positive bias.

Weekend: May 24-25, 2008

  • Saturday: All arrangements and action-oriented tasks on the agenda should be completed before the Capricorn Moon becomes VOC at 8:26 AM as the Moon will be VOC until it enters Aquarius at 11:52 PM. Venus enters Gemini until June 18. Exploring your local environment is enjoyable now. If you want to draw business for your product or service, offer it in multiples such as “two for the price of one.” Love is in the air later this evening.
  • Sunday: With the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus in the air element now, people tend to be more outgoing. The social niceties might hit a speed bump later this afternoon as the Moon opposes Mars. It might be best to agree to disagree.

*VOC (Void-of-Course) = When the Moon (our emotional barometer) does not form any relationship to a planet before entering a new zodiacal sign. This time period is best suited for anything where NO ACTION OR SPECIFIC OUTCOME is desired, as actions taken during the VOC period might not turn out as planned.

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