Pisces New Moon Cycle, Part II (3/7/08 to 4/5/08)

From the March 7 New Moon in Pisces to the March 21 Full Moon, the Moon is increasing in light. This is the time to start projects and make changes to be completed by end of the cycle.

The First Quarter Moon occurs on March 14 at 6:46 AM EDT. The Moon in Gemini is challenging the Sun in Pisces to communicate your intentions. Interesting conversations may occur, particularly with neighbors or siblings. In the USA, the housing crisis and its effects on the economy continue to dominate. Credit continues to tighten. Home values continue to rapidly decline. The stock market continues to fluctuate and trend down over housing woes. The casualty rate of the armed forces may rise. USA Hot Spots: Changeable weather conditions from Michigan down to New Orleans to the East Coast, with the stormiest conditions in the Northeast to New England. World Hot Spots: Colombia, Venezuela, Ireland, UK, France, Spain, Libya, India, China (Beijing), Indonesia.

We’ve reached half-time in the lunar cycle at the Full Moon on March 21 at 2:40 PM EDT. If you want to announce or promote something to receive maximum attention, now is the time to do it! Emotions run high like the tides. This is also Good Friday before Easter Sunday. The celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ is astrologically determined each year as Easter occurs on the first Sunday after the first Full Moon after the Vernal Equinox* (first day of Spring in the northern hemisphere).

The Moon in Libra is about balance and partnerships. We cannot just be aware of ourselves and our own needs (Sun in Aries), but must be aware and considerate of others. Partnerships may be under fire, and even possibly break up. At the same time, unusual alliances may form. Aries’ ruler Mars, along with Pluto, challenges the Full Moon. As these planets are in action-oriented signs, events move rapidly.

The USA may be in crisis mode. Both civilians and the military are on the move, and accidents are likely to ensue. Emphasis is on military actions, foreign relations, and a rapidly declining economy. Insurance and bond insurers are emphasized. Market moves are large (mostly down). USA Hot Spots: Midwest (central Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas). Western states, especially Wyoming, Idaho, Arizona (Phoenix), Utah, Nevada, northern California, Oregon (Portland), Washington. World Hot Spots: Mexico, Ireland, UK, Spain, Portugal, western Africa, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, AFGHANISTAN, PAKISTAN, INDIA, Burma (Rangoon), New Zealand.

Now the Moon is decreasing in light. The next two weeks is a time to finish up projects as well as eliminate what no longer works for you. The Last Quarter Moon on March 29 at 5:47 PM EDT is a time to begin to put the final touches on what was begun around March 7. The Moon in Capricorn challenges the Aries Sun as well as Mars. For some, this may be a time to let go of emotional attachment to certain material things by choice or necessity. Around April 3 thoughts begin to focus on what we’d like to begin at the Aries New Moon on April 5. In the USA, the Bush Administration may reach a compromise with Congress for the exchange of mortgage principal writedowns for government guarantees (or variation of this concept). Events have a more “fated” quality now. USA Hot Spots: Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas. East Coast, especially North Carolina, Virginia, DC-Baltimore corridor through the Northeast. World Hot Spots: Latin America, especially Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina. London, Stockholm, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Kosovo, Turkey. Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Gaza Strip, Iran, Saudi Arabia. Africa, especially Libya, Chad, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa. CHINA (Beijing), Koreas, Burma, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia.

*Look for an upcoming post on the March 20 Vernal Equinox. For a brief description of daily conditions, check out the Weekly Forecast, which runs from Monday through Sunday each week.

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