The New York Times Tours the Human Body Under a Virgo Moon

Today’s online New York Times has an expanded health section called “A Guided Tour of Your Body”. While the NYT (as well as The Wall Street Journal) feature health articles every Tuesday, it is particularly synchronistic that they chose today to feature all the details about the human body.

Why today? Because the Moon (our emotional barometer) is in Virgo, the sign of health matters. When the Moon is in this sign about every 28.5 days for about 2.5 days, we tend to be more aware of our body. There’s a greater interest in adopting healthier lifestyle habits.

Virgo wants all the details, and the NYT section has lots of articles and diagrams to satisfy this need. However, people who tend to be excessive worriers might want to visit the NYT health section on May 15 when the Moon will no longer be in Virgo.

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