Pluto retrograde: Mountains of debt could be restructured

Pluto, the planetary energy relating to debt, turns retrograde on April 2, 2008. Pluto will not actually move backwards, but appear to from Earth’s vantage point. A planet’s energies are more pronounced when it appears motionless, which Pluto will be from March 29 – April 6. Pluto will be stationary direct on September 8, 2008.

Pluto has been in Capricorn since January 25, 2008. Although the markets began facing the fallout from excess leverage on questionable assets last summer, things got really serious once Pluto moved into this Saturn-ruled sign. Huge amounts of asset backed securities suddenly became nuclear fallout. Financials began writing down massive amounts of asset backed securities, as the market for these instruments froze up as no one trusts what has been disclosed about the quality of the assets backing these instruments. Pluto in Capricorn means that the major “backbones” of society such as our financial system, are not working properly and must be transformed. The period when a planet is retrograde gives the world an opportunity to review and repair what is wrong. From June 13 – November 26, Pluto will back track into Sagittarius (where it has been since 1995). It would be a mistake during that time to put the rose-colored glasses back on and think that we can just re-inflate the bubble. The longer major change is resisted or just tinkered around the edges, the worse things become and the longer it takes to reach stability.

Here are some themes and events that relate to Pluto:

  • Pluto relates to heavy forces that in many cases tend to be outside our control. (For example, no matter how financially responsible you are, everyone is affected by the mortgage/credit crisis.)
  • Issues revolving around power and control; handling our own personal power.
  • Issues that are jointly-held (merged) with another. From finances, insurance, and debt, to two people merging through sexual union.
  • Stationary retrograde is a good time to cleanse the body/mind of toxins and toxic behavior.

Monday, March 31:

  • Treasury Secretary Paulson to outline the “Blueprint for Financial Regulatory Reform”. The former CEO of Goldman Sachs has carefully crafted a plan that subjects financial companies to more oversight, but avoids tighter regulation and retains the toxic financial instruments that got the crisis started in the first place.
  • “Sex. Money. Death.” They’re all ruled by Pluto, and tonight CNBC is airing “For the Love of Money: The Death of Seth Tobias.” Tobias was the founder of hedge fund Circle T, and a frequent CNBC commentator. Born April 8, 1963 in Philadelphia, he was found dead face down in his pool on September 4, 2007 when Pluto was also stationary in the sky. Tobias was born with Venus in Pisces opposite Pluto in Virgo. Tobias had (to put in mildly) a tempestuous marriage. His widow was cleared from facing criminal charges in his death, but a lawsuit filed by Seth’s brothers to prevent her from receiving his estimated $25 million estate is ongoing. (Wills and estates are ruled by Pluto.)

Wednesday, April 2:

  • How’s this for synchronicity? Today Pluto is turning retrograde on the Federal Reserve’s Sun, and Chairman Bernanke will testify before the Joint Economic Committee headed by Senator Schumer on the financial crisis. As I have previously written, the days of Congress
    fawning over the Fed are over.
  • The biggest NATO meeting begins today through Friday in Bucharest. On the agenda: NATO enlargement, and operations in Afghanistan and Kosovo. With Pluto challenging the house of the USA horoscope relating to global reputation, along with the transiting Sun in Aries challenging the USA Sun and Bush’s natal Sun, other leaders will be seriously questioning and commenting on US policies.

Thursday, April 3:

  • Mercury in Aries challenges Pluto today. Expect a lot of military and espionage news. Information that’s not supposed to be revealed may get leaked today.
  • Senator Dodd is supposed to have a Senate Banking Committee hearing on the Bear Stearns/JP Morgan deal. Bernanke, SEC Chairman Cox, Bear CEO Schwartz, and JPMorgan CEO Dimon were requested to attend (along with Paulson who “took a slow boat to China”). Clearly there are a lot of secrets and manipulation that went into this deal that the public has a right to know.

Sunday, April 6:

Nuclear issues are usually highlighted when Pluto energies are prominent. “Nu Clear” energy could be just that if it is harnessed through nuclear fusion, the energy of the stars. In the currently used nuclear fission, the atoms are split apart, a physical act of divisiveness. In nuclear fusion, the atoms are fused together as one.

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