Aries New Moon Cycle (April 5 – May 5, 2008)

Each New Moon cycle is a time of new beginnings when we get to make a fresh start in the matters that rule the sign the New Moon is in.

The Aries New Moon occurs on April 5 at 11:55 PM EDT. No image accompanies a description of this cycle as the Aries New Moon is about YOU! The Vernal Equinox marks the start of the real New Year. Kudos to USA Weekend who acknowledged Earth’s natural cycle in last Sunday’s edition, proclaiming: “Forget New Year’s. This is the time of year for making a fresh start.”

Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of dynamic action and energy. With Mars in Moon-ruled Cancer challenging the New Moon, spring cleaning can get accomplished much faster this year. Jupiter in Capricorn also challenges the New Moon, fueling professional ambitions and an optimistic, yet pragmatic outlook. These are highly active planetary energies, and a lot can be accomplished during the next month. The only caveat is these energies can also be impatient and impulsive. All this activity can burn out energy, so allow your brain and body time to relax and recharge. Use the Aries New Moon to brainstorm, and write down the major personal goals you want to accomplish, not only during this New Moon cycle, but between now and March 20, 2009.

The New Moon’s energies influence the entire month. In the USA, the New Moon joins Mercury and Venus in the house of the horoscope representing real estate and domesticity. Home values continue to be the primary concern. The weather will also be wet with violent, with sudden storms that cause flooding and property damage. The military death toll continues to rise. Transportation cancellations, delays, and safety concerns continue, and there might be an airline accident. Inflation expands into the “core”. The stock market will continue its volatile pattern, with rapid advances and declines. Another financial institution could have liquidity problems. USA Hotspots: San Antonio, Detroit, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, New England, DC corridor, Virginia, Carolinas, Georgia, Florida. World Hotspots: Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, PERU, Chile, Brazil. London, France, Spain, Italy, Berlin, Poland/Eastern European nations, Sarajevo, St. Petersburg, Kiev, LIBYA, EGYPT, Nigeria, Pakistan, India, Burma, CHINA, Indonesia, Philippines.

From the April 5 New Moon to the April 20 Full Moon, the Moon is increasing in light. This is the time to start projects and make changes to be completed by the end of the cycle.

The First Quarter Moon occurs on April 12 at 2:32 PM EDT. The Moon in Cancer is challenging the Sun in Aries to get your house in order. There’s a lot of communication going on and big decisions to be made. In the USA, the focus is on foreign matters, possibly resulting from a surprise attack at a military installation. There might be anti-abortion and/or religious demonstrations that turn violent. The stock market makes large moves. USA Hotspots: Washington, Oregon, California, Phoenix, Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New York, Pennsylvania to DC corridor. World Hotspots: Venezuela, Brazil, southern Chile and Argentina. Dublin, UK, Brussels, Paris, Madrid, Bucharest, Beirut, Jerusalem, Egypt, Sudan, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand.

We’ve reached half-time in the lunar cycle at the Full Moon on April 20 at 6:25 AM EDT. If you want to announce or promote something to receive maximum attention, now is the time to do it! Emotions run high like the tides. The Sun has just entered Taurus and opposes the Moon in emotionally intense Scorpio. Financial matters and values are illuminated. It's time to bring assets and liabilities more into balance. The Full Moon harmoniously aligns with Jupiter and Saturn in Virgo, grounding ideas and actions into practical form. In the USA, talk centers around money and the economy. The President is wrapped up in foreign affairs and increasing spending. Weather patterns are stormy and unstable. There’s a possibility of earthquakes and twisters. USA Hotspots: CALIFORNIA (esp. around LA area), Phoenix, Midwest (especially Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, TEXAS), New Orleans, Detroit, DC corridor, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York (NEW YORK CITY). World Hotspots: Haiti, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, PERU, Chile, Brazil. UK, Spain, Poland, Romania, Greece, Algeria, Niger, Nigeria, central African nations, Turkey, Syria, IRAQ, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, NEPAL, Tibet, Hanoi, central China, Koreas, Tokyo, Indonesia.

Now the Moon is decreasing in light. The next two weeks is a time finish up projects as well as eliminate what no longer works for you. The Last Quarter Moon on April 28 at 10:12 AM EDT is a time to begin to put the final touches on what was begun around April 5. The Moon in Aquarius challenges the Sun in Taurus. As a fixed steady sign, Taurus energy tends to get stuck in a rut to the point of discomfort. With the Moon in Aquarius, it’s time for something completely different. Let go of what is no longer working in your life to make room for something better. In the USA, the public is upset and wants action from Congress and the White House to take action to help consumers. There might be leadership shakeups at the White House and corporate suites. USA Hotspots: Hawaii, LA area, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Maine, New York, Pennsylvania, DC corridor, Virginia, Carolinas, Georgia, coastal Florida. World Hotspots: Bahamas, Cuba. Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru (Lima), Bolivia, Argentina, eastern Brazil. Eastern European nations: Poland (Warsaw), Hungary, Belgrade, Serbia/Kosovo, Albania, Greece. Libya, Niger, Nigeria, central African nations. IRAQ, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India (Dharmsala, Delhi), Tibet, Nepal, central China, Laos, Thailand, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Hong Kong, North Korea, Indonesia.

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