Valentine’s Day: Love is in the air

There are numerous legends and theories regarding the origins of Valentine’s Day. In fact, Valentine’s Day seems to be an amalgam of a saint’s name, a Roman fertility festival, and an English poet’s ode for a king’s marriage. In contemporary times, Valentine’s Day provides a profitable opportunity for retailers to sell cards, candy, flowers, and all kinds of romantic related products.

Valentine’s Day occurs on February 14th each year when the Sun is in Aquarius. The Sun rules matters of the heart. Aquarius is not a sign generally associated with the traditional trappings of love and romance. But Valentine’s Day isn’t just for and about lovers. Children enjoy the day just as much or even more than adults do. Aquarius is an air sign that relates to circulation. The real message of Valentine’s Day is to circulate the energy of loving kindness to family, friends, and all of humanity. Love is always in the air.

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