Recession: The Truth Is Out There

The evidence exists, but it is covered up and denied. Every time it appears that the government is about to admit it, officials back away. The most they will admit to is it’s “likely”, “possible”, “probably,” “we don’t have enough evidence at this time”, etc.

The truth is the government treats recession and UFOs/extraterrestrials in the same manner. They know we’re in a recession, and they know that we are visited by beings from other worlds. The government is afraid if they admit to these things, people will panic - especially in an election year.

The real truth is it is the government who is living in an illusion. They mistakenly believe the American people cannot handle the truth, that soothing words by the President and government agency chiefs will convince people that the government has everything under control. They reason their persuasive abilities will counter the physical evidence seen at the grocery store, the gas station, and the crop circles of a different kind, signs showing “Reduced” and “Pending Foreclosure.”

Yes, the American people are smarter than the leaders they elect. They don’t need to wait for the high priests at the National Bureau of Economic Research to tell them after the fact that the US economy is in a recession with eerie parallels to the 1970s. And while most of the public does not believe that every UFO photograph, crop circle, or alien encounter is true, they know it is arrogant to assume that Earth contains the only vestige of intelligent life in this vast universe.

NOTE: “The Truth Is Out There” is the by-line of the television series The X-Files.

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