President Bush: Iraq war boosts U.S. economy

Yesterday President Bush chalked up another reason to justify the war in Iraq: it helps the U.S. economy. In fact, the President believes fighting in Iraq has “cushioned the blow of the subprime mortgage crisis”, according to an article in today’s Financial Times. The President said the Iraq war helps “because we’re buying equipment and people are working.”

In essence, America must wage war and go shopping in order to keep the economy going. For all the money wasted on war and a stimulus package that won’t solve anything, America could have:
  • Universal healthcare coverage for every American through the same plan covering Congress and the President.
  • Repair and expand the nation’s bridges and roads.
  • Increase the capacity and reliability of the nation’s electrical grid.
  • Repair and replace the nation’s aging water, sewer, and flood control systems.

These economic programs would improve America’s competitiveness and build long lasting assets. President Bush’s “war economics” not only cause our citizens to lose their lives, but have no lasting benefit.

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