Using Star Language to Connect AT&T’s Call to a Hollywood/Silicon Valley Venture

It’s always amusing when mainstream journalists use planetary energies to describe things. Here’s the opening paragraph from an article in today’s New York Times on “Hollywood, Silicon Valley and AT&T? It’s a Deal” by Laura M. Holson:

“Hollywood and Silicon Valley have something of a Mars/Venus problem: the two sides are talking but they don’t speak each other’s language. A new venture involving a phone company may just add Pluto into the mix.”

Hollywood talent agency William Morris is expected to announce today it is partnering with Silicon Valley venture capital firms Accel Partners and Venrock, to invest in primarily southern California based digital media start-up companies. AT&T (T) is signed up as a limited partner to tap into the ever growing audience viewing entertainment and visiting social networks on their mobile phones.

Let’s examine the astrology (a Greek word that means “star language”) Ms. Holson has used. Mars and Venus as a catchphrase for anyone who has difficulty communicating with anyone else became popular after John Gray’s bestseller, “Men Are from Mars, and Women Are from Venus.” It is correct that when viewing the horoscopes of two people for compatibility, you would look at their Mars (energy) and Venus (attraction). Language (as Holson writes), is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. Two people can be attracted to each other, but if their communication styles are incompatible, a lasting relationship becomes more challenging. Pluto is about power and influence, as well as hidden agendas. There’s no question AT&T fits the bill. Holson’s article states that AT&T’s real interest lies in its desire “to invest in technologies that will make it easier to run ads on cellphones, as well as to nurture social networks like Facebook and MySpace.”

Astrologically, Hollywood and the film and music industries are ruled by Neptune, the planet of fantasy, glamour, and illusion. Venus also relates to Hollywood as most of the “beautiful people” reside here. Venus rules beauty and money, and you can never have enough of either in Hollywood. Silicon Valley is ruled by Uranus, the planetary ruler of electronics and technological innovation. Since Uranus entered Neptune-ruled Pisces in 2003, special effects work by Silicon Valley companies for Hollywood movies has vastly increased. Companies such as Apple (AAPL) have been on the forefront of creating new entertainment devices such as the iPod and the iPhone. Neptune has resided in Uranus-ruled Aquarius since 1998, ushering in the rise of the internet as a vast social and entertainment forum where people can stay in touch with their friends and connect with others who share their interests. Because Uranus and Neptune are residing in each other’s signs, it is only natural that Hollywood and Silicon Valley would see the synergy. Mercury rules all forms of communications as well as the devices that transmit them. Creating entertainment for internet and mobile phones (“the new media”), is a combination of Mercury, Uranus, and Neptune energies, with old line behemoths such as AT&T seeking ultimate domination and control of it (Pluto).

This week’s planetary energies are reflective of this deal. On Wednesday and Thursday, the Moon (emotional barometer) will be in Aquarius and make alignments with Mercury, Venus, and Neptune. Venus will conjoin Neptune on Thursday, and the Sun in Pisces will hookup with Jupiter, the planet of optimism and expansion. To top it off, Friday’s New Moon in Pisces will conjoin Uranus. In essence, expect to see business deals involving large companies financing new technologies involved in the business of beauty, glamour, and illusion.

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