Gemini New Moon Cycle (June 3 – July 2, 2008)

The word month is derived from the Moon. The new month actually begins when the Sun and Moon are conjoined. This is the New Moon, a time of new beginnings.

The Gemini New Moon occurs on June 3 at 3:23 PM EDT. Gemini and its planetary ruler Mercury represent communication and movement. With Mercury retrograde in Gemini until June 19, the Gemini New Moon cycle is about taking a new approach to past matters. When a planet appears to move retrograde from Earth’s vantage point, its energies become more internalized. The retrograde Rx symbol is a reminder to restart and reexplore how you can improve communications, utilize information, and become better acquainted with your neighborhood and local surroundings.

The Moon is closest to Earth now (perigee), greatly intensifying the electromagnetic charge in the atmosphere. The Moon will exert a stronger gravitational pull on the tides. Earthquake activity is likely to increase during the next month. Just as the Earth needs to make adjustments, so do we. Communications and travel snafus can intensify. Venus conjoins the New Moon and Mercury, helping us to see that by changing our mental outlook, we alter how we see the world and how the world sees us. Socializing and relationships are important during the next month as they help us understand we’re all in this game of life together. Relationships with siblings and neighbors/people in your local environment are especially emphasized. If these relationships aren’t what you’d like them to be, now is the time to make changes. Artists/writers should re-edit and re-submit their work. Saturday, June 7 is a particularly good time to make a fresh start in these areas.

In the USA, women and women’s issues are likely to be prominent in the news. Women are also likely to be favored in legal rulings and religious issues. The President appears more accommodating toward working with Congress. This is an opportunity to restart diplomatic efforts and peace talks. USA HotSpots: Montana, Idaho, Utah, Colorado (Denver), Arizona (Phoenix), New Mexico, Texas. Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana. World HotSpots: Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Santiago, Brazil. Lisbon, Rome, Prague, Bratislava, Poland, St. Petersburg. Beirut, Israel, IRAN. Morocco, Algeria, Somalia. AFGHANISTAN, PAKISTAN, INDIA, Nepal. CHINA, JAPAN.

From the June 3 New Moon to the June 18 Full Moon, the Moon is increasing in light. This is the time to start projects and make changes to be completed by the end of the cycle.

The First Quarter Moon occurs on June 10 at 11:04 AM EDT. The Moon in Virgo is challenging the Gemini Sun and Uranus in Pisces; break out! This is the time to take action to incorporate the changes you want to make to become a part of your daily routine. Mars in Leo opposes the February 6 Solar Eclipse, reactivating events that occurred around that time. Making contact with a former employer or coworker could be mutually beneficial now. Pluto in Capricorn will retrograde back into Sagittarius from June 13 – November 26. This is not a recreation of 1995-2007, but a final chance to re-evaluate globalization, excessive consumption, and ethics. It’s time to be true to ourselves and our inner vision. In the USA, the White House could potentially play a role on two stages: a covert military operation and financial legislation. There might be problems with imported goods or a shipment is contaminated or damaged. USA HotSpots: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Ohio, W. Virginia, Virginia, Carolinas, Georgia, Florida. Minnesota, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama. California. World HotSpots: COLOMBIA, Peru, Brazil. Italy, Austria, Prague, Kiev, St. Petersburg. Turkey, Sudan, Iraq (Baghdad), Saudi Arabia, IRAN. Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Chad, Somalia, S. Africa. INDONESIA, CHINA, N. Korea, JAPAN.

We’ve reached half-time in the lunar cycle at the Full Moon on June 18 at 1:30 PM EDT. If you want to announce or promote something to receive maximum attention, this is the time to do it! Emotions run high like the tides. It’s a wild and crazy Full Moon as the Sun and Venus in Gemini oppose the Moon and Pluto in Sagittarius, and all challenge Uranus in Pisces. Mercury is about to change direction and begin moving forward again. Events are moving rapidly. Be prepared for possible transportation problems, power disruptions, and severe weather conditions. In the USA, the stock market is especially volatile. A foreign leader’s financial and/or personal entanglements could cause problems for the Administration. USA HotSpots: Detroit, Pennsylvania, W. Virginia, Virginia, Carolinas, Georgia, FLORIDA (Miami). Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Tennessee, Kentucky, New Orleans, Idaho, Utah, Arizona (Phoenix). World HotSpots: CUBA, Central America, Ecuador, Peru. France, Belgium, Bucharest, Athens, Turkey. Beirut, Jerusalem. Algeria, Nigeria, Libya, Chad, Nairobi. INDIA, Nepal, Burma, Thailand, Indonesia, CHINA.

Now the Moon is decreasing in light – a time to review and reflect. The Last Quarter Moon occurs in Aries on June 26 at 8:10 AM EDT. Uranus in Pisces moves retrograde today until November 27. The outer awakener becomes the inner awakener, creating events that shakeup personal beliefs. There’s a realization that personal changes (Aries) will have to be made on the home front during the Cancer New Moon cycle that begins July 2. In the USA, the Cancer Sun conjoins the USA Jupiter, bringing an optimistic outlook. The President is seeking additional military spending. USA HotSpots: Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Colorado (Denver), Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, California. World HotSpots: Mexico, Brazil. Ireland, England, France, Portugal. Iraq, IRAN, Saudi Arabia. Morocco, Somolia. INDIA, Bangladesh, Nepal, Burma, Thailand, CHINA.

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