Mercury Retrograde in Gemini: May 26-June 19, 2008

Mercury, the planet relating to communication and movement, will be in its “home” sign Gemini from May 2 to July 10, 2008. Mercury and Gemini rule all forms of communications (including electronic devices), all transportation (including both people and product), and your local neighborhood environment.

Mercury’s interactions with other planetary energies will greatly influence this time period. Mercury begins by squaring off with cautious Saturn in Virgo May 2-3. Saturn energies are strong now as the planet is preparing to move forward again after being retrograde since December 19, 2007. (Planets do not really move backwards but appear to from Earth’s vantage point.) Virgo is also ruled by Mercury, so any communication and travel challenges are a warm-up to Mercury and Neptune moving retrograde May 26.

Mercury Retrograde:
From May 26 to June 19, Mercury will be retrograde, an event that occurs three times a year for about three weeks. Mercury retrograde periods are a reminder to take time out and calm ourselves by taking a few deep and relaxing breaths. This is especially important with Mercury in Gemini since Gemini rules the lungs and the nervous system (and the shoulders, arms and hands). Mercury retrograde is about slowing down and revisiting past issues rather than moving forward with new endeavors. With Mercury in Gemini, communication and transportation system breakdowns are more likely to occur. Travel is especially prone to delays and cancellations. Take extra time to ensure that communications are clear and correctly interpreted. Read all documents very carefully; do not sign anything you do not understand or agree with. Put the RE prefix in front of everything you do: reconfirm, review, revise, redo, reinvent, rethink, retry.

Communication confusion will especially be evident during this Mercury retrograde as Neptune in Aquarius also moves retrograde on May 26. With this planetary energy highlighted, it can be difficult to distinguish between fact and fiction. Foggy thinking can also be physical fog and stormy conditions that cause travel problems. It doesn’t bode well that these energies will dominate the Memorial Day holiday and the start of the summer travel season. Neptune rules the feet and contagious conditions. Make sure your tires are in good condition and properly inflated. Frequently backup files and take precautions against computer viruses and scams. Have chargers and batteries handy as electrical outages might be an issue during this period. With the Moon (emotional atmosphere) in unpredictable Aquarius that day, you can handle whatever comes your way if you go with the flow and expect the unexpected.

The Upside of Mercury Retrograde:

  • The beginning of the retrograde is particularly inspirational for creative endeavors.
  • Focus on what your intuition is telling you as a way to sort out what’s real and what’s an illusion.
  • Contact people/companies you were unable to establish a business relationship with in the past.
  • Good for research and finding missing items.
  • Release addictions and addictive behavioral patterns.
  • Clean out and organize your papers and reading materials. If you tackle a little bit each day, you should be finished by June 19.
  • Read a book you never finished or reread a favorite one.
  • Repair any relationship issues with siblings and neighbors.

The next period of Mercury retrograde is September 24 to October 15, 2008.

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