Weekly Forecast: March 24 – 30, 2008

Summary of This Week’s Influences/All times listed are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

  • General Influences: Take advantage of this week’s upbeat and opportunistic influences!
  • Stockmarket: This week’s market action looks to be mostly to the upside, and may get a further boost from end of quarter “window dressing.” This may be temporary as markets look weaker going forward. Moves can be large and spike fast. If you want to get your price, put limit orders in ahead of time.

Monday, March 24, 2008

  • General Influences: Feelings are at the forefront with the three water signs of the zodiac emphasized today. The Moon in Scorpio harmonizes with Mars in the early afternoon, and Mercury and Venus conjoin in Pisces. This is an excellent time to take action and discuss any deep seated issues with those you hold dear as there’s a good interplay of love, compassion and sensitivity now. Writing and all forms of artistic and creative work easily flow, providing inspiration. Put on your favorite music, get on your feet and move to the groove!
  • Stockmarket: Mostly positive, may weaken a bit around 1:00 PM. One lunar month ago (when the Moon was in Scorpio), Mercury conjoined Venus in Aquarius. (See my post, “The Feel Good Factor” for more info.)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

  • General Influences: The Scorpio Moon harmonizes with Mercury and Venus very early this morning continuing yesterday’s vibe of love and artistic inspiration. The Moon hooks up with Jupiter in Capricorn and Uranus in Pisces early this afternoon – a good time to do business over lunch. Jupiter and Uranus will form a favorable aspect that’s exact on Friday (see entry). Don’t be fooled by what you hear this evening. The Moon becomes VOC* at 8:36 PM; time to relax and unwind.
  • Stockmarket: Mostly positive. Likely to be strongest just after 1:00 PM. May weaken with indices mixed to mildly up late in session.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

  • General Influences: It’s best to work on routine matters until the Moon enters Sagittarius at 10:11 AM. People tend to be more optimistic and jovial when the Moon is in this sign. (Like so many words that emanate from astrology in our vocabulary, jovial is derived from Sagittarius ruled Jupiter.) However, with the Moon challenged by Saturn in Virgo this afternoon, these energies can get muted. There may be travel or work commitments that derail staying on schedule.
  • Stockmarket: Down, possibly on rumors and/or credit issues affecting financials and insurers. May see an improvement or turnaround just before the close.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

  • General Influences: The next two days are packed with optimistic and expansive energies. However, it’s important to accomplish important matters today and early tomorrow morning before the Moon is VOC. With Mercury and Jupiter aligned, today is a great opportunity to promote your product/service and get agreements/sales completed today! Mercury (thoughts/communications) is conjoining Uranus. Inspiration comes from where you least expect it. As a famous commercial says, “Think outside the bun!” Taking a unique approach today (and to doing business) is likely to score points. Shocking secrets may be revealed in the news today.
  • Stockmarket: The Jupiter/Uranus aspects today and tomorrow are usually a bullish signal. Whether up or down, these planetary energies tend to bring large (Jupiter) price spikes (Uranus).

Friday, March 28, 2008

  • General Influences: With the Moon becoming VOC at 9:21 AM until late this evening, aspects between Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus create a party atmosphere. People tend to be in a “life is just one big adventure” kind of mood. Financial gains are possible, but there’s also a tendency to blow the budget. Impulse buys may be regretted later. Sudden romantic attractions may turn out to be a fantasy. Jupiter/Uranus provides a wonderful opportunity to realistically formulate the steps needed to make dreams into reality. (Jupiter and Uranus align again on May 21 and November 13, but today’s alignment carries the most powerful energies for personal achievement.) Time to clean up from partying when the Moon enters Capricorn at 10:43 PM.
  • Stockmarket: Positive bias, but volatility may increase.

Weekend: March 29-30, 2008

  • Saturday: The Last Quarter Moon occurs at 5:47 PM. From now until just before April 5 is the time to complete what was begun at the March 7 New Moon. Aspects between the Moon, Sun, and Mars this evening/early tomorrow morning can cause tempers to flare and people to act too quick for their own good (and safety). Aggressive acts/military action is heightened.
  • Sunday: With the Capricorn Moon aspecting Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus, today is a good time for social gatherings to conduct business.

*VOC (Void-of-Course) = When the Moon (our emotional barometer) does not form any relationship to a planet before entering a new zodiacal sign. This time period is best suited for anything where NO ACTION OR OUTCOME is desired, as actions taken during the VOC period may not turn out as planned.

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